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Plastic Surgery Flagstaff – We began our engagement with PSNA by working with the team at PSNA to build a comprehensive marketing strategy that gave us a clear and specific look at developing their new website, cleaning up their logo, taking equipment and lifestyle photos and designing their new marketing. Activity

Create a comprehensive, brand-coherent marketing strategy that supports existing patients of an established business while expanding and cultivating new patients through new service offerings.

Plastic Surgery Flagstaff

By focusing on keyword-related thematic clusters to create content across all platforms, we were able to leverage industry and market research, as well as keyword research, to restructure PSNA’s campaign and optimize their spend based on service segments. As we progressed through the engagement, we were able to eliminate hundreds of underperforming terms and identify positive and negative keywords. In addition to our paid search campaigns, we create keyword-focused blogs that can significantly improve your organic rankings while minimizing your monthly spend. We are able to accurately measure, strategize and grow their monthly leads through leads submitted via phone calls and forms.

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Web Design and Development A complete website refresh allowed Northern Arizona Plastic Surgeons to strengthen their brand and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Whenever you have a well-known brand looking for a new look for their website, you need to really target your target audience and align your design and messaging from a vision and mission standpoint. We were able to get important feedback from the PSNA team, their leadership and their clients during the research and strategy part of building the website. With the new brand kit complete, photo shoots and SEO strategy in place, we were able to create a beautiful, consistently branded, effective and converting website.

Our social media collaboration with PSNA began with extensive research focusing on competitive (regional) and comparative (country) analysis, as well as an audit of all pre-existing campaigns and their data. With your overall marketing strategy in place, it becomes clear that blog topics and keywords will drive half of your social media posts, while branding and reputation will drive the other half. With a dual focus on long-term branding and short-term conversions, we were able to quickly start rolling out trust-based messaging, as well as educational content that led to form submissions, calls, and visits. We’ve also included doctor and staff highlights as well as patient testimonials.

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PhD in Advertising Programs, Sport and Physical Education, Graphic Design, Logos and Branding, Photography, Retail, Schools and Colleges, SEO, Videography, Web Design and Development. Lex and Dr. Quigley are celebrating 30 years of cosmetic surgery: rejoining limbs, repairing cleft palates, reconstructing disfigurements and improving looks. The girl is four years old. He was in the back of a pickup truck when a bale of hay flew up. The hay wire caught one of the girl’s hands and broke four fingers.

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Jack Quigley, MD, and Stephen Lex, MD, worked to reattach the fingers and reattach the girl’s hand. Both are board certified in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery with additional training in Hand Surgery. The 12-hour operation required the use of veins from the girl’s toes to rebuild blood vessels in her fingers. “Two fingers survived,” Dr. Quigley said. “He’s got a thumb and two fingers. He’s fine.”

Through their work, performing complex microvascular reconstructions and reconnecting limbs, surgeons often find themselves making headlines. “We did about five arm replantations over a period of about four or five years,” said Dr. Lex. “It’s a big deal that requires teamwork from orthopedics and general surgeons.”

One patient was an 11-year-old girl who had cut her arm in a truck accident. Another, an Arizona Cardinals football player, was also involved in the crash. Both operations were successful.

Orthopedic surgeons have practiced at Flagstaff Medical Center (FMC) for more than 30 years and are on call to treat urgent trauma cases often arising from entertainment events, bar fights or car accidents.

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They met the doctor during their general surgery residency together at the Case Western Reserve Nursing System in Ohio in the early 80’s. Dr. Lex came to Flagstaff in 1989. “He has a wife and three young children and he gets calls every night,” he said. “About 10 months later, Jack came along. For me, he was the light at the end of the tunnel. It was great to have him here.”

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By 1991, they were practicing outside the Physicians and Surgeons Building on the north end of the FMC. “We quickly surpassed 3,000 square feet, so we decided we needed a bigger place,” Lex said. “The land was developed here [on North San Francisco Street, across from the FMC], and we decided to have the surgery center.”

Over the next several years, the young plastic surgeon became a developer and landowner, overseeing the construction of five medical buildings, including the 11,000-square-foot Plastic Surgeons of Northern Arizona (PSNA) building. On April 1, 1996, PSNA became Flagstaff’s first stand-alone surgery center. Instead of one operating room, doctors built two for growth. Privacy works well for patients who wish to remain anonymous, often when undergoing cosmetic procedures such as facelifts and tummy tucks.

The doctors say their mission at PSNA has always been to provide state-of-the-art surgical care to all residents of Northern Arizona. Surgery ranges from elective procedures like brow lifts and body sculpting, to reconstructive surgery after skin and breast cancer, to structural surgery to correct birth defects like cleft lip, cleft palate and microtia. They also perform endoscopic carpal tunnel and trigger finger release surgery, Botox injections, skin resurfacing and use of dermal fillers.

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They say it’s a good breed: third hand surgery, third reconstruction and third facelift. “It’s been really great for maintaining skills in those areas as well as covering trauma in the emergency room,” Quigley said.

“I think our congenital patients, patients who require multiple surgeries for cleft lip and palate reconstruction or microtia, are one of the patient groups that we develop a close relationship with,” Lex said. “We’re seeing these kids from newborns to 21 years old. We’re doing three to seven surgeries on these kids. They’re very grateful.”

“We see a lot of kids,” Quigley said. “Many of the treatments we do for them have made a big difference in their lives. Closing the palate or lips, or helping them with hand issues like webbed hands or too many fingers can be very beneficial .”

The practice also allows doctors to participate in medical missions, often with teams of other local doctors and health professionals, sometimes after natural disasters, often under less sterile conditions.

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“It gives you the skills to go to other countries like Brazil, Haiti and Mexico to treat patients. A good part is training locals to do some of the procedures themselves. When you can go back to a country multiple times, it’s nice to see you treat patients before. past patients,” Quigley said.

Surgeons begin their collaboration with a handshake. Northern Arizona Orthopedic Surgeon now has three offices in Flagstaff and Sedona, including the Northern Arizona SurgiCenter and the Northern Arizona Hand Center. “We didn’t know what the hell we were doing,” Lex said. “It’s scary. They don’t teach us much about the business of medical school and residency.”

“Jack and Steve were pioneers in this,” said PSNA administrator Steve Schwartz, who joined PSNA a week after it opened. “His bold and successful venture has clearly impacted in very positive ways the way healthcare has been delivered in northern Arizona over the past few decades.”

Physicians also often practice challenges together outside the operating room. “We started hiking and kayaking,” Quigley said. “Mostly at this point, we do mountain biking and do a lot of travel in the San Juan Mountains area through the Silverton Mountain Pass. Lately, we’ve been traveling the Arizona Trail. We just completed the Taft to Payson. Ironically, we talk more about business on these trips than we talk in the office.”

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“Even though we shared an office, we were so busy we barely had a chance to talk,” Lex said. “So while mountain biking, we found that it was a good time to extend our business meetings. It gave us a chance to see the future.”

Best friends before practice and for many years, the surgeons raised their families in Flagstaff, combining their busy schedules with an active outdoor lifestyle. Dr. Lex and his wife Lisa and Dr. Quigley and his wife Janean already have four children.

When making business decisions, doctors say they follow this simple mantra: “Do

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