Lana Del Rey Before Plastic Surgery

Lana Del Rey Before Plastic Surgery – Azealia Banks is no stranger to celebrity feuds. She’s had beef with Cardi B and some kind of bizarre encounter with Grimes and Elon Musk, and that’s just in the last six months!

Lately, the controversial rapper has set her sights on Lana Del Rey after the singer blasted Kanye West for his most recent pro-Trump comments, taking to Instagram Story to accuse the pop star of “bootleg witchcraft” and urging her to apologize to her. Kanye. Azealia took things a hundred steps further on Tuesday (October 9).

Lana Del Rey Before Plastic Surgery

“Today let’s talk about arm exercises!! Example: This is an example of an older white woman who had work done on her face, and nothing on her body (where she needed it most) Let’s walk her through run an upper arm workout!” she wrote alongside a photo of Lana.

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery

Subsequent tweets slammed “the surgeon who did her pointed Michael Jackson nose” and body-shamed the 27-year-old. She then goes on a crude sexual rant before upping the ante even more.

“And remember! Never get plastic surgery on your face, no matter how it fits your body! A 27 year old face means nothing when you have a 60 year old body!

“Plus Lana’s p—y is old. She’s a 40-year-old cokehead who wants to peddle p—y to 60-year-old white men who all think her p—y + Lolita -antiques are boring and contrived as f –k LMFAOO. Go beat your father Weinstein’s porridge.”

Lana was having none of the verbal abuse, and let Azealia know what was on her mind. “I won’t put you up. Period,” she tweeted before inviting the rapper to speak her mind in front of Lana’s face. Lastly, she lamented what Azealia could be.

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“Banks. You could have been the greatest female rapper alive but you blew it. Don’t take it out on the only person who had your back,” she wrote.

Then things got even more difficult: Lana took a shot at Azealia’s mental health, and the rapper in turn took a shot at Lana’s battle with addiction.

“I’ll send you the number of my surgeon and a good psychiatrist I know in LA – your psych meds aren’t working,” Lana wrote, prompting Azealia to respond with “The same one that got you addicted to oxy? No thank you … you are on your own with that.”

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Azealia even got Kanye involved by posting a screenshot of a text conversation she had with the rapper amid the feud, in which he tells her she never blew it and that “there’s so much more to do.”

The Plastic Surgery Boon!

It was a LOT, and we have a feeling there will be more Twitter punches thrown. Are you team Lana or team Azealia? Let us know in the comments. Farrah Abraham has a long history of saying unnecessarily cruel things in situations where she could easily just keep her mouth shut.

In fact, she has become more irrelevant by the year since she was fired from Teen Mom OG, and tearing down more successful people is now her main tactic to hang on to every bit of fame.

So we shouldn’t be surprised if Farrah hits up an actual celebrity with the goal of making some tabloid headlines.

The washed-up reality star took aim at Lana Del Rey, who is of course one of the most successful singer-songwriters on the planet.

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In her Instagram stories, Farrah posted a photo of Del Rey along with a caption that read, “Is this real?”

We previously described Farrah’s comments as “needlessly cruel,” but that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what’s going on here.

Basically, Farrah saw a picture of a famous person—someone much, much more famous than her, by the way—and she decided to publicly throw some shade.

“Weight gain is a part of life for both men and women,” one person wrote, according to the British tabloid

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“Maybe she stopped going to the gym, maybe she had metabolism issues, a medical condition, hormone issues, maybe she’s on birth control. Who knows?” this commenter continued before pointing out:

Lana Del Rey can give off a vibe that she’s from an alternate reality where everything is black and white, but she knows how to bring a splash of color. (Photo via Getty)

“Yes Farrah – That’s what people look like. I can see why she wouldn’t believe it when she thinks how good she looks,” chimed in a third.

Others were quick to point out that Farrah has undergone extensive plastic surgery, so she should probably keep her criticism of others’ looks to herself.

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“I don’t think anyone who has had some form of plastic surgery can judge someone else…period,” wrote one observer.

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“She can also keep quiet. She’s had every cosmetic procedure under the sun so she has no place to speak,” another added.

We didn’t do a scientific survey or anything, but we think it’s safe to say that the internet is definitely Team Lana in this situation.

Farrah still has 3 million Instagram followers, so unfortunately, when she says something stupid, she does it to a large audience.– As career has increased, Lana Del Rey rumors of plastic surgery have increased. Lana is a successful American singer who has worked so hard for her career for decades. She was known as Lizzy Grant where she became a sensation through her EP.

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After the success, she suddenly changed her name and wrote her story from scratch. But that doesn’t mean she has to start over. Instead, her new look manages to attract many people who are curious about her music and her beauty.

Lana’s changes start with her music. Many people love Lizzy because she looks real, raw and authentic. However, Lana may not like this as she completely changes herself and becomes the current Lana Del Rey.

Today’s Lana is different from Lizzy, she is complete, professional and fully produced unlike her old self. However, her transformation doesn’t just stop at her music. It seems she also wants to change her brand by changing her image. And to achieve this she may have done some procedures.

One of the most noticeable changes of Lana Del Rey plastic surgery in her appearance can be seen on Lana’s lips. It appears that she uses some lip injection. Her old lips used to be thin especially on the upper lips. But if you see her before and after her appearance, you will notice how her lips get bigger.

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She looks amazing with her new juicy lips which also make her more kissable. She can also get the inspiration from the current trend with big lips that everyone in Hollywood has. After all, her work in the entertainment industry means that she has to follow the trend to fit in.

Another thing that many celebrities have done is rhinoplasty procedure to change the appearance of their nose. You can see this exact change happening with Lana as well, as her nose looks different than when she first debuted.

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However, it seems that the changes were made to her current transformation as Lana sometime during her debut time. But you can see her complete transformation, her nose is now smaller and sharper. The points also seem to be sharper as the bridge shape gets thinner.

If you compare her old photo with her current photo, you will see that her nasolabial folds are also getting smaller. This could be because she uses better skin care that can prevent wrinkles around her mouth area.

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But this change could also come from signs of aging that make her cheeks smaller and less puffy. There is another possibility that they use Lana Del Rey plastic surgery implants on the nasolabial folds to remove them. This is a common procedure that is done mainly because she is already in her late thirties.

You can clearly see the changes in Lana’s appearance from when she was younger. However, the changes may come because she wants to completely transform her image and create a new and stronger image for her music. She has not admitted any Lana Del Rey plastic surgery procedure so far. Two crossed lines forming an ‘X’. This indicates a way to close an interaction, or remove a notification.

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Fans turn on Lana Del Rey. Here’s a complete timeline of how the singer ruined her own reputation.

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The 35-year-old star still has the height of “Norman Fucking Rockwell!” – her sixth album of her career, which was named the best release of 2019 by Pitchfork and nominated for album of the year at the Grammy Awards.

When 2020 arrived, Del

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