Joker Mouth Plastic Surgery

Joker Mouth Plastic Surgery – August 21, 2013 — South Korea is known as the cosmetic surgery capital of the world. Research shows that about one in five women have undergone surgery, and many of these surgeries are not known to the eyes of the West.

Thanks to Reddit, we just learned about a “new” surgery that seems to be gaining popularity there, known as “Smile Lipt” or “Mouth Corner Procedure.” Performed at South Korea’s AOne plastic surgery clinic, this surgery involves cutting out the corners and re-stitching them to create a more comfortable smile.

Joker Mouth Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Barry Eppley of Indianapolis-based Eppley Plastic Surgery says the “oral surgery angle” has a long history.

Joker Smile Surgery Is The New Trend

“It was introduced over fifty years ago and was developed to treat the sagging corners of the mouth that develop from aging when facial tissue shrinks,” he said. Inversion of the smile line (at rest) in some people.

“From the corners of the mouth it’s usually done for patients with general facial aging problems” — usually over 45, Eppley said. I give you.”

It seems that the problem here is not only that this work was done, but the years that AOne Hospital was considered. I can understand the desire to deal with the effects of aging, and some people will be naturally predisposed to “depression” from a young age. But the number of young patients on the AOne Clinic website is not satisfactory. If South Korea is facing social and economic pressure to be beautiful, should we improve it?

“In South Korean culture, women are about to get a husband on their 30th birthday, and most of them stay with their families until that time is over. Family members pressure them to look good,” Will said. Cain, an Englishman. a teacher who currently lives in Samcheonpo. , South Korea. “Appearance is important here. For example, in CVs and resumes, photos. should be placed at the top. Especially women should look good. With such a method, Koreans can believe that they will better or happier than they are. It not only helps their social life, but it can also help people’s careers.”

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Dr. Kwon Taek Keun of AOne Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics did not respond to a request for comment by press time, but wrote in praise of the procedure on his website: “When the corners of the mouth are lifted, a bright and soft image remains. it was created. , then the corners of the mouth rise and develop, it is bright and fun, if the corner is raised during a conversation, a person is honest and confident.

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“The people who come to receive this procedure are the people who have the corners of their mouths, the corners of the mouth, and people who are not confident about their smile. This costs $2000”.

“The lip smile procedure mentioned is a traditional part of the mouth lift that is done to give the patient a permanent smile or frown,” said Dr. Eppley. “By American standards, the result of an Asian pucker would be considered unnatural and exactly the “complicated” pucker angle you want to avoid.”

This smile is one that would be considered a failure in America, but due to cultural norms, it is considered desirable in some parts of South Korea.

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It is not clear how the project was carried out, but it seems to be in line with the popular “Cute” trend in South Korea and Japan. In a society with many changes – economic and social – it is not surprising that young people live today. But if the surgery they’re doing has a life-changing effect, you wonder if it can really be good for the soul, starting with the case of the South Korean women, a new buzz surgery that aims to give The face of a permanent smile is quickly catching.

Surgery – which is called smile lip as it combines the lips and lifts – is a procedure that lifts and twists the mouth by manipulating the facial muscles in the mouth. But not everything is suitable for jewelry, doctors warned, who called the procedure both painful and dangerous. A video from a Seoul hospital revealed that the surgery was pulling the corners of her mouth to create a smile. The surgery is said to strain the strong jaw muscles, which actually pull the mouth down. In other words, you weaken the muscles that pull the corners of the mouth and strengthen the muscles that lift the corners of the mouth.

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Dr Viral Desai, a plastic and cosmetic surgeon based in Mumbai, is not happy. “This particular smiling practice is disturbing to the body. Although it is permanent, it is harmful and can leave a mark.

The method without complications, added the leading cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mohan Thomas, saying, “Some cause visible scars on the Indian skin and lose control in the corners of the mouth. This is a technique where muscle, which moves the corners. The mouth is cut, this creates a lot of activity in the muscle that takes the angle of the upper mouth. Muscle changes will cause the appearance of a permanent smile. Such people, even if they want to, will not be. can make jumps of the mouth that appear when sad or depressed, there is no way to know how the transect is for a perfect vision and there is always the possibility that the right and left sides are different. Think twice before cutting decision to take this invasive procedure, they should use botulinum toxin first to see the effect and then decide to do it permanently.

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