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Halvorson Plastic Surgery – I grew up in Maplewood, NJ and attended Bates College in Maine. I attended Duke University School of Medicine and completed general surgery at Brown University where I received the “Outstanding Chief Resident” award. I then completed plastic surgery at the Lahey Clinic which included rotations at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Maine Medical Center. During my surgical training, my goal was to be the most complete surgeon possible. To that end, I pursued a fellowship in microsurgery and breast reconstruction at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

After 8 years of surgical training, I began my professional career at UNC Chapel Hill, where I developed a comprehensive cancer reconstruction program and became director of the residency program. I was then recruited to Brigham & Women’s Hospital and joined the faculty of Harvard Medical School. There I became Site Director of the Harvard Affiliated Plastic Surgery Residency and Director of the Stepping Strong Trauma Reconstruction Fellowship. During my third year in Boston, I was selected from more than 50 Harvard faculty to receive the annual teaching award. Although the rich academic environment in Boston was rewarding, a desire to focus on patient care, spend more time with my family, and explore the mountains of WNC brought us to Asheville.

Halvorson Plastic Surgery

My clinical practice and research has focused on improving outcomes in breast cancer reconstruction and plastic surgery. I have written many articles and chapters in journals, and I have presented my research at national and international conferences. I am a member and vice-chair of the ASPS Internal Service Comprehensive Inspection Subcommittee, responsible for writing part of the annual inspection given to US troops. e. Plastic surgery trainees, international training and plastic surgeons. I am board certified by both the American Board of Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and I am an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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In my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my wife and three children, biking, home renovations, music, cooking and vintage BMWs.

Plastic surgery combines anatomy, surgery and visible results to make people feel whole again after reconstructive surgery or more confident after cosmetic surgery. Getting to know my patients, developing individualized treatment plans and providing safe and evidence-based surgical care makes my work meaningful. I believe in a patient-centered approach to plastic surgery.

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I like to work with patients who have a realistic understanding of how plastic surgery can help renew or enhance their beauty. My goal is not to lure patients into procedures they do not need, and I am more than happy to steer patients away from surgical procedures if they are not appropriate. While I am proud of my education, training and professional accomplishments, the most important thing you will get from me as a patient is honesty and an evidence-based approach to patient care. I am a people person, not a sales person.

My practice is structured to allow me to spend time with you. This is the most fundamental part of being a doctor, and I take it very seriously. Understanding your perspective and learning your preferences is very important to me, as it is the foundation of a relationship built on trust and a treatment plan that meets your expectations. My team and I will not make you feel rushed, we will be available to you, and we will take good care of you. My priority is to provide natural, lasting results. I want you to feel like you are you, not like you got plastic surgery.

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My name is Jessica Phillips and I am Dr. Halvorson’s patient coordinator. I am from North Carolina and live in Asheville with my husband and fur babies. care for our patients and I am only a phone call away.

My name is Mary Lynn Brown and I am Dr. Halvorson’s nurse. I will help Dr. Halvorson take care of you when you first visit the office, in the operating room, and through your recovery. I am from North Carolina and live in Brevard with my husband where we enjoy mountain biking and hiking. I love having consistent care with our patients, and I’m just a phone call away if you have any questions!

My name is Sabrina Whitmire and I am Dr. Halvorson’s nurse I help Dr. Halvorson to care for you during your initial office visit, in the operating room, and throughout your recovery. I am from North Carolina and I live in Etowah with my husband and two sons. I love taking care of all our patients and I am always available to help you!

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I work with Dr. Halvorson to care for our patients in the clinic and in the operating room. I have been a nurse since I graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2011, and have I have experience working in a variety of critical and intensive care specialties. I moved to Asheville with my husband and kids in 2015. I enjoy spending my free time gardening and hiking with my family.

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“In a sea of ​​highly qualified plastic surgeons, standing out as one of Boston’s best requires someone who runs the gamut—innovative talent, deep compassion, and steadfast integrity. Crossing paths with Dr. Halvorson in 2014 the best decision. What I could have done on my two-year reconstructive journey through breast cancer.

“Dr. Halvorson’s commitment to his patients and their aesthetic success, supportive but fair attitude and willingness to listen, has truly enabled me to move forward with my life, confident that I have achieved the best possible outcome from an amazing doctor. who really cares.”

“Dr. Halvorson overcame ten years of shame and discomfort with his amazing talent for reconstructing my body which ultimately restored my spirit to live. My recovery period was great and even 3 years later, local physicians and other medical staff still amaze me. the natural and beautiful result of his work I recommend Dr. Halvorson.

Your kindness, exceptional skills and listening are greatly appreciated! You have exactly what I wanted and I am more than happy with the results. I am so grateful that there is someone like you in the world.

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“I love my body. I am so grateful for how much you could change and enhance my life. Perfect dress.”

When guests visit Dr. H’s place, she warns them to stay in her wardrobe, which is full of pieces and ensembles from around the world and many centuries.

At 15, Sandra Halvorson was one of the girls who performed a dance with the legendary actor and showman Jimmy Durante in which she thought she got the best of them all – the best, he said. , the milkshakes.

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Winning this distinction, Halvorson was the dancer who, as part of summer shows held in Chicago and Kansas City, was literally nose to nose with Durante. She also helped dress the headgear as part of the “Clothes Make the Man” event.

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Although he is far from being a clothes horse himself, Halvorson is always aware of the importance and influence of appearance. As a communications professor at Florida State University for 22 years before her retirement, she dressed in ways that defied professionalism. As a performer at the Mickee Faust Club in Tallahassee, she takes great care in putting together outfits that perfectly reflect the persona she’s taking on.

“You should always look put together,” she advises. “Older women should avoid dressing like they did in high school, but you don’t want to dress like your grandmother did. Wear clothes, but not too much.”

Halvorson bristles when she describes her granddaughter’s strict loyalty to brands including Lululemon and tells herself she’s not into designer clothes.

“But I copy them,” she said. “I see a picture and say, ‘I can imitate that model.’ If you can create a scene and people still praise you, why pay more?”

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As it happens, Halvorson visits high-end boutiques like Narcissus from time to time and isn’t always able to get to the clearance rack.

“Sometimes, I’m swept off my feet,” she said. “Maybe it’s too expensive for me, but I look great. “

She once splurged on a suit at Narcissus and later wore it while studying abroad as part of FSU’s International Studies program. Many people have noticed her sight – in Florence, Italy, no less.

So, it is Sandra Halvorson, who is looking for the professional part in clothes that are carefully coordinated. And then there is “Dr. H,” as she encouraged students to call her, who took a loop around Lake Ella in January dressed as Bernie Sanders and feeding the birds as she went. She had the necessary means

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