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Rock And Roll Heaven Plastic Surgery – Paul Stanley (born Stanley Bert Eis; January 20, 1952) is an American musician, the founder, leader, rhythm guitarist and one of the lead vocalists of the hard rock band Kiss. He is the writer or co-writer of many of the band’s most popular songs. Stanley created the character Starchild for his character in Kiss. Stanley was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014. as a member of Kiss.

In 2006 The Hit Parader was ranked #18 on the list of the 100 Greatest Metal Vocalists of All Time.

Rock And Roll Heaven Plastic Surgery

In Upper Manhattan, New York, near 211st St. and Broadway; In the Inwood neighborhood near Inwood Hill Park. Both parts of it are Jewish. He was the second of two children; his sister Julia

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Was born two years ago. Their mother came from a family that fled Nazi Germany to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and New York. His father’s parts are from Poland. Stanley was raised Jewish, although his family was not very observant and did not celebrate his bar mitzvah.

Stanley’s right ear did not function well due to a birth defect called microtia until reconstructive surgery at the age of 30 in 1982; he can’t hear on that side, he has trouble determining the direction of sound, and he can’t understand speech in a noisy environment.

Despite his hearing problems, Stanley enjoyed listening to music and watching American Bandstand on television. His favorite musical artists are Eddie Cochran, Dion and the Belmonts, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard. Stanley learned to sing harmony with his family and was given a guitar at an early age.

He listened to a lot of doo-wop music, but with The Beatles and the Rolling Stones playing on US television, he was inspired by an aspect of the show that he thought was beyond his reach. Stanley got his first real guitar at age 13, an acoustic that he wanted to turn into an electric. He played tunes by Bob Dylan, the Byrds, the Lovin’ Spoonful and more.

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Throughout his childhood, Stanley was recognized for his talent in the field of graphic arts, which led him to attend the Conservatory of Music and Art in New York, graduating in 1970.

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And a member of Uncle Joe and the Post War Baby Boom. In the early 1970s, along with Ge Simmons, Stanley joined Simmons’ band Wicked Lester. The band recorded an album in 1972, but it was never officially released. An angry Lester drops by, and Stanley and Simmons answer Peter Criss’ ad in Rolling Stone.

Shortly after hiring Criss, they held auditions for a lead guitarist, and Stanley placed an ad in the Village Voice. Ace Frehley won over the band with his playing and matched the band’s sound almost perfectly. in 1974 February. Kiss released their debut album.

It was at this point that Stanley thought of changing his name, not only for marketing purposes, but also because he always hated his birth name. Inspired by Paul McCartney and Paul Rodgers, he legitimately changed his name to Paul Stanley.

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Stanley’s character in The Kiss is a Starchild with a star above his right eye. In a short time, Stanley tried a new character called Bandit with a makeup pattern of the Lone Ranger’s mask design. This makeup design was used for many years in 1973-1974. shows and photo shoots, some of which saw her wearing two designs in the same shoot. “I tried to paint my face red,” he admitted. “I look like a tomato with long hair! Before I lived on a star, I just put a black ring on my eye… We all wear something that represents who we are. Always I love the stars and I’ve always been friends with them. It’s time to put something on my face.” , I knew it was going to be a star.”

In his book Sex Money Kiss, Ge Simmons says that Stanley was the driving force behind KISS in the 1980s when the band performed without makeup. Stanley said it was a good year for me. They were very satisfying for me because I was able to go without makeup, which was what I wanted at the time. I think it’s easier for me [than Simmons] because my personality is one that’s not defined by makeup…

In 2007, Stanley was hospitalized for tachycardia. On Absce, Kiss performed live as a trio for the first time in decades. The concert was the first Kiss performance that Stanley missed.

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During the first leg of the band’s last tour, fans accused Stanley of lip-syncing and using backing tracks.

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In response to the allegations, Stanley has neither confirmed nor denied lip-syncing on stage, saying he takes care of his voice.

Fans later revived the allegations after the band’s 2022 performance in Belgium. on June 6, when fireworks and drum cues entered late in the opening song, “Detroit Rock City.”

The band’s manager, Doc McGhee, later confirmed at the same time that Stanley sang all the way through, but would sing the tracks while dying in lip-sync.

Stanley released his first solo album, Paul Stanley, as part of Kiss’ four simultaneous solo albums, but he rarely recorded or performed outside of Kiss. 1987-1988 he wrote and recorded material for another album, but it was shelved in favor of the Kiss compilation Smashes, Thrashes & Hits. Although not officially released, songs such as “Don’t Let Go” and “Wh Two Hearts Collide” were distributed as bootleg records. A song from the project, Time Traveler, was released as Kiss in 2001. part of the box set.

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In 1989 Stanley went on a short tour of clubs. His touring band included guitarist Bob Kulick and future Kiss drummer Eric Singer. That year, Stanley shared lead vocals with Desmond Child on the soundtrack of Wes Crave’s horror film Shocker.

Twenty-eight years after the release of the first solo album, in 2006 October 24 Stanley released his second album Live to Win. His title song “Live to Win” appears in the South Park episode “Make Love, Not Warcraft”. in 2006 Stanley toured the theater in October and November in support of Live to Win. His tour band is the house band from the CBS television show Rock Star, consisting of Paul Mirkovich (keyboards), Jim McGorman (guitar), Rafael Moreira (guitar), Nate Morton (drums) and Sasha Krivtsov (bass). in 2007 in April Stanley expanded the tour to include Australia, playing in Coolangatta, Wollongong, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. Part of the trip was filmed for Paul Stanley: Live to Dream, a documentary by Chicago-based Fetus.

The band’s performance at the House of Blues in Chicago was captured on film and released in 2008. released on DVD and digital audio download as One Live Kiss.

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In 2008 Stanley sang a duet with Sarah Brightman on “I Will Be with You” on her symphony album. in 2016 he guested on Ace Frehley’s cover album Origins, Vol. 1, singing “Free and Water”.

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In 2015 Stanley founded Paul Stanley’s Soul Station, a tribute band that plays a mix of 1960s and 1970s soul music with original songs in the same style. Paul Stanley’s Soul Station released their first album in 2021 with the lead single, the original I, Oh I.

With a tor vocal range, Stanley enjoys singing in the upper registers and is known for his falsetto.

Stanley and Thayer performed with Kiss Chumash at the Casino Resort in Santa Ynez, California in 2006.

Where he plays the role of Phantom. He appeared in the musical from May 25 to August 1, and in the same year from 1999. September 30 to October 31 Stanley debuted as a painter in 2006, exhibiting and selling original artwork. Stanley collaborated with Boston pop group Click Five on their hit “Angel To You (Devil To Me)”.

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Stanley produced the debut album for the band New gland. Their first single from this album in 1978. Ayaw Gayud Gusto Mawala Ya 1979 entered the Top 40.

In 2012 Stanley partnered with Ge Simmons and three other investors to create the Rock & Brews restaurant franchise.

On 2013 August 15 Stanley, Ge Simmons and manager Doc McGhee became the ownership group that created the L.A. Part of the Kiss Ara Football League team, which plays its home games at Honda Cter in Anaheim, California. The team folded in 2016.

An unreleased song Stanley wrote with Jean Beauvoir called “Like a Bee to the Honey” was recorded and released by the Finnish hard rock band Lordi for their album Killection.

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In 2001, Stanley’s first wife, actress Pamela Bow, filed for divorce after nine years of marriage. They have a son born in 1994. in June. on November 19, 2005 Stanley married longtime girlfriend Erin Sutton at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Pasadena, California. The couple has a

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