So Nyuh Shi Dae Plastic Surgery

So Nyuh Shi Dae Plastic Surgery – A netizen recently posted photos of YoonA comparing her past and present and saying that YoonA is not really a natural beauty.

After the post was posted, the topic was one of the most debated posts. The netizen compared YoonA in Super Junior’s MV and her currently in So Nyeo Shi Dae together, saying, “YoonA isn’t by any chance a natural beauty after all?”

So Nyuh Shi Dae Plastic Surgery

Some netizens agreed with the post, while others thought the statement was unfounded comparing it to Super Junior’s MV and now.

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One netizen said, “She had a joo geok (rice spoon) beard. If she didn’t have surgery to correct that joo geok beard, it will show up often. So she’s a beauty that goes under the knife.”

While most netizens said, “It’s just because of the angle she was taken in the MV”.

I personally think YoonA is a natural beauty as she now looks the same as when she appeared in Dong Bang Shin Ki’s ‘Magic Castle’ MV.

Looks like it’s going to be a while before all this talk about her not being a natural beauty stops.

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On a side note, man, it’s so good to watch old SuJu and DBSK MVs!

Filed under: Kpop News | Tagged: Dong Bang Shin Ki, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Super Junior, YoonA |So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany confessed how she broke her parents’ hearts because they have to deal with the mean comments directed at her.

Tiffany said on SBS PowerFM’s ‘Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time’, “During my time as a singer, it’s really painful for my parents to bear all the abuse for me.”

And the DJ asked: “So are you worried about these rumors?” Tiffany responded, “There are so many people who have spoken about how I shouldn’t have come to Korea, and it breaks my heart that they would listen to my parents.”

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She continued, “I’ve lived in America since I was young, and over my parents’ objections I still insisted on coming to Korea. And even if I am wrong, I am not scolded first, but my parents. And that’s what really concerns me.”

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Member of her Jessica, “A childhood photo without any meaning can cause a whole rage of speculation and is exhausting even for our parents.”

Sunny also added, “It’s so painful that some of these scandals involving artists from other idol groups started even before we debuted.”

“Hyori will release summer album and talks about writing FO After School ‘Ah’ MVfull” This is another great group from SM Entertainment, so I’m sharing the profiles of discography members. Here you will find your member profiles. I know I usually put the discography first, but I forgot how many songs and such SNSD released, so you’ll just have to match the SNSD artist profile behind it.

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So Nyeo Shi Dae is known by many names. The two most common ones are SNSD or English Girls’ Generation. They are also known as Shao Nu Shi Dai in Chinese and ShoJoJiDai in Japan.

Since their debut, they have won numerous awards and are considered Korea’s “Living Legend Girl Group”, having achieved incredible fame in a relatively short period of time. They debuted in 2007.

SNSD is Super Junior’s direct sister group, and SJ’s members helped promote SNSD on various programs. Despite the two groups’ closeness, SNSD’s fan club and Super Junior’s “ELF” fan club are often separated at joint events since a fight broke out between them at the 2008 Dream Concert. rumored information about the group, including allegations of plastic surgery scandals and insulting comments from SNSD members towards Super Junior members, especially former member Hangeng. These rumors ARE NOT TRUE, as each group has repeatedly claimed.

SNSD recently encouraged SM Entertainment’s newest girl group, F(x), who are considered to be their younger sister group. In fact, SNSD member Jessica and F(x) maknae Krystal are sisters in real life. SNSD’s fan club played a big role from the beginning in supporting f(x) because of this.

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I have added SNSD’s “Team” section to member profiles. On the shows, they use a “Tall Team” and “Short Team” system to separate the members, and the members themselves admit to using this method in their dorms as well. In the shows, the “Tall Team” wears flat shoes, while the “Short Team” wears high heels or shoes in which they can hide their insoles.

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Taeyeon is SNSD’s “leader” (I’ll explain the quotes later). She is the oldest member at 21 years old. Taeyeon has the image of being a big kid and often acts silly on shows. She is part of the “Short Team” in SNSD, standing only 5’3″. Taeyeon was a member of the program “We Got Married” in its first season after partnering with comedian HyungDon. She said that she is good friends with the leader from Super Junior Leeteuk, who gives him advice. The closeness of the two leaders has been noticed by fans and it is often rumored that the two are dating. Both the leaders and SM Entertainment have repeatedly denied this. Almost all members of SNSD are within a year of each other, so Taeyeon said that everyone voted that SNSD has no leader. She is still officially considered the leader of SNSD, but within the group she no longer recognizes the position, hence the quotes around the word “leader” “. member YoonA’s butt (a sign of encouragement most idol groups do). A fan-taken photo of Taeyeon with a strange expression led to the birth of her nickname “Byuntaeng” (Byuntae means “Pervert” in Korean).

Jessica is one of the two members of SNSD from the United States. She is said to be fluent in both Korean and English. She originally had the cold and distant image in SNSD, and because of this she was given the nickname “Ice Princess” by fans and members alike. She shares a close friendship with Super Junior member Heechul, who often refers to the two as “HeeSica”. Jessica is the older sister of maknae F(x) Krystal, and the two are very close. On f(x’s debut), Jessica’s fans sent lots of flowers to Krystal and the other members on her behalf since SNSD couldn’t attend the debut. She appeared in Super Junior M’s “SuperGirl” MV, as she is considered SNSD’s most popular member in China. She previously starred in the hit musical Legally Blond as Elle Woods. Jessica expressed her desire to record a duet with her sister Krystal. The closest thing so far is a duet scene at the SM Town Live concerts where they perform KE$HA’s “Tik Tok” together. She is another member of SNSD’s “Short Team”.

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Sunny is one of the most popular members of SNSD for her cute personality and looks. She is considered the president of the “Short Team”, being the shortest member at 5’1″. She first trained in SM Entertainment under a fake name, as SM Entertainment Founder and President Lee SooMan is her uncle in real life. She trained for 5 years at another entertainment company before auditioning for SM Entertainment and debuted with SNSD 9 months after being accepted. She made her debut as a DJ performing “Chunji Radio” with the member of Super Junior Sungmin shortly after SNSD’s own debut. She also appeared on the program “Cooking? Gatim!” song and MV as the girlfriend who is a terrible cook.

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Tiffany is the second member of SNSD from the United States. She is one of SNSD’s most childish members and has a cute image. Tiffany left Los Angeles in 2004 and trained for over 3 years. Her role in SNSD is the main vocalist along with members Sunny, Jessica, and Taeyeon. Tiffany is considered one of the most energetic members, being always cheerful and smiling at shows. In SNSD’s ‘Horror Movie Factory’, she helped plot against leader Taeyeon in a prank. Tiffany acted as the MC for MBC’s “Music Core” with fellow member Yuri. She is also a member of the Short Squad, being 5’2″ and known for frequently wearing high heels, which she explained on a show as her favorite thing to wear.

Hyoyeon is SNSD’s main dancer and has been debuting ever since. In 2004, she was sent to China with Super Junior member Siwon to learn about the culture and language. She is fluent in Korean and Chinese and speaks English. Hyoyeon is one of the members who trained the longest, training for 6 years and 1 month before debuting. She is the second shortest member of SNSD, being taller than member Sunny by 0.01 inches (1 centimeter).

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