Pictures Of Neck Lift Plastic Surgery

Pictures Of Neck Lift Plastic Surgery – Case# 653. Facelift & Neck Lift for men. The 55-year-old businessman from Orlando suffered from a drooping neck and the loss of his jaw. Dr. Gross performed a facelift and neck lift (including the platysma muscle) to redefine… Read more

Case No. 204 | Rhinoplasty & Mini facelift| Orlando, FL: Before and after photos showing the results of Dr. Gross Mini-Lift and Rhinoplasty. His jaw is naturally raised and firmer. The dorsal hump or “bump” on the bridge is his… Read more

Pictures Of Neck Lift Plastic Surgery

Case 664. This Orlando woman noticed a droopy neck and a platysma under her chin. Dr. Gross had a mini facelift and neck lift to tighten her neck and make her look more youthful. The SMAS muscle is elevated and… More

Mini Or Midi Face Lift

Case #305 Neck lift | Orlando. This 55-year-old woman from Central Florida was troubled by her sagging neck. The SMAS muscle was stretched along with the platysma muscle (under the chin) to create a sharper jaw. These results are stan… Read more

Case 77. This Orlando woman was troubled by a sagging face and neck, as well as lip lines. Results are visible 3 months after phenolic chemical peeling around the mouth, facelift and neck lift. She is very happy and looks many years younger. Read more

Linda. Facelift, neck lift and CO2 laser. This Orlando woman was plagued by facial lines, a droopy neck and lines around her mouth. Dr. Gross performed a facelift, neck lift and DOT CO2 laser resurfacing. Her cuts healed well and there was no vi… Read more

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Case No. 773 | Mini Facelift | Neck lift | Neck liposuction | DOT Co2 | Orlando, FL: This 56-year-old man from Orlando was troubled by neck and chin fullness and a lack of jaw definition. Dr. Gross introduced the Mini Face L… Read more

Facelift New Orleans

No. 671 submentoplasty | Neck lift | Chin implant | Orlando. This patient suffered from a very severe neck which was largely hereditary. He also had an ill-defined jawline and a seven-point or sunken chin, known as a microgenus. D… Continue

Case 142 | Facelift and cleavage for men. This 65-year-old man from Orlando wanted to get rid of the fat under his chin and lift his neck. Dr. Gross underwent facelift and neck surgery at our accredited surgical center. Refresh… Learn more

Case 750. This 63-year-old woman from Orlando was troubled by droopy eyes, lines around the mouth, and a drooping jaw. We performed a facelift, neck lift, upper blepharoplasty and phenolic chemical peeling around the mouth. Your results… Read more

Facial plastic surgery | Neck lift | Chemical peeling | Orlando. This pleasant 65-year-old woman from Orlando noticed droopy eyelids, a drooping neck and exaggerated lines around the mouth and face. We performed facial plastic surgery, neck plastic surgery, upper eyelid surgery, Fenol che… Read more

Necklift And Facelift In Orlando

Case No. 842 | Neck Lift for Men | Orlando, FL: This Central Florida man was unhappy with loose skin around his neck. Dr. Gross performed a neck lift by tightening the platysma muscle to lift the skin just below the chin and along the neck. T… Continue

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