Noelia Ramirez Plastic Surgery

Noelia Ramirez Plastic Surgery – Torres-Robles A, Benrimoy SI, Gastelurrutia MA, Martinez-Martinez F, Peiro T, Perez-Escamilla B, Rogers K, Valverde-Merino I, Varas-Doval R, Garcia-Cardenas V.

Effects of genetic polymorphisms on the vitamin D metabolic pathway and survival in non-small cell lung cancer.

Noelia Ramirez Plastic Surgery

Pineda Lancheros, L, Perez Ramirez C, Sanchez Martin A, Galvez Navas JM, Martinez Martinez F, Ramirez Tortoza MC, Jimenez Morales A.

Bachelor’s Degree In Medicine

Effect of FCGR2A rs1801274 and FCGR3A rs396991 polymorphisms on response to abatacept in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Marquez Pete N , Maria Del Maldonado Montoro MM , Perez Ramirez CH , Fernando Martínez Martínez F , Juan Enrique Martínez de la Plata JE , Daddaua A , Jimenez Morales A

Zarzuelo Romero MJ, Perez Ramirez C, Cura Y, Carrasco Campos MI, Marangoni LM, Ramirez Tortoza MC, Jimenez Morales A.

Zarzuelo Romero MJ, Perez Ramirez S, Carrasco Campos MI, Sanchez Martin A, Calleja Hernandez MA, Ramirez Tortoza MC, Jimenez Morales A.

Cellular And Respiratory Biomechanics

Membrez Jimenez C, Perez Ramirez C, Sanchez Martin A, Vieira Maroon C, Arias Santiago SA, Ramirez Tortoza MDC, Jimenez Morales A.

Carrera-Hueso FJ, Alvarez-Arroyo L, Poquet-Jornet JE, Vazquez-Ferreiro P, Marínez-Gonzalbez R, El-Qutob D, Ramón-Barrios MA, Martínez-Martínez F, Poveda-Andrés and Cres-

Gómez-Herrero D, Carrera-Hueso FJ, Sanjuan-Cervero R, Montaner-Alonso D, Aguila-Fernández L, Vasquez-Ferreiro P, Poque-Jornet JE, García-Jimenez E.

Cost analysis of a cluster randomized trial evaluating a minor illness service compared with usual care in a community pharmacy

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 Amador-Fernandez N, Benrimoy SI, García-Mohon L, García Cardenas V, Diin-Griffin C, Gastelurrutia MA, Gómez Martínez J, Colomer-Molina V, Martínez Martínez F.

Cancela Diez B, Perez-Ramirez C, Maldonado-Montoro MDM, Carrasco-Campos MI, Sanchez Martin A, Pineda Lancheros LE, Martinez-Martinez F, Calleja-Hernandez Ma, Ramirez-Tortosa MC, Jimenez.

Valverde-Merino MI, Martinez-Martinez F, Garcia-Mochon L, Benrimoy SI, Malet-Larrea A, Pérez-Escamilla B, Zarzuelo MJ, Torres-Robles A, Gastelurrutia MA, Varas-Doval R, Peiro Zorrilla T, Garcia-Cardinas V.

Martinez-Aguilar L, Perez-Ramirez C, Maldonado-Montoro MDM, Carrasco-Campos MI, Membriv-Jimenez C, Martinez-Martinez F, Garcia-Collado C, Calleja-Hernandez MA, Ramirez-Tortes, Aires-Tortes Jimenez-M. .

Angiology And Vascular Surgery Department

Effect of CTLA-4, CD80, and CD86 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms on the Efficacy of Abatacept in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Marquez Pete N, Maldonado Montoro MM, Perez Ramirez C, Sanchez Martin A, Martinez de la Plata JE, Martinez Martinez F, Caliz Caliz R, Daddaua A, Ramirez Tortoza MC, Jimenez Morales A

Zarzuelo Romero MJ, Martínez Martínez F, Maldonado Montoro MM, Pérez Ramírez C, Calleia Hernández MA, Marquez Pete N, Sánchez Martín A, Jimenez Morales A, Ramirez Tortoza MS.

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Evaluation of an implementation program for medication review with follow-up in a community pharmacy using a hybrid effectiveness study design: translating evidence into practice.

Rapid Erasure Of Hippocampal Memory Following Inhibition Of Dentate Gyrus Granule Cells

Extra virgin olive oil antioxidant hydroxytyrosol modulates plasma TIMP-1 levels in women with breast cancer.

