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Meg Farris Plastic Surgery – Growing up in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, they were known as the Roberts Twins. Now 36, identical twins Erica Schrock and Nicole Walton are still best friends.

But then, it was impossible to know that this year they would share devastating health news, make a brave decision, and bravely move forward together.

Meg Farris Plastic Surgery

It all started when big sister McCall, just 30 years old, received devastating news. The diagnosis was advanced breast cancer that had spread to her bones. Her genetic testing showed why. She had a BRCA 1 gene mutation inherited from her father’s side. Dr. of Osteopathic Medicine. Nicole went in for McCall’s biopsy procedure.

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“I think the first time I saw her skin and breast tissue, I saw her breast, and I knew, I knew at that moment, this was probably it,” Walton recalls.

The twins, who had always been in perfect health, now knew they needed genetic testing. The doctor first reached Nicole by phone with her test results.

“I was in disbelief because I honestly didn’t think I was going to have it,” Walton said through tears.

“I actually called Nicole because I missed her (doctor’s) call, so I called Nicole and she already knew the news, so she told me,” Schrock said through tears.

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Being positive for the same mutation as her big sister means an 80 percent risk of developing breast cancer. The twins, each married with two young children, had a decision to make.

“It sounds like a dramatic decision, but when you look at the numbers and your sister, there’s no doubt about it. I mean, it had to happen,” Walton said.

Leaving Nicole’s two little girls and Erica’s two little boys alive for the twins to know in their hearts that they both had double mastectomies. Surgery to remove healthy breasts reduces the lifetime risk of breast cancer by less than one percent. Both of them were walking together as usual.

“I think having each other, just having the two of us, has helped us to be stronger and to move forward and take these difficult steps. But we feel necessary,” Walton said.

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Twins Undergo Double Mastectomies After Older Sister Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

The twins explored their options for multiple surgeries, skin expansion, long recovery and loss of all breast skin and nipples. Then doctors insisted she go to a reconstructive breast surgery center in New Orleans.

“And when we left, we all left and said, ‘Wow, we feel so good about this whole process.’ Now we have more confidence in what we do. We feel good – recalls Nicole.

“It’s bad news to hear that you’re at risk of developing malignancy in your lifetime, but the good news is that you can do something about it,” says Dr.

Scott Sullivan, a plastic surgeon specializing in microsurgical breast reconstruction after cancer. He is the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery and St. Founder of Charles Surgical Hospital.

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The twins learned that surgeons there could reduce their risk, but never change the outside of their bodies. From her hospital bed, Sister McCall, who had been marching through chemotherapy, major surgery and radiation until her breast cancer had now spread to her brain, cheered on her younger sisters.

“She knew we were behind her, and then, you know, she said, ‘I want you all to do this.’ Don’t even think about not doing it,” Schrock said.

The twins underwent back surgery. The doctor made a small incision in the fold below the breast and removed the fat and glands inside the breast. It is then replaced with cohesive implants that do not leak or leak. They then closed the incision, leaving only a small hidden scar. The skin of the breast, nipple and areola remains completely original and intact. As with other radical surgeries, the risk of cancer is still low. It was reportedly the same surgery that actress Angelina Jolie underwent when she faced similar genetic results.

At the first visit after surgery, with the drains still in place, he wanted to see the non-confidential twins in the same room and compare the results.

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“It’s unbelievable to me that Dr. (Carl) Ardoyne was able to do a complete mastectomy with such a large incision. It’s incredible,” Walton said, holding his thumb and forefinger about two inches apart.

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After a few weeks, as the swelling goes down, they look more natural and know they made the right decision for their families. He is now awaiting the genetic results of his other little sister, Meagan.

“I pray to God she doesn’t have the gene, but if she does, we’ll still be here,” Schrock said.

“You feel so guilty that you had your sister who didn’t have this opportunity,” Schrock said through tears.

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The twins will soon have genetic testing, so they can start talking openly about their future and choices at a young age. Many people find this solution too radical and are unaware of this potentially life-saving option, which is cosmetically pleasing and heals quickly, they have a new mission.

“We don’t understand why this is happening to us and our family, but we believe that God has a plan for us. And I believe that getting this interview and getting this information will help somebody. And I hope God will. That,” Walton said.

“And we’re praying for a miracle that she lives to see her son grow up,” Walton added after Schrock gave Grant his name.

Eight weeks ago, doctors told the elder McCall that multiple cancerous lesions on her brain, treated with radiation, were incurable. But last week, a scan showed they were all gone. The family said her doctors were stunned by the sudden change. She continues chemotherapy. Model Bella Hadid has expressed her personal plastic surgery regrets. March in 2022. She became pure

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, Hadid avoided the topic of cosmetic procedures, so the fact that she openly mourned her old teenage nose sent internet fans into a frenzy. People everywhere are calling out Bella’s mother, Yolanda, for allowing her to undergo surgery at such a young age. But no matter who’s to blame, she can never go back, so now Bella can only live with the decision and continue to be honest about him.

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From fake hair to fake breasts, this country star is definitely the most open person in Hollywood about her surgeries. It should come as no surprise to anyone that legendary musician Dolly Parton has undergone euthanasia procedures; It is very clear. But if you’re too young, you might not know how open, honest and confident Parton is about this. In 2003 she told Oprah, “I’m a cartoon, so I always look the same. That’s what I have to do. I’m not exaggerated, but … I’m like a show dog, you know. I have to support myself.”

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Again, shamelessly: “I’m going to look as young as my plastic surgeon will let me, and all the makeup and lighting and everything. While many stars regret or hide their surgeries, Parton takes all the unwanted criticism in stride. She does what she wants and doesn’t apologize for it!

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