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Kang Hye Jung Plastic Surgery

The Glory features teenage and adult versions of the main characters. These 6 images side by side show striking similarities.

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Song Hye-kyo and Jung Ji-so play the adult and teen versions of the protagonist, Moon Dong-eun, who seeks revenge on her high school bullies.

Yeom Hye-ran plays the housekeeper Kang Hyeon-nam, who helps Dong-eun in exchange for killing her own husband. He did not appear in the group’s high school years.

Jung Sun-il plays the construction mogul Ha Do-yeong, Yeon-jin’s husband and Dong-eun’s rival in the game of Go. He did not appear in the group’s high school years.

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Lee Do-hyun will play Joo Yeo-jeong, a plastic surgeon who takes an interest in Dong-eun and teaches him how to play Go. He did not appear in the group’s high school years.

Oh Ji-yul plays Ha Ye-sol, Yeon-jin’s elementary school daughter. He wasn’t even born when the group was in high school. In South Korea, double eyelid surgery is common, especially among young people. In fact, many celebs go under the knife to improve their looks.

However, not everyone admits to getting the procedure. They prefer to keep it private, but there are some Korean actresses who are brave enough to admit and are not ashamed to let the world know that they are undergoing plastic surgery.

Park Min Young is best known for her role in the historical-romantic drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. As her popularity grew, her old photos circulated around the internet, fueling speculation that she was undergoing plastic surgery.

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To put an end to the theories once and for all, Park Min Young revealed at Sports Chosunin 2010:

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“I’m not saying I have something I don’t have and I don’t have something I do have. I had plastic surgery. I had double eyelid surgery in junior high school. My mother made me take it to make me more beautiful. I also did my nose, but only because I had a crooked nose in junior high. Lee Da Hae

Byun Dahye, known as Lee Da Hae, was the 71st Miss Chunhyang Pageant in 2001. Since then, she has appeared in dramas as a supporting character.

She eventually rose to fame after starring in My Girl, Hello! Miss” and many others played.

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Park Han Byul became an online celebrity after posting photos of herself online due to her resemblance to A-list actress Jun Ji Hyun. He is known for his roles in I Have a Lover with Kim Hyun Joo and Ji Jin Hee and in Love in Sadness with Ji Hyun Woo and Ryu Soo Young.

In 2015, during the airing of variety survival show Law of the Jungle, Park Han Byul admitted to being put under the knife.

Known for his early roles on the sitcom Nonstop, Hong Soo Ah later earned the nickname “Hong Throw” after a skillful ceremonial first throw at a 2005 Doosan Bears game.

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In 2021, the actress publicly revealed that her face had been treated in an interview with Xports News, saying:

“I never think plastic surgery is an ugly thing and I don’t think it should be covered up. I won’t lie, I won’t lie, it’s better to admit than to be exposed.” Lee Si Young

Lee Si Young, a former amateur boxer, is best known for her role as a badass firefighter in the thriller series Sweet Home alongside Lee Do Hyun, Song Kang, Go Min Si and others. He is currently starring alongside Seo Kang Joon in the sci-fi web drama Grid.

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In 2013, the multifaceted star admitted through MBC’s “Golden Fishery-Radio Star” that she had plastic surgery when she was young.

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“After the surgery at the age of 23, I didn’t go back to have it done for ten years.” Min Hyo Rin

Taeyang’s wife of BIGBANG, Min Hyo Rin, is known for her roles in hit coming-of-age movies Sunny, Persevere, Goo Hae Ra, and The Happy Lonely.

In 2012, the actress admitted she had plastic surgery during her appearance on One Night TV Entertainment. There she was asked about her perfect nose, with speculation it was made through surgery.

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“I swear to god I haven’t had cosmetic surgery on my nose. My parents gave me that. I have an x-ray to prove it. I didn’t have a nose job. My eyelids were done but my nose is natural.” Wow

Uee is not ashamed to admit that she underwent double eyelid surgery ahead of her debut. In fact, in 2011, even the Ghost Doctor star’s sister was brave enough to reveal it on an episode of SBS’s Sweet Home Town Visit, Dal Go Na, where she said:

“Uee has been beautiful since she was little. The only plastic surgery Uee has performed is double eyelid surgery. Uee is famous as Ulzzang at Incheon Sports High School.” Mother’s Day is upon us, and we all have our favorite K-drama characters for moms. Jang Na-Ra and Kim Mi-Kyung beautifully portrayed the complicated relationship between a daughter and her mother in Go Back Couple. Park Joon Geum is the mother we all love to hate in Secret Garden, where Hyun Bin’s character can’t resist her. And Kim Hee-Sun – who is the real-life mother of an 11-year-old girl – plays the role of a protective mother trying to protect her bullied daughter (Kim Yoo-Jung) in Angry Mom. “

KOCOWA wants to honor some of our favorite real-life moms who are confidently juggling their private and personal lives.

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Family Life: Married to actor Lee Byung-Hun (“Mr. Sunshine,” the GI Joe film series), she is the mother of their five-year-old son Joon-Ho.

K-Dramas: His breakthrough role was in 2009’s Boys Over Flowers. Lee will be starring alongside Gong Yoo in “Big.” Other series include Once Again, Fate and Fury, Come Back Alive (also with Rain), Cunning Single Lady, and Midas.

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Family Life: The couple is married to banker Choi Joon-Hyuk (the grandson of fashion designer Lee Young-Hee) and have two sons (aged four and two).

K-Dramas: His breakthrough roles were in the films Il Mare (a remake of the Hollywood film The Lake House, starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock) and My Sassy Girl. But it was K-drama My Love From the Star that catapulted Jun and his co-star Kim Soo-Hyun to international fame. The couple first starred together in the 2012 feature film The Thieves. After an acclaimed cameo in Kingdom Season 2, Jun is ready for his comeback.

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Family Life: The couple is married to Idol actor Rain and have two daughters born in 2017 and 2019. Her looks have been the benchmark for beauty in South Korea for many years.

K-Dramas: Kim made her acting debut in the 2001 film Last Present, followed by the 2002 SBS dramas Let’s Go and Screen. But it was 2003’s “Stairway to Heaven” that made him a household name. (Trivia: His younger brother, Lee Wan, also had a role in the series.) In “The Gang Doctor,” Kim played a chaebol’s daughter who was placed in a medically-induced coma in front of his father’s enemies.

Family life: The couple has been married to hip-hop idol Tablo (of the group Epik High) since 2009 and are parents to their daughter Haru, who recently celebrated her 10th birthday.

K-Dramas: A former teenage model, Kang rose to international fame for his role in Park Chan-Wook’s critically acclaimed 2003 film Oldboy. His first K-drama was 1998’s Eun-Shil, followed by Jump” and “Nonstop 3”. He had a cameo appearance as himself in episodes 5 and 12 of the SBS series On Air. And he appeared with his family in the KBS2 reality series The Return of Superman. Most recently, he had a starring role in “Jugglers,” set in the world of office workers.

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K-Dramas: Like Lee Min-Jung, Si-Young’s breakthrough role was in Boys Over Flowers, where he played a once staid college student who was bullied for having cosmetic surgery. He followed that role as the abused teacher of a married chaebol on Loving You a Thousand Times. His other K-Dramas include Liver or Die, Risky Romance,

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