Kim Chiu Plastic Surgery

Kim Chiu Plastic Surgery – Kim Chiu: “15 years ago, I was just a teenager, a dreamer from Cebu, with two impossible goals in my pocket. One is to be seen on TV, and the last is to provide for my family. help me financially.”

Kim Chiu celebrated 15 years since her showbiz debut last Friday, April 23, 2021.

Kim Chiu Plastic Surgery

Via Instagram, Kim shared some photos and videos while she was still in Bahay ni Kuya.

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He said that he only dreamed of being on TV and helping his family in Cebu.

“15 years ago…, I was just a young man, a dreamer from Cebu with two impossible goals in my pocket.

“I remember carrying 12 pesos in my pocket every week to have a brother to go to church on Sundays, I always pray at the church of Sto. Niño and part of my prayer are these two, but this is the last because I know it is impossible and especially the first one seems vague.

“After years and years. I can’t believe that I am now living the dream, the prayer that I thought was impossible before is coming to life.”

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Ani Kim, “Looking Back… I’m Bored; All I can say is that prayer is really powerful and after that you will get what you want and take it heart and soul and live the dream with a purpose.

He is very grateful to his network, fans and supporters who have not given up on him since then.

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He added: “I am very grateful to the people who have helped me along the way. I cannot do this alone.

“Thank you for your unconditional LOVE and SUPPORT over the years, especially for all the FAITH you have given me.

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“Thank you to my leaders who believed in me. To my family, my inspiration. THANK YOU. #15 YEARS #Metiz

“Life may be difficult, but God is using the situation you are in to position and prepare you for where He wants you to be tomorrow.

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One of the brave Kapamilya stars who expressed his opinion on the closing of ABS-CBN is Kim Chiu. He is among the most prominent and successful stars of the Kapamilya network.

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“There is a rule in the classroom, you are not allowed to go out, you are not allowed to go out. But when it was said, “if you realize that you are not allowed to leave, but you have done something that they have forbidden, corrected your class law and hit it again, you can leave.”

This has been the subject of criticism for some, but also entertainment for many, as many memes about it have circulated online. She revealed in an earlier report that she said it because she was emotional.

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And her boyfriend, Xian Lim, defended her saying the actress doesn’t deserve the hate. Kim is so “intelligent, empathetic and cares deeply about the people around him” that the way he cares about others actually scares him.

And now, other celebrities have shown their support for Kim, thanking her for standing up for what she believes and supporting her for just being there.

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