Nikki Baby Before Her Plastic Surgery

Nikki Baby Before Her Plastic Surgery – Kylie Jenner’s longtime best friend Anastasia Karanikolaou, known as Stassiebaby, isn’t afraid to talk about plastic surgery. Although it took years for the KUWTK alum to show off a lip liner, Stassie is still open about going under the knife.

In 2017, a man from Calabasas, California shared a story about Dr. Ashkan Ghavami’s breast surgery on Instagram with his followers. “I’m happy to meet @drghavs to talk about something I’ve been thinking about for a while! Stay tuned for more,” he wrote in the photo in his office at the time. Stassie went to a consultation to see what could be done about her asymmetrical breasts as they were one cup size.

Nikki Baby Before Her Plastic Surgery

In a February 2017 interview, “Someone told me that if you wear a bra underneath, your breasts will sag. I have good tits, so I don’t wear a bra. Over time, I’ve come to realize that the person who told me was completely wrong.” At the time of the photos, she did not wear any clothes, which affected her performance.

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She chose to have a breast lift without implants – and she doesn’t regret her decision. “I was very open to sharing; “Plastic surgery is nothing to be ashamed of,” said Stassie. All I said was, “You’re safe, you’re insecure,” and it’s the opposite. If I’m in peace, I won’t show it.”

She continued, “I wanted to show people that there is nothing to be ashamed of, and that girls often face this problem and that something can be done to fix it.”

In October 2018, Stassie announced that she was going under the knife to fix her boob job. “I’m getting my implants fixed next Thursday,” she explained in a YouTube video. “I’m having trouble with my current stuff. I’m sure it’s like a bottom or something, I don’t know. He’s not in the nest.

Later in April 2020, Stassie revealed that her lip filler had melted, but it is unclear if she has kept her natural look since then.

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Years later, in 2022, she talks about lip fillers, breast implants, and more. He also revealed whether he was unhappy with any of the measures or not.

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Scroll through the gallery below to see Stass Karanikolaou’s before and after photos and what he has to say about his work!

Some fans also suggested that Stassie had a BBL (Brazilian butt lift), but she didn’t talk about it.

Judging by her Instagram, she eats well and goes to the gym (especially with Kylie!) to keep her curves.

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Stassie appeared on an episode of Call Her Daddy in April 2022 and opened up about the plastic surgery she had. Before the interview, she explained that “she did it for herself” and did not change her body to imitate anyone.

The defendant also admitted to tattooing his lips the day before the interview, after revealing that the lipstick removed the color of the man’s lips.

“I will say that I have done things that I didn’t like the results of, but I don’t regret it… it can be fixed,” he said.

When asked if she’s had any butt shots, Stassie said she only had boob shots. “And I’m not saying I didn’t do other things and change things,” he laughs. Love & Hip Hop Past: Hollywood star Hazel-E updates fans after her nose job. Pictured: Hazel at the Music and Cover Girl Charlie XCX event on February 6, 2015 in Hollywood, California. Getty Images

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Hazel-E finally “grabbed her lip,” as she called it, and fans saw her new nose after going under the knife. The former Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star, who previously admitted to being insecure about her nose, shared a short video on Instagram showing her post-surgery look.

In the video, posted to her account on Saturday, Hazel has two black eyes and her nose and upper lip are covered with a large bandage. “Auchie,” he says in the video as the camera pans to the IV in his arm. In the caption of the video, Hazel explained that her hospital stay had to be delayed but that she was fine.

“It’s hard work,” he wrote. “But I’m alive and well! He delayed his stay due to severe dehydration, but [his doctor, Ashkan Ghavami] came to visit.”

It was a tough surgery but I’m alive and well! I delayed my stay due to severe dehydration but @drghavami is coming to visit!__ Video by Hazel-E (@hazelebaby) on March 26, 2016

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Hazel announced earlier this month that she will undergo a “black hole”, meaning a nose job. The rapper did not reveal why he wanted to do it, but he opened up about the pain of people criticizing his appearance. During the first season of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, his co-star Masika Kalysha accused him of faking an ATV accident in Dubai so he could secretly get plastic surgery.

According to VH1, Masika spoke about Hazel’s accident in an Instagram post, writing: “B—- honey ‘In surgery after accident’ left to catch lip in the middle of the shoot we are waiting for the girl. we are not crazy.

In an episode about Hazel’s tragedy, the rapper started crying when he opened up to his friends Teairra Marí, Christopher Milan and Nikki Mudarris about his nose. “We all know my explanations for my nose,” she said. “How much they say I’m bad on social media … my nose was a hot topic for four weeks.”

During his confession, he added: “In Hollywood, it’s all about how you look, and nobody understands that as much as I do. It’s really painful when people and blogs believe the everything you hear or read on social media, even if it’s not true.”

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While Hazel and Masika had their issues on the show, Masika reached out to her former VH1 co-star, writing that she didn’t think Hazel needed the surgery, but said ” it looks amazing.”

Stay up to date on IBT’s Fast Start Stay up to date with our daily newsletter Sign up now It’s no small thing – Nicki Minaj’s ass has really grown before our eyes! Of course, fans of the “Bang Bang” singer wondered if it was just her ass or if she had injections to improve her appearance. Not only that, but some speculated that she might have had plastic surgery, such as a nose job.

Regarding her butt, Nicki has long been scrutinized by her friends, including fellow rapper Remy Ma, who said Nicki’s ex Meek Mill told her about butt implants. “I saw Meek on All-Star,” he sings of his hit single “Shether.” “He told me your ass fell / He couldn’t ride you for three months ’cause you fell.”

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“Sheneneh, you are a liar and a liar. I have before and after photos of your surgery,” Nicki sings in her “No Frauds” song.

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In April 2018, Nicki faced a wave of criticism from fans, one of whom accused her of fake body image in a tweet.

“Isn’t that what your body is made of?” – wrote a Twitter user, Nicki returned the hug. “[You] cannot show your whole face. He had to suffer from extreme jealousy, depression, insecurity [and] negativity.”

While some believe the MTV Video Music Awards winner has had a nose job at some point in her career, Nicki previously denied having plastic surgery in a February 2013 interview with Extra.

“When people see my looks, they think all kinds of crazy things,” he said at the time. “No, it’s makeup. They’ll see the look and think you’ve had a nose job. Look at it

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And you will see how to give your nose the shape you want. I have not had eye surgery. Like God, it’s like, man.

“I don’t care about questions, I don’t care about excitement,” he said in an interview with the portal. “But I’ve said before, it doesn’t explain me. So I try not to focus my energy on it. For example, if you focus energy and effort on it, I don’t think . You know, people sit in the gym and talk about my ass. She’s a conversationalist. People do that. When they talk about Nicki Minaj, I’m fine.

Until 2011, the “Starships” singer sported different hair styles and colors, such as dyeing her locks platinum blonde.

In 2013, the former New York resident was busy releasing new music and starring in several films, including 2014’s The Other Woman.

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