Florida Medical Malpractice Plastic Surgery

Florida Medical Malpractice Plastic Surgery – One month after the plastic surgery, Detroit’s eyes were born. He heard the machines buzzing, and his mother called his name.

Fowler learned that Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu accidentally ruptured her abdomen during liposuction and injected fat into her sciatic nerve during a Brazilian butt lift at Spectrum Aesthetics in Florida, according to a Department of Health investigation. Hospital workers trying to repair the damage had put the 35-year-old man in a medically induced coma.

Florida Medical Malpractice Plastic Surgery

Four blood transfusions and seven surgeries later, Fowler was on the mend as he regained consciousness. By then, the cost of treatment had risen to over a million dollars.

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After paying the insurance, Fowler still owes the hospital hundreds of thousands of dollars. He lost his job and was kicked out of his house. Invoices are collected. Fowler’s mother contacted a lawyer to see a doctor.

That attorney, Michael Grife, called Fowler’s case “heartbreaking” — one of the scariest things he’s seen. But there was a problem: Omulepu was working without health insurance. Grife came from Fowler’s representatives; there is little chance of earning money for what the doctor did. He never complained.

Omulepu told USA TODAY he doesn’t remember why he chose health insurance, although he said it was expensive.

An USA TODAY investigation found that nearly 6,900 Florida doctors do not have malpractice or other insurance coverage, known as “free travel.” When they are fatally injured, there are few opportunities, leaving patients physically and financially vulnerable, and families struggling to pay the bills.

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A USA TODAY study says that these doctors are 44% more likely to be fined over the past decade, and are more likely to commit crimes – mostly for driving under the influence. In all, 110 of those uninsured doctors are allowed to practice in Florida after being penalized in other states.

Although very few states require doctors to carry malpractice insurance, the lack of insurance creates a strong connection to Florida’s status as the nation’s center for palliative plastic surgery, including the promotion of Brazil’s invasion.

In Florida, 1 in 5 people certified by the Board of Plastic Surgery choose not to carry health insurance, based on a US Today analysis of insurance information reported by doctors to the Department of Health. These numbers do not include illegal plastic surgeons, which Florida allows. Omulepu, for one, is not convinced.

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This may allow doctors with medical problems to stay in business without having to pay higher insurance premiums.

What Is The Basis For Most Medical Malpractice Claims?

Although high risks are involved in some plastic surgery procedures, including the Brazilian fat transfer procedure, there are checks and balances in Florida’s regulatory system.

Detroit resident Nyosha Fowler was seriously injured in 2015 when Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu accidentally punctured her intestines during liposuction and injected fat into her sciatic nerve during a Brazilian hip lift in Florida. Fowler’s stomach is still scarred.

The state only enacted the stricter rules after an investigation by USA TODAY and the Naples Daily News earlier this year revealed the malpractice of two clinics operated by the same doctor. Eight of the clinic’s patients died after surgery, and about ten others required hospitalization.

In Florida, doctors self-report if they have health insurance. The Florida Department of Health has not confirmed if they are telling the truth. And it doesn’t mean that uninsured doctors have more money to pay future claims.

Doctors With Multiple Malpractice Settlements Face Little Discipline In Florida

In three of the cases investigated by USA TODAY, doctors told the Department of Health that they had poor coverage. When the patient’s advocate asked later, the doctors said they didn’t have it.

Even if patients find a lawyer who is willing to take their case and settle a court case for their injuries and financial problems, they may not be able to collect.

Florida’s bankruptcy code requires doctors to pay up to $250,000 in damages, but the state’s bankruptcy code creates a loophole for doctors to file for bankruptcy instead. According to a 2010 article in the University of Miami Law Review, the state medical board cannot discipline them for doing so.

In closing, Grife said, patients are starving. He described it as an epidemic that affects thousands, if not tens of thousands of patients each year.

