Lexington Plastic Surgery Ny

Lexington Plastic Surgery Ny – “The team at Lexington Plastic Surgeons is the best. I encourage everyone to go and consult Josie. He is the best and most sincere. They treat you like a celebrity. After surgery they called to check on me, and the nurses wouldn’t be by my side until I was on the way. Check them before you go anywhere. I checked about three places before going to them. Excellent customer service.”

“Being a mother of three, I knew I needed a new body. Every woman has to take care of her body after pregnancy. It’s not selfish, it’s self-care.

Lexington Plastic Surgery Ny

“I have friends who have gone out of the country to complete their procedures, and I have one thing to say. If you want quality work, check out Lexington Plastics.

Surgeon Joins Plastic Surgery Practice In Louisville And Lexington

“After my kids, I knew I had to see Dr. Jones. I was nervous at first, but he assured me that everything would be the best recipe for me!

“I have failed to remove keloids in the past. That’s when I did my research and found Dr. Jones. Boy, did I make the right decision! Dr. Jones changed my life.”

Meeting Dr. Jones was a wonderful experience. He performed my BBL and knew exactly what I was looking for, and my results were better than I expected! I see and meet well.

Dr. Jones was very professional, informative and kind! He made me feel extremely comfortable, and I’m glad I came to see him for my procedure.

University Of Southern California Plastic Surgery Residency Program

“Attention to detail about the results I want to achieve. Dr. Jones is a talented surgeon who cares deeply about your expectations before, during recovery and after your procedure. I have two children. has nurtured and has put my body back to how it was before birth. He exceeded my expectations in every way! A true professional that I would recommend to anyone looking to improve their imperfections.

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“On August 24, 2017, I had an abdominoplasty by Dr. Jones, the best plastic surgeon in the world!!! I was impressed with Dr. Jones from the first day we met. He paid attention to detail before and after my procedure. She completely changed my body, and I love it!!!!! From day one, he was very professional and always there when I needed him. Words cannot express how grateful I am for how this has changed my life! I’m still healing, but I feel and look great! Dr. Jones truly cares about his patients and wants to make sure they receive the best care during and after surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Jones for any plastic surgery!!!! He is awesome!!!!”

I can only say great things about Dr. Jones. He is nothing but the best; He has a big heart and is the best at what he does. With all my life this waist has been removed. I couldn’t be happier with my results, and my husband loves it!!!! Thank you, Dr. Jones, for being so wonderful.

I had a consultation with Dr. Jones in September 2017. I must admit it was the best decision I ever made. He is very caring and explains all the pros and cons. I think my results are excellent, and I wish Lexington Plastic Surgeons the best for their treatments.

Lexington Plastic Surgeons/dr. Michael E. Jones

Dr. Jones has been rated as one of the best plastic surgeons in NYC…and I agree! Great surgeon and bedside manner. He has a local clientele but is a celebrity with him. Born in Nigeria and raised in the Netherlands, Dr. Aiwa grew up with an appreciation for the diversity of languages, ethnic backgrounds, cultures and traditions. No wonder he chose to embrace NYC as his home – the melting pot of the world! Dr. Avieh attended Bayer University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in biology with minors in chemistry and Mandarin Chinese. During this early stage, he discovered the field of surgery and the incredible instant gratification of using your hands to change lives.

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After graduation, he attended medical school at the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Aweah has held many prestigious local and national leadership positions, including being the first black female national president of the Student Osteopathic Surgical Association (SOSA). Dr. Ivoh moved to Manhattan, NY where he completed his surgical internship at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Roosevelt and completed his general surgery residency in Brooklyn, NY. During residency, he realized that his love of art, design and creative projects could be expressed professionally by focusing on aesthetic surgery. He completed an AACS General Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship under the direction of Dr. Jacob Howey MD FACS, Past President of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Ayoah chose to become a cosmetic surgeon because he loves the amazing way that physical changes, both subtle and dramatic, can change a person’s entire attitude and self-esteem. She specializes in body contouring, breast surgery and maternity makeup. Her goal is always to make her patients look and feel like their most authentic selves. In her spare time, Dr. Aweah enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband, reading, coloring, and practicing health and self-care.

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