Lily Collins Before Plastic Surgery

Lily Collins Before Plastic Surgery – Hollywood or Hollywood? If you look closely enough, there are plenty of celebrity doppelgangers in showbiz. In fact, many celebrities have recognized their famous doppelgangers over the years.

Take, for example, Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend Alexandra Grant and actress Helen Mirren. Shortly after the Life & Style portal reported the relationship between Keanu and Alexandra, the internet began to confuse the artist and the Oscar winner. “You know, I’m very flattered because she’s obviously adorable,” Helen told Entertainment Tonight in November 2019.

Lily Collins Before Plastic Surgery

Other celebrities are not so kind when it comes to constant comparisons. Enter: Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry. The former “New Girl” star and the “Part of Me” artist are more alike than Zooey and her real-life sister Emily Deschanel.

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“Honestly, it’s a bit annoying. The only similarity we have is that we look a bit alike,” the 500 Days of Summer actress told MTV in 2009. “I met her before. He seems to be a good person. I’m glad she’s famous enough now that she’s not going to be mistaken for me. “

Zooey was so mistaken for Katie that it began to affect her personal life. “I heard:” I heard that you were at such and such a club and drank whiskey! [when] I was at home watching TV,” she recalls. “I think we live very differently. At some point, I have a feeling that it will cease to be a thing. I like the way my life is going. It’s kind of weird being involved with someone [who] does so many different things like me. It’s weird.”

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Katy has since settled down with fiancé Orlando Bloom and started a family, welcoming daughter Daisy Dove in August 2020. As for Zooey, she and her boyfriend Jonathan Scott celebrated their third anniversary in August 2022.

While some celebrities are used to being mistaken for other top players, some are newcomers like “Tell Me a Lie” star Grace Van Patten, whose fans couldn’t believe she wasn’t somehow related to “Big Little Lies” Shailene Woodley .

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“I’ve got a lot and I love it,” Grace told Business Insider, adding, “She’s a great actress and she’s beautiful, so I’ll take it.”

Bryce and Jessica’s similarity extends beyond their hair color, but of course it doesn’t hurt that they both have beautiful strawberry blonde locks.

Eyes, bulge, bone structure – Mila and Sara are cut from the same material.

As if Angelina Jolie herself wasn’t scary enough, right? Both she and Megan have perfect pouts and epic bones.

Lily Collins & Eve Hewson Party With Chanel Before The Oscars!: Photo 3063682

Whether you agree that Jeffrey and Javier look alike or not, there’s no denying how handsome these doppelgängers are.

Everyone knows that Penelope and Salma are best friends… but are they secretly sisters? It looks like this!

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