FCGR2A/FCGR3A Gene Polymorphisms and Clinical Variables as Predictors of Response to Tocilizumab and Rituximab in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Jimenez Morales A, Maldonado-Montoro M, Martinez de la Plata JE, Perez Ramirez C, Daddaua A, Alarcon Talvr C, Exposito Ruiz M, Garcia Collado C.

A comparative analysis of the pharmacovigilance systems of Brazil, Spain, the European Union, and the United States, based on information provided by the websites of their regulatory agencies.

Micro And Nano Devices

A cross-sectional study of the use of telemedicine for the management of type 2 diabetes in Spain: the patient’s perspective. EnREDa2 study.

Comparing interventions to improve long-term medication adherence in different clinical settings: a systematic review with network meta-analysis.

Pharmacogenetics of platinum-based chemotherapy: impact of DNA repair and folate metabolism gene polymorphisms on prognosis in patients with non-small cell lung cancer

A multi-level stakeholder approach to identify determinants of implementation of government-funded community pharmacy services at the primary care level.

Micro And Nanostructured Materials

Defining a set of standardized outcome measures developed for patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma using the Delphi consensus method: the IPORTA project.

Effects of Virgin Olive Oils Differing in Bioactive Compound Content on Metabolic Syndrome and Endothelial Functional Risk Biomarkers in Healthy Adults: A Double-Blind, Randomized Controlled Trial.

Sanchez-Rodriguez E, Lima-Cabello E, Beal-Glesson S, Fernandez-Navarro JR, Calleja MA, Roca M, Espejo-Calvo JA, Gil-Extremera B, Soria-Florido M, de la Torre. R, Fito M, Covas MI, Alche JD, Martinez de Victoria E, Gil A, Mesa MD.

Loss of efficacy and safety when switching from original infliximab to biosimilar infliximab (CT-P13) in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

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Guerra Velos MF, Argüelles-Arias F, Castro Laria L, Maldonado Perez B, Benitez Roldan A, Perea Amarillo R, Merino Bohorquez V, Calleja MA, Caunedo Alvarez AL, Vilches Arenas AL.

Proposal for a national strategy for precision medicine in cancer: SEOM, SEAP and SEFH position statement.

A collaborative stakeholder design approach to developing a community pharmacy service to improve atrial fibrillation screening and management.

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Malet-Larrea A, Goyenechea E, Gastelurrutia MA, Calvo B, Garcia-Cardenas V, Cabases JM, Noain A, Martinez-Martinez F, Sabater-Hernandez D, Benrimoy SI.

Sports Cardiology Unit

Evaluation of the process and outcomes of professional pharmacy service implementation in a community pharmacy setting. Case report.

Examining evidence from everyday practice: using an implementation framework to create a clinically proven asthma service in a community pharmacy in Australia.

A qualitative meta-synthesis of barriers and facilitators influencing implementation of community pharmacy services: perspectives of patients, nurses and general practitioners.

Secukinumab is the most effective treatment for achieving clear skin in psoriasis patients: a cost-effectiveness study from the Spanish National Health Service.

President Trump Tweeted, Sailor’s Career Is On The Line

Puig L, Notario J, Jimenez-Morales A, Moreno-Ramirez D, Lopez-Ferrer A, Gozalbo I, Prades M, Lisan L, Blanch C.

Ríos-Tamayo R, Martín-Garcia A, Alarcon-Peyer C, Sánchez-Rodriguez D, de la Guardia AMDVD, García Collado KJ, Jimenez Morales A, Jurado Chacón M, Cabesa Barrera J.

Perez-Ramirez S, Canadas-Garre M, Alnatsha A, Molina MA, Robles AI, Villar E, Delgado JR, Faus-Dader MJ, Calleja-Hernandez MA.

Medication adherence and persistence in type 2 diabetes: perspectives of patients, physicians and pharmacists on the Spanish treatment system.

Representative Anterior Segment Images Of Patients With Total (a, G, J,…

Effects of a program for chronic pain patients initiated in the emergency department on medication-related adverse outcomes: a randomized controlled trial.

Malet-Larrea A, Goyenechea E, García-Cardenas V, Calvo B, Arteche JM, Aranegui P, Zubeldia JJ, Gastelurrutia MA, Martinez-Martinez F, Benrimoy SI.

Sabater-Hernandez D, Sabater-Galindo M, Fernandez-Llimos F, Rotta I, Hossein LN, Durks D, Franco-Trigo L, Lons LA, Correr CJ, Benrimoj SI.

