Lee Da Hae Plastic Surgery

Lee Da Hae Plastic Surgery – In the Korean entertainment industry, plastic surgery is a common thing, and many Kpop idols and K-drama actors have achieved great success after getting it. However, not everyone is brave enough to talk about their own plastic surgery like actress Lee Da Hae, who became a star only to struggle when she faced a serious scandal.

Born in 1984, Lee Da Hae once participated in the Miss Chunghyang 2001 beauty pageant. At the time, she had a square jaw, large face and monolid eyes – which did not meet the strict Korean beauty standards. As a result, Lee Da Hae is constantly mocked for having what netizens consider to be an ugly face.

Lee Da Hae Plastic Surgery

Lee Da Hae finally got plastic surgery, enlarged her eyes, lifted her nose, narrowed her jaw and filled her lips. With his visual “fixed”, his career also began to rise. Soon, Lee Da Hae was hit after hit and got roles in big projects like “My Girl”, “East of Eden”, “IRIS 2”, “Miss Ripley” and others.

Kim Bi Joo (1997)

In particular, this scandal broke out in 2011, when her photo was found on the British dark web, next to the list of possible sexual services. Immediately, rumors spread that Lee Da Hae was selling her body abroad, and the public began to look at her with disgust. It took a combined effort from Lee Da Hae’s agency and the police to clear his name, and the 4 people who spread the rumor were brought to justice.

In 2013, Lee Da Hae faced the biggest scandal of his career and was revealed as 1 of 30 celebrities investigated for prostitution. Rumor has it that he traded sexual favors for various lavish gifts worth hundreds of millions of won. Her agency tried to deny it and even sued whoever posted the information, but netizens didn’t stop condemning her. Until 2017, Lee Da Hae dared to talk about this past incident and admitted that the event put him and his family under a lot of pressure and also hurt a lot.

Over 20 years of working in the industry, Lee Da Hae has just been confirmed to be dating a man, the famous singer Se7en. The announcement of their relationship in 2017 was immediately met with outrage, with netizens saying that Lee Da Hae needs to find himself to become a better person. He believes that Se7en is the scum of the earth, has gone for sexual favors while in the military, despite dating actress Park Han Byul.

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However, Lee Da Hae and Se7en are still together against all odds, and Se7en does not hesitate to talk about his love on screen. This is a complete contrast to their previous relationship where they kept everything low-key.

Lee Da Hae Gây Choáng Khi Tiết Lộ Với Ngôi Nhà Lộng Lẫy, Song Hye Kyo Khoe Trọn Visual đỉnh Cao ở Tuổi 40

Lee Da Hae likes to keep her private life low-key, but Se7en likes to bring her down with declarations of love. Slowly, the shocking relationship started to be praised and fans started sending their wishes. In a world as tough and competitive as the Korean film industry, many Korean actresses decide to undergo plastic surgery to make themselves more beautiful. What is reversed from the pretty face, however, is the unstable and expressionless acting.

Moreover, her sheer beauty helped her become one of the top visual goddesses in the entertainment industry at the time. However, after making the decision for plastic surgery, Yoon Eun Hye not only lost her original beauty, but also her natural acting, which now looks stiff and awkward. Most specifically,

Actor Im Soo Hyang once made a big impression with her performance in the suspense drama Graceful Family, but before that she was the female lead.

. In this rom-com drama, Im Soo Hyang’s acting was criticized for his stiff expressions. Many viewers believe that her facial expressions are no longer natural because she underwent plastic surgery just like her character

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Lee Da Hae is a typical example of a Korean female star who shows a new face every time she appears. Since 2014, her face has become increasingly puffy and stiff due to the effects of plastic surgery. This also affects his acting. In The Good Witch, Lee Da Hae’s expression is said to be monotone even though she plays two characters with different personalities. Before that, Lee Da Hae was often successful in Korea with roles in

But after he started concentrating more on promotion in China, his popularity in Korea has decreased. Recently, Lee Da Hae and her longtime boyfriend Se7en appeared on a variety show as a couple in MBC’s Point of Omniscient Interference.

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Of course, celebrities who debuted at a young age go through image changes over the years. But one star is getting attention because of her new look, which has changed a lot from before. The change in image is so dramatic that some fans have difficulty recognizing him.

Lee Da Hae has been posting photos on social media and keeping fans updated. And recently, many netizens and fans have noticed that there is a change in her appearance that gives her a very different vibe.

Korean Actress Before And After Plastic Surgery

Many netizens have noticed that Lee Da Hae’s eyes have become larger, with thicker double eyelids and a sharper chin. Online users commented, “

I didn’t recognize her for a while, “” She looks different depending on the angle of the picture, ” “Too much plastic surgery,”

Meanwhile, Lee Da Hae has been dating singer Se7en since 2016 and has received support from fans.

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Is honesty the best policy when it comes to admitting someone doesn’t have a knife? For these stars, it is of course no secret that nips and tucks. Now if only every celebrity was expected to do their job instead of insisting they #woke like this.

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Maybe she was born with, maybe…lip fillers. Kylie Jenner recently revealed that the secret to her plump pout isn’t lip liners or sticky glosses, but — surprise, surprise — lip fillers. In early 2014, the star sported more pout, prompting speculation that she had undergone lip surgery. 16-year-old Kylie denied the allegations, calling them “a bit insulting”. She only admitted to having “temporary lip fillers” in a 2015 episode of

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, 20-year-old finally came clean, she was motivated to plump her pout surgically after her first kiss. “The guy said, ‘I don’t think you’ll be a good kisser’ because you have small lips.’ I took it really hard … it just affected me. I didn’t feel good or kind.”

She added, “I’ll line my lips with lip liner just to give the illusion of bigger lips. And finally I’m like, ‘This lip liner doesn’t do that.’ I’m done with my lips.” Okay, girls, now you know that using a lip kit from the Kylie Cosmetics range will not give you a happy lip.

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In 2016. She said: “It doesn’t work for me. I look crazy and I still think the effect is there – I broke it all three times. Butt, that’s not all. Last year, fans filled her IG with emoji spray after she showed off her beautiful backside.

Her single eyelid was her trademark when she debuted. But in 2009, he claimed to have undergone double eyelid surgery. The singer said that she does not want to use double eyelid tape because it is not only troublesome but also damages her eyes and skin. Although netizens have called her out for her ever-changing face, Elva has repeatedly denied that she has undergone any other cosmetic procedures.

The pop diva admitted that she had undergone double eyelid surgery. “I think plastic surgery can help women become more confident and happy. Of course, you don’t have to make yourself look like a monster or an alien after the surgery,” he said. As for rumors that she is addicted to plastic surgery, she dismissed: “I don’t like hearing people say that my butt, chest and chin are done. I only have one – my eyes!”

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Lee Da Hae Plastic Surgery

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