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Posh Plastic Surgery – Victoria Beckham is one of the most famous women in the world. After coming from one of the best-selling girl groups of all time, marrying soccer star David Beckham, and building her own empire, it’s safe to say she’s made a name for herself. According to Celebrity Net Worth, the “Say You’ll Be There” hitmaker is worth $450 million, proving to be a financial juggernaut.

Since saying goodbye to her music career, Victoria has been spending a lot of her time in fashion and beauty. “I’ve been obsessed with makeup, skin care and wellness for as long as I can remember,” she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2020. The businessman explained why he decided to launch a make-up line, Victoria Beckham Beauty. , in 2019. “I wanted to create the brand of the future … The other key thing is to be very inclusive – whether it’s makeup or skin care, it’s for all skin types and tones and for both women and men, ” said Victoria.

Posh Plastic Surgery

Good looks played a big role in Victoria’s career. Millions around the world fell in love with her posh Spice image in the 1990s and have continued to follow her career as a style icon. After speculation that she went under the knife to change her look, Victoria came clean.

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Victoria Beckham’s style and image have changed since she rose to fame as a young pop star wearing a mini black dress. Over the years, fans couldn’t help but notice that her breast size had changed, leading the public and the press to assume that she had gotten a busty job. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton even told the star that he called her a “robot with very large breasts” on his TV show “Victoria Beckham: Come to America” ​​in 2007. As a result, Beckham showed Hilton his chest and insisted: “They are Not so big in the flesh.”

Beckham has been tight-lipped for years in 2019 when he wrote an open letter to Vogue. After declaring that she would tell her older self to wear less make-up and embrace her imperfections, Beckham also said she would not choose to “mess with” her breasts. “I’ve been in denial for so many years – stupid. A sign of insecurity. Just celebrate what you have,” the “wannabe” hitmaker wrote.

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Despite revealing that he had previously undergone surgery, Beckham confused fans when he told The Sun in 2019 that he had not considered surgery. “I’m not tempted by cosmetic procedures, but never say never,” Beckham shared. With that said, fans seem to have noticed a drastic change in her appearance since the interview, and they have something to say.

Victoria Beckham continues to grace our television screens. After all, she is still a sought-after boss and businesswoman. In 2021, he appeared on several talk shows, including ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’ and ‘Good Morning America’. During this time, fans could not help but notice that his image has changed. Even though Beckham hasn’t revealed any new procedures she may have had, many have speculated that she’s had botox in her face and lip augmentation.

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“What happened to Victoria Beckham’s face?” One user tweeted in October 2021. “Victoria Beckham on GMA scares me. She just moves her eyelids and lips when she talks…it’s so unnatural and distracting. The botox/filler game might work for pictures, but wow, not for Life,” shared one person to another, adding a gif of a disgusted face. “They must have done something to her mouth!” A third user insisted. Either way, you’re still fabulous to us, Posh Spice! And while the 47-year-old former Spice Girl has always been stunning, his new look is shocking the masses!

Viewers and fans alike took to Twitter to see if others had figured out what exactly had changed in the fashion designer/beauty mogul’s look.

Some called out the sheer hypocrisy of the star promoting her new cream complexion, Cheeky Posh, as it was obvious that she wore more than just good makeup along with her great genes.

“Victoria Beckham on GMA scares me,” one observer tweeted. “She only moves her eyelids and lips when she talks…it’s so unnatural and distracting. The botox/filler game might work in pictures, but wow, it’s not good for real life stuff.”

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Some critics believed that the star should “dress the plastic surgeon who did this to her face”, while others believed that she should take responsibility and her platform more seriously.

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“This is what’s wrong with so many things these days,” one person tweeted. “She’s been into lip fillers too much, but here you are telling her how good she looks. It’s crazy. As a role model, she needs to think about what she’s doing and how it’s going to affect young women.”

Many wished that football star David Beckham’s ex-wife would come forward about the cosmetic procedures she underwent.

“Sorry Victoria, but no thanks, because I’m more into natural beauty,” wrote one dissenter, while someone else pointed out: “So she says she’s focused on beauty at the moment… but what the hell is she doing with Her own face. !!?!

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After the viral conversation, he spoke to a plastic surgeon and industry insider to see if they could shed some light on what he may have done to Victoria’s beautiful face.

Dr. Frank Agullo, also Dr. Worldwide, says that while Victoria looks amazing at 47, “it looks like she overdid the lip fillers, which is a very common mistake.”

“She also liked to have toxin in the upper part of her face, where she barely moves,” Dr. Agullo added, noting that she “maintained fullness in her face,” possibly “using fillers.”

But it’s not just about filling in the obvious areas, says Dr. Agullo. He believes that Victoria didn’t pay enough attention to certain areas of her skin, which makes other, more well-groomed parts stand out.

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“The quality of her skin has deteriorated, there are a lot of wrinkles under the eyes, around the mouth and on the neck,” he said, “which would benefit from radiofrequency skin tightening and microneedling.”

Pam Agullo, MD He acknowledged that the sudden shock of Victoria’s new look could be partly explained by the fact that she “has always stood out from the majority of celebrities when it comes to beauty trends” and “opts for a natural, understated aesthetic”.

“It’s very old,” says Pam. “Now it looks like she’s gone too far with lip fillers, which I don’t think suits her thin and smooth features.”

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She also believes that “a common anti-aging mistake is to ignore the skin around the eyes, hands and neck, which ends up showing wrinkles and fine lines and is a gift to aging.”

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Pam believes that Victoria would “greatly benefit from an aggressive anti-aging skin treatment on her face and additional areas, as well as regular customized facials to improve skin quality and collagen production.” Victoria Beckham has come a long way from being a member of the Spice Girls to an acclaimed fashion designer. Along the way, his appearance has changed quite a bit! So fans wondered if the fashion designer ever had plastic surgery.

Victoria was portrayed as “posh Spice” and often wore tight black tube dresses or other more fashionable wardrobes on stage. Little did she know that fashion would be her future career after the girl group disbanded in 2000. But in the meantime, she went through several style and body phases, especially when she got breast augmentation in middle age.

In 2017, that her big breast augmentation was a big mistake. “I should probably say don’t worry about your breasts. I was in denial all these years – stupid. A sign of uncertainty. Just celebrate what you have,” she told the publication.

Victoria seemed to forget about including bust room or not take it into account when talking about cosmetic work in 2019. She said on ITV’s This Morning, ‘I’m not tempted by a cosmetic procedure, but never say never. That’s what makes anyone feel good. Maybe ask me that question in 10, 15, 20 years. Maybe that has changed. But right now I want to celebrate who I am and be the best version of myself, rather than trying to change too much.

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In 2008, he launched his own eponymous clothing line, having started dealing in accessories a year earlier. He told the media at the time: “This is just the beginning. I want to do this even in 20, 30, 40 years. I will never be the best singer, dancer or actress. I worked hard on it and did a very good job. But I’m good with fashion

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