Hotels Near Pure Plastic Surgery


Leave your reservation with us and enjoy a free guide to your surgery while we take care of the rest. All you have to do is prepare and enjoy your new one.

Hotels Near Pure Plastic Surgery

This package includes accommodation at The Oaks Apartments and our best-selling Bliss Recovery Package designed for breast surgery. If you are having breast and body or face surgery, we can put together a package that is right for you. Do not use the shot until your surgeon panic about what to buy. We’ll deliver the Recovery Package straight to your room, to ensure your focus can be on what’s important: you.

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You will spend your recovery in a one bedroom suite at The Oaks in South Yarra. Having a spacious and comfortable apartment you can relax and enjoy your recovery. When you need privacy and extra space, our one-bedroom apartments include a fully equipped kitchen and dining area, but also have a private balcony where you can sit and relax while looking at the views of the city. When you need your own bed, head to the separate queen bed for a restful night’s sleep or use the free wifi to stream your favorite shows on your tablet. Oaks Apartments is truly a home away from home.

You’ll receive the best-selling Bliss Recovery Package ($225 value), delivered to The Oaks and available in your room upon check-in. The Pure You Bliss Package has everything you need to ensure a great start to your recovery. If you are also oiling please let us know in the comments section of your order as this will affect the Refund Package.

Clean You will contact The Oaks to ensure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable. You will receive benefits under our Pure You Oaks programs. You’ll enjoy extra pillows in your room to ensure your bed is set up for maximum comfort. We will also send you a picture of how to achieve maximum comfort by positioning your bed as directed by your surgeon.

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Clean You get exclusive pricing at The Oaks and you’re guaranteed to never find a cheaper printed package. We also have packages available at Southbank Oaks Apartments.

No, Its Neither Breast Augmentation Nor Abdominoplasty; The Most Popular Surgical Procedure Is…

If you want to book a longer (or shorter) night or a different location in Sydney, Brisbane or the Gold Coast, we can work with you to create a package tailored to your needs.

Send us a message or email us with your details and we will arrange something special for you.

If you are booking a stay within the next few months, please contact us to check our special offer prices. These are available to customers booking close to arrival and are subject to availability.

If you are traveling alone for surgery and need help with hospital discharge, recovery support or even a carer and helper to stay with you overnight, make an appointment with our patient manager.

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Use the space provided during checkout to update your check-in and check-out dates. We will contact you as soon as possible with your confirmation.

Please note that when using a credit card to pay for these packages, you will be charged an additional 2.5% fee charged by The Oaks. You can pay using a bank deposit at no extra charge. In the middle of Tokyo there is a building that looks like it belongs to another era or dimension. The Nakagin Capsule Tower contains large capsules that are placed on two tall towers. It was once an example of a new way of building. But today it has declined and is in danger of collapsing. However, there are people who fight to preserve the remains of futuristic architecture.

Shyue Woon is a designer, photographer and lives in Singapore. With Dark Cities, he has created a trilogy of photo albums that are dedicated to the often overlooked and invisible parts of the city – and tell stories “from an urban perspective”. For the first volume of Carpark, he documented parking garages in Singapore. In the second Capsule book, he explored the Nakagin Capsule Tower and combined images with stories about its architect, Kisho Kurokawa, who lost himself in its creation. In the third volume, the architect explores Euljiro, one of the oldest districts of the Korean city of Seoul – and above all its labyrinthine streets, in which one can get lost between the modern and the ancient.

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Japan’s capital Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world – and one of the most densely populated. In a big city, tall buildings are full of people. In some areas, there are only gaps of a few arms length between residential and commercial towers tens of meters high. Often, these are uniform buildings of concrete and glass, which are not known or remembered. But smack in the middle of the Shinbashi neighborhood in the Ginza district is a building that is not easy to miss. It’s just a few hundred meters from Hama Imperial Park and right on the busy Tokyo Expressway, which cuts through the heart of the metropolis. Nakagin Capsule Tower is a building unlike any other. Because it looks like it was transported straight from the future world of cyberpunk like Blade Runner or Altered Carbon to the present.

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The Nakagin Capsule Tower rises to 54 meters and consists of 140 individual capsules, which are distributed over a two-story base structure, partly parallel, partly from each other, over 12 floors. Each of these height units of 2.3m, 3.8m wide and 2.1m high is made of solid steel plates and has a round window. They give the tower its characteristic shape of laundry. The rooms connected by the two reinforced concrete cores of the tower provide enough space for a small apartment with a separate bathroom, a permanently installed wardrobe with a fridge compartment, a folding desk, a bed or a sofa. Nothing more – really. Because the quirky tower has never been used as intended since its completion in 1978.

Architect Kishō Kurokawa had the Capsule Tower for Nakagin Real Estate Group. Kurokawa was one of the founders of the Japanese metabolic architecture movement. The basic idea of ​​this type of architecture is that buildings and biological organisms must go through a life cycle and related development in order to easily adapt to their environment. You should be able to replace parts and replace with new parts when necessary. Therefore, buildings should be able to grow, change and change the way they work and are used.

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Kurokawa wanted to implement this particular vision with Capsule Tower – and he did so without compromise. Already that he had a chance to do so borders on a miracle. The project coincided with a phase of the Japanese economy when construction companies were ready to accept such unconventional ideas.

“The tower was built in the 1970s and therefore in the era of the Japanese bubble,” explains Shyue Woon in an interview with 1E9. He works as an architect himself, having worked for architecture firms such as Michael Hopkins and Norman Foster, and now designs large-scale projects. But he also works as a photographer and shot the Capsule Tower for the second volume of his picture-set book Dark Cities Trilogy.

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Other constructs that measure metabolism were also implemented. But architects always had to make concessions and give important views of the architectural movement. “The Nakagin capsule tower is one of the few projects that is true to the metabolomics manifesto,” says Woon. Because: The modules they create are flexible. They could be lifted from the support on the reinforced concrete cores of the building after loosening the anchored elements. This idea was to revolutionize the construction of houses – that was at least one of Kurokawa’s hopes.

One of the advantages: “The modular design made it possible to erect the entire building in just 30 days,” says Woon. Other: Tablets should be replaced with new tablets if it fails. But they could also be moved and combined. Kurokawa believed that his tower would initially be used by people who work in Tokyo and can only go home on weekends. Or with staff and students from a nearby university.

If the change, the plan says, for example, individual pods can be connected to larger rooms. For example, when two lovers meet in a tower and start a family, which requires more space. It should also be possible to change several pods on a restaurant or cafe or office floor.

But that never happened. Why pills?

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