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“Unfortunately, in Florida, many plastic surgeons are harming patients – killing them or leaving them on death’s door,” Grife said, and then have no way to pay for the patients they receive. ‘ he mistreated. “

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Florida lawmakers gave doctors the ability to choose their own health insurance in 1986. The law was enacted to prevent a growing problem: doctors are left struggling with rising health insurance costs.

The report came from the US General Accounting Office. (GAO) reports that in the previous decade, more than 20 insurance companies stopped operating insurance and exited the market, citing increases in premiums and residences in Florida. (GAO). Congress was investigating what federal officials called a national liability insurance crisis to determine whether the U.S. government should act.

A Florida study found that insurance companies that stayed in the state raised their rates significantly. Prices in Miami-Dade and Broward counties — considered private markets by the rest of the state — have risen sharply.

Malpractice By The Numbers

In the 1980s, insurance premiums were so high that some doctors decided to retire early or practice elsewhere, according to the GAO report. Some of the surgeons resigned in protest.

Daniel Sumner, the assistant comptroller of the state of Florida at the time, testified before Congress that the amount of bad payments was so high that it affected the carriers “out of the business of reproduction.”

“In Florida, no one goes out of business because they can’t get the insurance they need,” he told the House Executive Committee.

The legislation significantly changed state insurance laws. The role included Section 458, which allows doctors to waive primary care malpractice coverage.

Medical Malpractice Guide

Spectrum Aesthetics in Miami has Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu on staff while under investigation by the Florida Department of Health for seriously injuring two patients at the clinic.

The law required doctors to accept medical malpractice convictions against them, up to $250,000, and required them to notify patients if they were uninsured.

Marc Singer, president and general counsel of Mariner Wealth Advisors, said he advises doctors to drop insurance and, if they are sued, give the patient a choice: take a small settlement or nothing when the doctor files for bankruptcy.

“This was how doctors were able to solve the problem from the bottom up,” he said, “one doctor at a time.”

Can A Plastic Surgeon Be Sued Medical Malpractice

“In general, doctors save lives, and if they continue to work without malpractice insurance, that’s still better than not working at all,” he said. “

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But in trying to solve one problem, Florida lawmakers have created another: troubled doctors in the state are less willing to stop carrying health insurance.

“I understand why insurance companies have raised rates for these people — and maybe they should,” said health care attorney Chris Nuland. “But it creates the illusion that doctors may be at greater risk of being uninsured. Yes. I don’t have an answer to that, but it’s definitely worth investigating. “

Nuland, who is general counsel for the Florida Society of Plastic Surgery, said the organization believes that deserving patients — those injured as a result of medical malpractice — deserve to recover.

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But Spencer Aronfeld, a South Florida prosecutor for three decades, said that’s not the case. Aronfeld said he no longer focuses on malpractice cases in Florida because they are more difficult to collect even after a trial.

He said doctors save on renting cars, office space and equipment. They can put a boat or second property in the name of a spouse, child or trust.

Aronfeld said that even if they pay off their homes, they can live comfortably and “keep it from the creditor” because of Florida’s homestead exemption.

“It’s a great step for doctors, but it’s a very sad thing for patients and their families,” he said of how doctors protect their assets.

Can I Sue A Plastic Surgeon For Medical Malpractice?

A doctor gave him a major stroke last December at Boca Raton Medical Center. Gonzalez hopes the procedure will help relieve back pain and resolve the stomach problem she experienced after giving birth to her youngest daughter seven years ago.

At first, it seemed to be going well. Gonzalez’s lower abdomen was covered in a beautiful line of tattoos. But over time, the skin around the reddened reddened and split. Just an inch. Then two. And then another.

At home, in Florida, the woman returned to Aquino eight times for treatment after the surgery, according to medical records reviewed. His health continued to deteriorate.

Gonzalez said he did everything Aquino told him to do. He doesn’t agree. Aquino told USA TODAY that Gonzalez continued to take arthritis medication after being told it would interfere with the healing process.

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In February, the cutting was introduced

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