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Plastic Surgery Woodstock – At Marietta Plastic Surgery, you will find some of the most skilled plastic surgeons in the Atlanta area. Whether you want to enhance your natural beauty or explore the need for reconstructive plastic surgery, our surgeons will provide you with the right balance between technical training and artistic enhancement.

We believe in the “Art of Enhancement” to help your natural beauty shine through through the use of advanced plastic surgery techniques. Our plastic surgeons are highly experienced and trained in plastic surgery techniques, and each has the passion and skill needed to provide you with the cosmetic surgery procedures of your choice.

Plastic Surgery Woodstock

When you meet with one of our plastic surgeons to discuss your procedure, he or she will ask you about your goals and concerns. He will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision, but can also provide you with creative insights and opportunities to help you achieve those goals and meet your expectations.

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Not only are our surgeons able to meet your plastic surgery goals, but you will be treated as an individual and addressed with personal attention. Each of our skilled plastic surgeons knows firsthand that no two patients are alike. Your decisions, desires, character and integrity each affect your appearance as much as your physical body does. Our goal is to help you look and feel the most beautiful person you can be by improving every aspect of your body and helping your personality shine through.

Our plastic surgeons work with patients of all histories and backgrounds, including those who have recovered from illness and injury and those who have lost massive amounts of weight. Your needs and wishes will be treated with artistry, surgical skill and deep compassion. Whether you are interested in a minor procedure or a complete facelift, our surgeons will welcome you by focusing on your unique past and future without judgment.

Once you have decided which plastic surgeon you would like to work with, we invite you to contact them through their office and schedule your individual, personalized plastic surgery consultation. We welcome patients from Atlanta, Woodstock and Marietta, Georgia and throughout the Southeastern United States. When Michael Jackson died in 2009, his death left many unanswered questions about the eccentric pop star’s alleged plastic surgery. Throughout his career, his dramatic transformation earned him notoriety as fans wondered how many surgeries he had and why his skin turned white.

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In a 2003 documentary with Martin Bashir, Michael admitted to only getting a nose job. “I haven’t had any plastic surgery done on my face, just my nose,” he said. “It helped me breathe better so I could hit the higher notes. I’ll tell you the honest truth, I didn’t do anything to my face.”

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As for his fair complexion, Michael told Oprah Winfrey in the early ’90s that he suffered from vitiligo, a skin disorder that caused light spots on his body. His dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein confirmed this in 2009.

“He was bad because a complete scar started to form over his body,” Klein said. “[It] was all over her body, but on her face [and] her hands, which were very difficult to treat.”

However, other experts have claimed that Michael has done much more than just a nose job and skin lightening. Click through the gallery to see how his face has changed over the years.

Michael got his first nose job in 1979. He claimed that he had the surgery not because he wanted a smaller nose, but because he broke it during a dance rehearsal and needed surgery.

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However, Michael was not satisfied with his first nose job and had it done a second time to get it right.

Doctor. Michael’s plastic surgeon, Steven Hoeflin, said the second nose surgery left him with difficulty breathing and “needed additional work.”

Doctor. Wallace Goodstein, who worked with Michael’s surgeon in the 90s, said Michael came in for procedures “every other month”.

In 2009 he said, “There were about 10 to 12 surgeries in the two years I was there.”

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During the 90s, Michael’s nose became noticeably thinner and his skin whitened. Michael then told Oprah Winfrey that his light skin was due to vitiligo, a skin disorder.

Michael’s friend, illusionist Uri Geller, said that Michael confessed to him that he changed his appearance to “not look like his father.”

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By this time his face had changed so much that it was difficult to discern what procedures he had undergone, but, according to Dr. Goodstein, he had “multiple nose jobs, cheek implants, and a crack in his chin.” had surgery… you name it, they got it.”

“My job is to try to make people happy,” Michael’s surgeon, Dr. Hoeflin in 2001. “In the case of high level entertainers, the result may not be what the average person wants. But remember, these are artists who want to project a particular image for a particular reason.”

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Michael’s nose had begun to break down after so many nose procedures. “I rebuilt [her nose] … using fillers,” Dr. Arnold Klein in 2009 for Larry King. “I used hyaluronic acid and they worked great. It’s a tricky procedure because you don’t want to put too much in there.” Marietta plastic surgeon Keith West, MD, FACS is dedicated to providing you with the plastic surgery solutions that give you the best results. will help you achieve your beauty and lifestyle goals. Whether you are looking for aesthetic facial surgery, breast surgery or body contouring, Dr. West’s expertise and compassion make him one of the outstanding members of our team of plastic surgeons. Makes

Doctor. West has served the greater Atlanta area since 1991, lending his expertise to patients and the community by serving as an active staff member and chief of plastic surgery at Keystone Hospital. Their dedication to patient care and safety makes them one of the premier plastic surgeons in the Greater Atlanta area, and their compassionate, patient care exemplifies their dedication to your health and well-being. Doctor. West was named Best of Cobb Plastic Surgeon in 2020. Marietta Plastic Surgery was named a Best of Cobb Practice in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Doctor. West first graduated from the University of Georgia, earning cum laude status during his studies there. He remained in Atlanta, attending the Emory University School of Medicine, where he earned his medical degree. While at Emory University, Dr. West did his internship in General Surgery.

From Emory, Dr. West extended his surgical experience by being selected by Yale University and its affiliated hospitals as Chief Resident in General Surgery. Doctor. West spent a year at Yale as a Winchester Research Fellow before returning to Atlanta and completing his plastic surgery residency at Emory University. Considered one of the premier plastic surgery programs in the country, Emory University was the perfect setting for him to expand his understanding and experience in all plastic surgery procedures.

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Doctor. West is a member of the prestigious American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the leading professional organization for board-certified plastic surgeons in the US. His passion for plastic surgery and expertise in patient care, as well as his extensive experience in his chosen field, Dr. West as one of the leading plastic surgeons in the Atlanta area. He is proud to be one of the board certified plastic surgeons you can work with at Marietta Plastic Surgery and welcomes you to schedule your plastic surgery consultation with him.

Doctor. West is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the Cobb County Medical Society, and the Medical Association of Georgia. He lives in Marietta with his wife and three children.

To schedule a consultation with a doctor to discuss your plastic surgery procedure. West, please contact our office today. Marietta Plastic Surgery welcomes patients from Marietta, Atlanta, Woodstock and all other areas of Georgia. If you experience problems please hard reload the page to clear the cache. Press Ctrl+Shift+R for Windows and Command+Shift+R for macOS.

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Doctor. Let Assaf Yalife, MD, FACS, a triple board-certified plastic, reconstructive and hand surgeon and principal of Y Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery with offices in Roswell and Woodstock, Georgia, take a look at the topic. Honored to serve as a consultant. Breast Surgery by Atlanta’s Best Self Magazine. Best Self Magazine’s mission is to connect consumers who want to look good, feel good and do good in their communities.

“I am honored to consult with Best Self Magazine and help educate the public,” Dr. Yalif. “As a plastic surgeon specializing specifically in breast surgery (augmentation, reduction, revision, reconstruction and male gynecomastia), it is very rewarding to have the opportunity to offer surgical options to help people feel confident.

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