Norwood Young Plastic Surgery

Norwood Young Plastic Surgery – * “I’ve been frustrated not putting music out and it’s been a long journey to get here,” singer Norwood Young tells EUR/Electronic Urban Report about the creative process behind his new single “Imagine” and his upcoming album. spring.

Young is best known as the lead singer of the band Pieces of a Dream. He is also recognized for being on the E! The reality show “High Maintenance 90210” as well as an episode of “Botched” when he appeared on the show last year suggested he get his nose fixed before recording new music at the request of his music producer. Young wrote about his addiction to plastic surgery in “Getting Back to My Me.” In it, he also opens up about the sexual abuse he suffered from a relative as a child.

Norwood Young Plastic Surgery

In 2011, he sold his infamous Los Angeles estate because he was tired of living in a house that was too famous for him at the time. Before listing the house, he hired attorney Johnnie Cochran to defend it against neighbors who wanted Young’s statues of David removed from his property. Michelangelo’s 19 Davids lined the front lawn and there was heavy traffic from those eager to gaze upon the palatial space.

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LA. As the Times noted: “House of David’s L.A. Singer Norwood Young did not.

He signed his first record deal at age 16, followed by an album deal, a global tour, musicals and on Broadway, where he won a spot on the TV talent show “Star Search.”

Young credits “creative credit” for inspiring her latest single, “Imagine,” which she describes as “a love song to the world.”

Check out what else Mr. Young had to say to EUR’s Lee Bailey about the inspiration behind “Imagine” and watch the track’s music video above.

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He is also preparing his hour-long radio show, covering independent music artists, hot topics, celebrity interviews and “all things black”.

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Rough Patch was basically trying to find a musical place that felt authentic to me, but also hip enough to go with where the music was going. In the end, I had to stay true to myself and not care where the music was going and just throw it out and hope it falls where it falls. So I took the time to write some things and put some things that didn’t make me happy and didn’t make me happy. So for almost a year I tried to find another niche and the answer to everything was, you can’t find another niche, you just stay where you are and be true and let it speak for itself. And where are they?

The magic moment is when I’m not happy. The magic moment returns to Norwood, listening to oldies and the authenticity of love. The thing is, I never sing about being in love. And I think that’s it. I don’t do it. I sing about love. I don’t sing about being in love. So when I realized it was really and essentially a rough patch, because I can’t sing, “Baby, I wanna rub you and I wanna lick you.” It’s not just me.

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I love my music career more than fame. I’ll be able to listen to my music and see what other people are doing to see me on a blog or read what party I’m about and what I’ve done at parties I’ve hosted. I was there. I did it. I am cool. So I’m back in that place musically, so it’s complete. Now we know I came back with abuse and surgery and I got through it. Because I was able to overcome that, I’m now full circle, years later anyway, with my music. So now I love that people say, “Oh, you were the singer in that house” (and not) “You’re not the guy in the house who sings.”

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Her beauty now, this last project I released was the first thing I did after dealing with the abuse, 7 years post surgery. It starts as a baby – completely fresh. Because now what I proposed, when I sell my house, L. The reason I was selling the house, and when I told them the reason I was selling my house, people thought I was full of crap at the time, because it was more famous than me The property was more famous than my voice and people thought I was full of crap when I said I didn’t want it anymore.

The album is a work in progress, but the album will be out in February – just in time for spring. But the song is called “Imagine,” and ironically, when I wrote this song, there was no reference to John Lennon’s “Imagine.” However, when you hear the song it’s basically the same message and again you’ll think I’m full of shit. I’ve never sung John Lennon’s “Image” and I don’t know all the words by heart, but I love the song. I like what it stands for. So when I type “follow” it’s basically the same message. Throughout my 30-year career, people have asked me, what do you remember most musically, and I haven’t had an answer until now. this song Whether it sells one copy or a million copies, this is my legacy. This song is what I want to remember. Because it’s not a man-to-woman love song about a man or a woman. It’s my love song to the world. So I imagined what the perfect world would look like for me.

Adam Blackstone Music Genius – He’s from Christina Aguilera to P. He’s worked with everyone from Diddy to Maroon 5 to Alicia Keys, Jill Scott, Usher, Janet Jackson – he wrote the music for this song and when he play the music, I said it. , “I understand.” He heard a few things in it and I said, “No. It’s not like that. It’s a love song for the world. ” When we finished it, it blew our minds. About 7 to 8 months ago I did that song, that song is so powerful, the lyrics are so powerful that I had to wait for that song to speak to me.

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So my intention was to shoot the video here in Los Angeles and a young woman named Keyshia Fernandez, who usually co-directs my videos with me, she and I went to scout locations and I wanted to release it before I go to Japan. He came back two weeks ago. So she says to me, “Let’s get your HD camera and shoot some B-roll in Japan.” So I was there (in Kyoto) for about two weeks, I was performing, the people were wonderful, and then I went to one of the shrines, and the experience of those people going to me, right then, gave me an Epiphany . That’s where I wanted to shoot this video.

First, I was the only black person in Kyoto, a rural area of ​​Japan, and there were no black people there. But when I said I felt out of place, I felt a great sense of relief. I felt like royalty there. When you see the video and how people hugged me, loved me and treated me, you think I’m the Obama of the United States. It was crazy and because I’m not a famous celebrity anywhere there or by face, quite a bit in America, but no facial recognition.

For example, when I travel around the world, I have a crystal pencil that I drink water from, as opposed to drinking from plastic water bottles on stage. At my shows, these ladies, geishas and gentlemen, after seeing me drink from my bowl every night after every show, want to come up to me and drink from my pencil. And I said, what the hell? You will see in the video. I’ve never felt so accepted and loved in general and that fits the theme of what I’m saying in this song. It’s my love song to the world and its first verse

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