Lenox Hill Hospital Plastic Surgery

Lenox Hill Hospital Plastic Surgery – HIGHER EAST SIDE, MANHATTAN (WABC) – A Portchester artist who was embarrassed by her growing nose landed a job at the home of a world-renowned plastic surgeon.

Conrado Estrada, 57, noticed what he thought were pimples on his nose six years ago, and they quickly grew.

Lenox Hill Hospital Plastic Surgery

Estrada said people will stare and point at him in public, and the size makes it hard to breathe, especially when he’s working.

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“I felt bad – people were looking at me when I came out and I felt bad because it was pressuring me,” Estrada said Wednesday through a translator.

He finally got his break at the end of last summer when he worked at Dr. Thomas Romo III Bronxville. Romo is the director of facial plastic surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital.

Romo surprised him by seeing him across the fence, invited him in, told him his condition was called rhinophyma, and he would fix it for free.

“This poor person, health care is everywhere, he will not get this treatment because few people know how to do it, two will say it is cosmetic, or you have to do it, I said. pay up, and we’ll take care of this guy,” Romo said.

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Rhinophyma is a type of rosette in which the oil glands and connective tissue of the nose grow out of control.

Estrada said: “I was very happy when the doctor said he would help me. “At first I thought it was a joke, but when I started the process of taking pictures, filling out medical forms, getting medical tests and getting the COVID vaccine, I knew it was happening.”

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Romo underwent a two-hour operation two months later to remove the dysfunctional gland and replace Estrada’s nose.

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