Wilmington Plastic Surgery Dr White

Wilmington Plastic Surgery Dr White – Although it is a blessed event, pregnancy and breastfeeding can put a woman’s body in a less desirable state. Cosmetic procedures are often the only way for a woman to regain her previous shape. Also, most moms are so busy doing things for others that they often overlook the one key person. For women, self-care has two key components: health and beauty. And both are very important. For these selfless women, Wilmington Plastic Surgery offers unique enhancement services.

Even women who exercise regularly and watch what they eat can develop fat deposits. WPS offers not only traditional liposuction, but also laser-assisted Smartlipo® and non-invasive CoolSculpting®. Smartlipo and CoolSculpting are the perfect solution for moms on the run with little to no downtime.

Wilmington Plastic Surgery Dr White

The most popular plastic surgery procedure in the United States, breast augmentation is safe, effective and is a specialty of Wilmington plastic surgery. Such procedures will undoubtedly increase self-esteem.

Wilmington Plastic Surgery

Especially for women who have had multiple pregnancies, a flat stomach can seem like an impossible dream. However, a highly skilled surgeon can achieve excellent results, not only removing excess fat and skin, but also restoring the abdominal muscles to soften the abdomen.

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