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Meisha Johnson Plastic Surgery – Morning Report: Miesha Tate: ‘There’s no doubt the Ronda Rousey trilogy will end differently’

Last month, Miesha Tate shocked the world when she unexpectedly announced her return to wrestling. Tate hasn’t competed since defeating Raquel Pennington in 2016, but after a few years away from the sport, Cupcake says the sport is calling her and she will now face Marion Renaud at UFC Fight Night on July 17. With his comeback complete, Tate said he hopes to regain the UFC title and hopefully get some revenge along the way.

Meisha Johnson Plastic Surgery

Speaking on SiriusXM’s Fight Nation, the former UFC bantamweight champion opened up about his top three opponents after his fight with Reno, and if he had his own drummer, he’d go Tate will make a return trip.

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“Rhonda (Rosey) was first, Cat (Zingano) was second, and Holly (Hill) was third,” Tate said. “Holly, I already beat her, so, you know, she wants to do more rematches with me, but Ronda is definitely the first one. This is definitely the first, and Kat is the second.”

Tate also said she wants a rematch with defending champion Amanda Nunes, but her two losses to Rousey appear to be inconsistent with the former champion. Tate and Rousey had an intense rivalry in the early 2010s, dating back to the days of Strikeforce when Tate was the champion and Rousey was the star. Tate lost her first Strikeforce title fight to a first-round stoppage, but she got her revenge a year later when the UFC took over Strikeforce and Tate and Rousey became Strikeforce coaches. .

Although Tate’s fighters ended up winning both bouts, Tate himself lost the rematch, this time by stoppage in the third round. But Tate is adamant that if he gives Rosie another chance, this time will be different.

“I have no doubt that things will change,” Tate said. “I am the only one who is different. I don’t know how to explain but I want you to see it on July 17th. It’s something I didn’t understand and didn’t think about before when I was a fighter, and I feel like I finally understand this stage of my life. I don’t know, call it maturity, call it just looking at this sport, seeing that I don’t have to compete constantly, which allowed me to watch it more.

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“I used to be very offensive and tough. I still have the mental toughness, I still have the fight, but I feel like this is the first time I’ve entered a fight IQ and will definitely act differently than before, at least start a fight. War is war, right? You can always go crazy, but I’m very different than before.

Unfortunately for Tate, that third chance seems unlikely. Rousey retired from MMA just one month after Tate following her loss to Amanda Nunes. Since then, Rousey has moved on to professional wrestling and has shown little interest in returning to unscripted fights. And now that Cat Zingano is fighting for Bellator MMA, it seems like most of Tate’s wish list is out of his reach right now. Fortunately for the former champion, he doesn’t think he’ll run out of opportunities after beating Reno.

“I’m the second most chased woman in the division, I feel it,” Tate concluded. “The champion will be number one, but it seems that women are always interested in fighting with me.”

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So this is going to be a difficult post. After many tests on my heart, including a heart MRI and talking to several cardiologists, I was informed that I had the disease. I have a congenital bicuspid aortic valve with aortic root. Too bad I was born with this — David Michaud (@bulldawg_170) April 8, 2021

Due to the spread of the aorta, the fight is at risk of having an aortic dissection – aortic rupture. It can be fatal under any circumstances. For this reason I will not be able to fight Rory McDonald on April 29th and if nothing changes, it will be rescheduled. — David Michaud (@bulldawg_170) April 8, 2021

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Will You Simp?

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Who is helping you make these lies? You know the truth, but you are smart. Keep playing lies and I’ll play the truth. I’m the champion, not you. #BurnSlow — Aljamain Sterling (@funkmasterMMA) April 9, 2021

It’s one thing to be funny and funny, but Pickle Face is willing to lie to the media and fans about not fighting and faking proven neck surgery. Karma is crazy and never forgets. One of us will eat our words, but not me. — Aljamain Sterling (@funkmasterMMA) April 9, 2021

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Unfortunately, I got covid and had to turn down the chance to fight a top 15 opponent. I am almost recovered now and hope to fight again in July. Thanks for your support ✊ — Rafael “Ataman” Fiziev (@RafaelFiziev) April 9, 2021

Funny story: @JFlashGordonMMA and I once saw a speeding car on our daily walk around the block; a passenger threw a bag from the window into the bushes.. then we saw a police car pass by but they didn’t find the bag in the bush…next tweet… — Belal Muhammad (@bullyb170) April 8 , 2021

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If you see something you’d like to see on the morning report, tweet @JedKMeshew and let him know. Also follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook. Meisha Johnson, a Minnesota native with degrees in journalism from the University of Minnesota and Anoka Ramsey College, joined CBS 3’s KYW-TV in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in mid- July 2015 as a morning traffic reporter. Before moving to Philadelphia, Meisha worked as a traffic reporter for KMSP, the FOX 9 Morning News affiliate, on Minneapolis Street. Pavel since 2013.

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One Championship Q&a W/ Johnson, Alvarez, Northcutt, Tate And Franklin

An avid outdoor sports enthusiast, Meisha has been an accomplished performer in everything from hosting television shows and reporting on extreme sports for networks such as FOX Sports, VERSUS, SPEED Channel, ABC and CBS Sports, to commercials, theater and independent films. such as “13 Hours in a Warehouse” (2008), “Cold Feet” (2008) and “Fall in Love with Me” (2006).

Meisha is fluent in Swedish and studied at Uppsala University, living in Sweden for a few years after school. He has also acted as a K-Swiss Fitness spokesperson and host on the national TV network EVINE Live and is a speaker for many different companies.

, I had the pleasure of interviewing Maisha Johnson and asking her a few questions about her career inspirations, her background and experiences, her film roles, meeting Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Don Famous Felder, and his new work in morning traffic. reporter for KYW-TV’s CBS 3.

The Creative Spotlight: At what age did you become interested in TV presenting, modeling and acting? And who or what inspired you to continue working in this profession?

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Meisha Johnson: I started watching scary movies with my mom when I was little. My father was in the theater and his father, my grandfather, was the director of the famous Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota. From my earliest consciousness, clearly woven into my DNA, I have loved performing. Since elementary school, I have played every possible game, and always wanted to play the role of the antagonist. I had a creative imagination and started writing horror videos in the fifth grade. I did backyard auditions for my friends and local kids, and set up a haunted house every year to raise money to make a movie. My love for art has been with me throughout my career.

As for modeling, I never wanted to do it.

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