Twice Members Plastic Surgery

Twice Members Plastic Surgery – On an online community forum, a netizen posted a batch of old pre-debut photos of Japanese K-Pop idols. The post was titled “

Why some korean female idols are hated in japan for having eyelid surgery when many japanese women have also had surgery and look totally different.

Twice Members Plastic Surgery

The netizen further added that Korean female idols with natural double eyelids tend to be labeled as “

These Childhood Photos Of Twice Prove They’re Natural Beauties

In the comment section, netizens reacted by saying that they often find Japanese celebrities undergoing double eyelid surgery on Japanese TV as well.

I think there is a difference in beauty standards. Koreans can potentially think that someone looks beautiful, but Japanese people tend to like beautiful people with big eyes, so they get double eyelid surgery. I have heard that many of their parents naturally bring their children in to prepare them when they are in elementary school

They can also have plastic surgery, they are celebrities. The problem is non-celebs who become obsessed with their looks after seeing these celebrities.

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The first “SM Universe Academy” will begin its first semester later this week, with tuition starting at ~$6,700~$7,600 per semester. There is no doubt that the members of TWICE are some of K-Pop’s hottest stars. But Seoul plastic surgeon Philip Son (

Viện Thẩm Mỹ Da

On YouTube) says that three members in particular boast the prettiest noses in the group. He reads on to find out his verdict of him.

The plastic surgeon explained that Dahyun has a high nose, which is one of the key characteristics of the Korean female beauty standard. Also, the line on the bridge of the nose is smooth and almost completely straight with only a slight concave line.

Also, when Dahyun smiles, her nostrils flare and the tip of her nose lengthens, giving her a very elegant and lovely nose line.

Muzzle Shape (Hawk-Beak) – Arched rather than straight or sloping. Combined with her high nose bridge, Sana’s nose shape exudes elegance.

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I Typed

Also, the tip of Sana’s nose is high and slightly upturned, creating a wider angle between her nose and her lips. Unusually for someone with the shape of her nose, this feature gives her nose a beautifully sharp impression from the front.

She says that when you combine the line of the nose with the length of the face and the volume of the cheeks, Sana has the charm of a lovable Shina Inu.

While Dahyun and Sana have noses with more unique features, the plastic surgeon says Mina’s nose is conventionally beautiful with a “

The bridge of my nose and the tip of my nose are both high, ideally located from a beauty expert’s point of view.

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Her nose line is naturally straight and the curve between her forehead and the bridge of her nose is also beautiful. Whether you look at it from the front of the page, many K-Pop idols are so good-looking that ordinary people take photos of the stars to their plastic surgeons for reference. Therefore, many plastic surgeons in Korea pay close attention to idol images, and Dr. Trio is no exception. The YouTube medical team of plastic surgeon Dr. Deok Jun, dermatologist Dr. Woo Seon and family doctor Dr. Si Wan recently sat down to analyze TWICE’s faces, and these are the most fascinating visual points they have chosen for each member.

According to Dr. Trio, Nayeon’s main charming point is her front teeth, which earned her the nickname “Rabbit”. Dr. Si Wan noted that her slightly protruding teeth are unique in the celebrity world, which is what makes her so beautiful. Plus, the doctors said her beautiful lips matched them well.

Dr. The trio went on to praise Nayeon’s nose, eyes, forehead proportions, and youthful face despite her being the oldest member of the group. Nayeon’s celebrity look-alikes according to the team are Eugene of SES and Sandara Park of 2NE1.

Dr. Trio went on to praise Jeongyeon’s luxurious appearance, saying that she looks like a Chinese actress or a model from a luxury brand.

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When it came to Momo, Dr. Trio mostly focused on her big eyes. Dr. Woo Seon said her Momo’s eyes are so big that she feels like they are sucking him in.

Doctors couldn’t think of any celebrity look-alikes, but they did note the origin of her nickname, “Moog.” “Moguri” is a portmanteau of “Momo” and the Korean word “

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According to Dr. Threesome is Sana’s main charming point, her jaw. Sana has a small dimple, which doctors have compared to Western faces (including Superman’s). They said her pit is very attractive to her, despite the fact that it is rarely celebrated in women. They also noted that the way the nose, lips and chin line up in the profile view is like “

As with Momo, Dr. Trio that Jihyo’s most fascinating visual point is her big eyes, that Dr. Woo Seon looked like a vast ocean. Dr. Si Wan said that Jihyo’s eyes, nose and lips are so beautiful that he wants to use her face as a model for plastic surgery.

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The doctors also discussed how impressive it was that Jihyo trained for a decade before finally debuting TWICE.

The main appealing point Dr. The trio gathered for Mina is her general vibe of her as an actress and model. They quickly realized how compelling one of her cosmetics approval photos was, showing off how clear and fair her skin was.

Overall, Dr. described Trio Mina’s appearance as innocent. They went on to say that her nickname “Black Swan” really should be “White Swan” because of her angelic and romantic cinematic imagery.

Dr. The trio picked up some charm points for Dahyun. Firstly, her cute features give her a refreshing vibe almost like an orange. They also noted how light and soft her skin is, hence her nickname “Tofu”.

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Doctors also recorded a clip of Dahyun’s viral eagle dance, which remains a memorable moment to this day. They said it perfectly showcases her playful image of her.

According to Dr. Threesome is Chaeyoung’s main selling point, her beautiful cat face. Dr. Deok Jun has noticed how it looks

Dr. Woo Seon went on to explain that her uncanny resemblance is due to the corners of her eyes, the corner of her nose and her lips, all of which have a feline quality.

Last but not least came Dr. Trio for Tzuyu, whose photos are so famous that Dr. Si Wan said it was “Look at that huge horn…the nose, maybe? and if you already had one, you better get your money back because it failed miserably.

Plastic Surgeons Determine The Charming Visual Points Of Each Twice Member

Baby it’s 2016. why does your upper lip look like a straight line when there are lip injections now?

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What is that big space between the eyes and the nose? it seems strange to add to the fact that she had small eyes. she looks like an alien in some angles, honestly.

This is the most obvious change: her nose. before the nose was on the bigger side and suddenly got smaller? mmm, plastic surgery? Are we going to ignore her chin and her changes as well? poor girl, she probably went to the same plastic surgeon as Dahyun.

I’m only asking because I’m genuinely curious, why do her eyes look dead 120% of the time? Are you tired of your fans already? because I am too 🙂

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Tzuyu is the next member we will talk about. the biggest physical flaw I see has to be her big pointy ears:

One word: ugly. just ugly. her eyes are too big, her face too fat/chubby and her lips are awkwardly shaped.

Her nose is HELLA long. her face is plump/round and her nose is long. how did she become an idol with a face like that? does plastic surgery exist? find yourself a good plastic surgeon (I wouldn’t recommend the one dahyun and chaeyoung went to). we all know it’s true, jihyo is ugly. you all only like her because you feel sorry for her. no one is actually her “fan”.

Then we have nayeon, oh poor girl. I feel no amount of plastic surgery can make it look decent.

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First of all, do everyone a favor and fix your rotten teeth. again, curly braces exist! if you need to see a pro, i know a lot. just connect me.

Apparently this is a very popular photo of her. Her expression is blank, her eyes look so strange. I don’t know how to explain it… it seems strange…

Me after someone says “momo is so cool!” honestly, she’s Jyp’s little favorite. which is why she also entered twice in the first place. no real talent.

She has both a long/chubby face and a big nose, that combination is not pretty. Aren’t Koreans supposed to like small faces?

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She is not a pretty girl. as much as you want to argue with me, she accepts the fact that she’s not beautiful.

Again, I can’t

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