Efficacy and safety of a generic version of abacavir/lamivudine and efavirenz in HIV-infected patients: a nonrandomized, open-label, phase IV study in Cali-Columbia, 2011-2012.

Body Hair Transplant(bht)

Safe implementation of the standard concept Arenas-López S, Stanley IM, Tunstell P, Aguado-Lorenzo V, Philip J, Perkins J, Durward A, Calleja-Hernández MA, Tibby SM.

Free Software for Clinical Significance Analysis of Drug Interactions with Antiretroviral Agents (SIMARVR) in HIV/AIDS Patients.

Sabater-Hernandez D, Mullin J, Hossain L, Durks D, Franco-Trigo L, Fernandez-Llimos F, Martinez Martinez, Saez-Benito L, De la Sierra A, Benrimoy SI.

Reliability and external validity of a questionnaire to assess risk and cardiovascular disease knowledge in Hispanic community pharmacy patients.

Active And Smart Materials

A randomized controlled clinical trial to evaluate the effect of a specialist pharmacist intervention on medication-related problems in elderly patients admitted to a short-term emergency department.

Piqueras Romero C, Calderon Hernanz B, Segura Fragoso A, Juarez Gonzalez R, Berrocal Javato MA, Calleja Hernandez MA.

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Rios-Tamayo R, Sanchez MJ, Puerta JM, Sainz J, Chang D, Rodriguez T, Lopez P, de Pablos JM, Navarro P, de Veas JL, Romero A, Garrido P, Moratalla L. , Alarcon-Peyer C, Lopez-Fernandez E, Gonzalez PA, Jimenez-Moleon JJ, Calleja-Hernandez MA, Yurado M.

Cost-benefit analysis of medication review with a follow-up care service for older adults with polypharmacy in community pharmacies in Spain: the conSIGUE program.

Inmunología (vol 38

Jodar F, Malet A, Martin JJ, Garcia L, Lopez del Amo MP, Martinez-Martinez F, Gastelurutia MA, Garcia-Cardenas V, Sabater-Hernandez, Saez-Benito L, Benrimoy B.

Effect of pharmacist-obtained medication history on potential adverse drug events in the emergency department: a multicenter, double-blind, randomized, controlled, parallel-group study.

AssBaena Medicine List Parejo MI, Juanes Borrego AM, Altimiras Ruiz J, Crespí Monjó M, García-Peláez M, Calderón Hernanz B, Calleja Hernández MÁ, Chinchilla Fernández MI, Prats Riera M, Garcíazázánchánén, , Mas Serrano PJ.

Validity of patient-recorded home blood pressure measurements following an educational session provided by community pharmacists.

Selection Of Fluorescent, Bioluminescent, And Radioactive Tracers To Accurately Reflect Extracellular Vesicle Biodistribution In Vivo

Adherence to antihypertensive therapy in a community pharmacy: evaluation of the psychometric properties of the Morisky Medication Adherence Scale (MMAS-8) translated into Spanish. A pilot study.

Manrique-Rodriguez C, Sanchez-Galindo AM, Lopez-Gerce J, Calleja-Hernandez MA, Martinez Martinez F, Iglesias-Peinado I, Carrillo-Alvarez A, Sanjurjo-Saez M, Fernandez-Llamazares.

Effects of a pharmaceutical care program on health-related quality of life in women with epilepsy: a randomized controlled trial (IPHIWWE study).

Efficacy of the Dader method for medication adherence in patients with bipolar disorder I: EMDADER-TAB: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.

Aumento De Pecho Zaragoza

Comparison of health education interventions and pharmacotherapy surveillance in patients with cardiovascular risk factors attending a community pharmacy (FISFTES-PM Study).

Manrique-Rodriguez C, Sanchez-Galindo A, Lopez-Gerce J, Calleja-Hernandez MA, Martinez-Martinez F, Iglesias-Peinado I, Carrillo-Alvarez AL, Sanjurjo-Saez M, Fernanzales-SML.

A multicenter, double-blind, randomized, controlled, parallel-group study of the effectiveness of pharmacist-obtained medication histories in the emergency department.

A medication-related visit to the emergency department of a Spanish university hospital. Castro I, Guardiola JM, Tuneu L, Sala ML, Faus MJ, Mangues MA. Int J Clin Pharm. 2013; 35:727-735.

Cirugia Varon Zaragoza

Prioritizing facilitators to implement a post-pharmacy service using exploratory factor analysis in Hispanic community pharmacies.

Effect of follow-up after pharmacotherapy on treatment response and virological and immune response in patients with human immunodeficiency virus infection.

Prevalence and factors of insomnia a

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