Tommy Shaw Plastic Surgery

Tommy Shaw Plastic Surgery – Styx’s origins begin with two brothers who, as Tommy Shaw recently told fans, “fought like hell” but “loved music”.

Panozzo had been playing music with Dennis DeYoung for nearly a decade, when the band’s lineup was bolstered by the arrival of sibling guitarists John Kurulewski and James “J.Y.” Young, joined in 1969 and 1970 respectively.

Tommy Shaw Plastic Surgery

Signing their first record deal with Wooden Nickel Records in February 1972 officially launched Styx Clock as a band nationally, although it took several years to find their footing with radio airplay and record sales. Shah joined in 1975.

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Decades later, the members of Styx are back with their former rivals REO Speedwagon for a brand new run across the country. The current lineup consists of Young, Shaw, bassist/vocalist Ricky Phillips, keyboardist/vocalist Lawrence Gowan, drummer Todd Sucherman, guitarist/vocalist Will Ivankovich, and bassist/vocalist Chuck Panozzo.

We caught up with Young at the start of their live and unzoomed tour, which also includes Loverboy, to discuss Styx’s storied history.

REO Speedwagon was a band that had many breakthroughs before Styx. I think they were at the University of Illinois in Champaign. Founded in I don’t know if everyone was a student there to begin with. Some of them, often were. Before Styx signed their first record deal in 1972, REO Speedwagon was a thing. Kevin Cronin grew up not far from where I was, but I never actually met the guy. He talked about how the Battle of the Bands happened before any of us had a record deal. High school bands compete in the High School Battle of the Bands at Brother Rice High School on the South Side. I have this lovely blonde friend who goes around and entices a lot of people to give me their voting tickets. Kevin says, “That’s why you win! Because we must win! ” But if brown, I find brown! [Laughs.]

The Styx all came from the south side of town, considered the working class side of town. Panozzo is the father of the brothers, he is a servant. Denise’s father was a servant of sorts. John Kurulewski’s father was a laborer. My grandfather came from Europe and started the business, and then my father took over the business. So I come from business owners. Others, their fathers were servants. But when it finally comes together, there is a great balance. Although I didn’t necessarily see it at the time, all the pieces were in place. Their tastes are different from mine and I have to learn to compromise knowing that I don’t compromise. [Laughs.] Dennis and Panosos, they were a pop cover band, but Dennis and I started writing and John Kurulewski started writing. Finally, we got a recording contract in 1972. We ratified the 50th anniversary of its signing on 2/22/72. So, Styx and the world are still five decades away. We didn’t kill it.

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[Laughs] Well, “Mr. Robot,” I’m against that song — because this thing is aimed at seven-year-olds. But the crazy thing is that only one 45 RPM song released by Styx sold a million records. . I played. I refused to do it, especially after Dennis was no longer in the band. He didn’t want to go out on the road and sue us using your name and we went out without him, but maybe two or three years ago we all sat down.” Well, we’ve been playing the same songs for a while. Is there a song that the fans really want to hear? We sat down our merch guy and He gets all the complaints from people. “How they didn’t play it, how they didn’t play it” and they leave the stage, he tries to sell them a shirt. He listens to all the complaints. Besides, our lighting director has to be far back in the hall, she can see the whole point of view and How to put this light on it etc. They both said, “Don’t play [the most requested song by the people who left you]” Mr. Roboto.” So we started playing again.

Dennis is a very energetic person. Was he always like that, even in the early days of the band?

Yes, Dennis is the biggest guy in the band and he’s obviously very talented. Panozzo’s brothers live down the street from him, so it’s only natural that they at least try and work together. My trademark is “Foxy Lady,” because going to engineering school, I had a guy with electronics who could get the impression that [Jimi] Hendrix would get at the beginning of [a song]. I said, “I’ll play whatever you like. I want to do ‘Foxy Lady’ and I’ll go with everything else. So we did that and we coexisted. They were a working band so we could make money.” It was a chart single when it first came out. After the third or fourth album came out, it was re-released a few years later. It actually charted nationally, and the record company finally got it to work, reaching No. 1 in every market. . We had no juice and our manager made a name for himself. No one tried, but I don’t think he knew how to play the game. Finally, you sometimes have to walk down many blind alleys to find an open one. trova

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It was an acoustic thing that Tommy had already written when he auditioned for the band. We have already heard that he is great and can play and sing. He could replace John Kurulewski in that regard, no sweat. Actually, that song, we ended up collaborating on a kind of arrangement, but if you go with the lyrics and the melody, Tommy wrote it. It is very simple. [Laughs,] Tommy can play that acoustic and I can play the electric. From there we really got to know each other. We have already succeeded. When “Lady” became a hit, it opened the door for us to get better concert billing. Tommy added [a lot] to the band because he was a great performer and a great singer in his own right. It took our trademark three-part harmony, the dog’s three-night [approach], and went from there.

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After we got the recording contract I went with my better half. We never married, [and] my parents were upset. Finally, he said, “Okay, let’s go to the town hall and get married. We don’t need to have a big background. ” So we signed a recording contract in February, released our first record shortly after, my better half and I moved in together, and then we got married – all in 1972. So that’s the basis of the whole Styx thing. , in my opinion. Then came late ’75 when John decided he was tired of Tommy Dennis. Tommy fit right in and he brought the song “Crystal Ball” which became the title of his first album.

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Over the course of an incredible 12 months, these bands hit just the right mix of creativity, charm and timing. Tommy Roland Shaw (born September 11, 1953) is an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter. As the co-lead singer of the rock band Styx. During his time with Styx, he played with other groups, including the Damn Yankees and Show Blades, and released several solo albums.

Tommy Shaw was born in Montgomery, Alabama and played with many local bands in his early years. He is Robert E. Lee left Montgomery after high school to join The Smoke Ring and Th MSFunk, a Chicago-based outfit he played with for three years, which brought him to Styx’s attention in a two-week club. In Chicago. After MSFunk broke up, he returned to Montgomery to join his childhood Frids in a local band called Harvest. After Styx moved to A&M, guitarist and vocalist John Kurulewski abruptly left the band shortly before they were to embark on a nationwide tour, and a last-minute search began for a replacement. As a result

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