Dr Moreano Plastic Surgery

Dr Moreano Plastic Surgery – Dr. Bayville is spending this week in his native Ecuador doing surgery with a team of volunteers transporting supplies, and when he does not spend 12 hours in the operating room – teaching new techniques.

Dr. Edwin Moreano, a plastic surgeon, described the trip as his 17th since he founded the Moreano World Medical Mission in 1999, his duty to the country he moved to when he was younger. 9 years old and his career as a doctor. And the tour included more Long Islanders, about half of the 36 volunteers.

Dr Moreano Plastic Surgery

Moreano, who was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador and grew up in Jackson Heights, Queens, where he trained, said: “We are fortunate to have world-class training here and it would be a shame if we did not Retaliation. Medicine .. “Now living in Bayville.

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Before the end of the week, Moreano said, he and his colleagues will provide about 300 children with free treatment procedures, including cleft lip and palate, inflammation and dental care.

The team of doctors, nurses and support staff not only bring their medical skills but also cultural awareness. Many speak Spanish well and some like Moreano are connected to the region.

Achieving this mission, the nonprofit, which has volunteers volunteering to pay their own way, and the supply provided by the Melville-based distributor Henry Schein has expanded over the years.

More children are scheduled for treatment, and many this year travel to the Ecuadorian capital Quito, where Moreano’s team works from a remote mountain village. And for the first time, the mission includes a conference for local doctors where American doctors will share the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery and ear, nose and throat treatment.

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Dr. Kip Lord Bodi, 61, a urologist who practices in Huntington, is traveling with Moreano for the first time.

He studied medicine in Guadalajara, Mexico, speaks good Spanish and worked at clinics in Mexico, but said on Thursday before leaving that he hoped to get as much as he gave in Quito.

“I’m excited to have a good time learning some things and making some friends,” he said.

Julia McLarney, 43, from Baldwin, a nurse operating room at Huntington Hospital, was born in Lima, Peru. He sees his sixth trip with Moreano as a way to give back.

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“It has a good place in my heart,” he said of the six trips with the mission. “I’m from Peru. Ecuador is close. I help my people, help the general public.”

David Gugerty, 51, from Bayville, who is not a medical professional but speaks Spanish, will help in the emergency room, comfort patients and wherever he can. This is his third mission. Edwin Moreano can vividly remember when he returned to Ecuador for his first medical mission. He has just completed his surgery training and wants to return to helping people in his home country.

His first patient, a man in his 60s, had cleft lip and palate from birth. “This guy has never felt the kiss in his life,” Moreano said, shaking his head. “Within an hour, she had normal lips and all of our nurses lined up to kiss her.”

Moreano, a plastic surgeon, has traveled to several Latin American countries since 1999 to provide his services to Indigenous peoples free of charge. She does not do tummy tuck or facelift, but instead does facelift surgery for people living in poverty. Poor. Every year he and his family, along with many volunteers, travel to South America on what is known as the Moreano World Medical Mission.

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Moreano, who came to the United States when he was 9 years old, first thought about helping the less fortunate when Where he began his training in cosmetic surgery and facelift. “I remember when I visited my family in Ecuador I saw children and adults with deformities that I did not see in the United States,” he said. “In the United States, babies as young as 10 weeks old can have cosmetic surgery for facial deformities such as cleft lip and palate.”

Disintegration results when there is not enough tissue in the mouth or lips and the existing tissue does not fit well. However, the surgery needed to repair the scar was simple, and Moreano was surprised that it was not available for children in countries across South America.

“It’s a surprise to me that people [with deformities] have been abandoned,” she recalled. Therefore. “[They] are left behind by their families and are usually unmarried.

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Over the years, medical missions have increased. Moreano chose colleagues and friends to come with. Almost all of the volunteers are from Long Island, including surgeons, anesthetists, and medical and surgical technicians.

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Moreano encourages volunteers to bring their families. His son Cameron, now 19, has been volunteering since he was six years old. “Some volunteers used to call him Dr. Moreanito,” his father said with a laugh. His father said with a laugh.

This year, for the first time, his 6- and 7-year-old daughters Isabella and Gianna will be traveling with him. As volunteers, they “give their smiles,” Moreano said. His wife Natalia and eldest daughter – 16-year-old Gabriella and 13-year-old Jamie Lee – will be traveling with him along with nearly 30 volunteers. “This is also a kind of reunion trip,” Moreano explains. “For the first time since our first mission trip in 1999, my sister will also join me.”

This year the mission will go to Paraguay. The team will spend a week there and treat about 100 patients. One of the reasons Moreano encourages volunteers to bring their children is to see how people from the poorest parts of the world live. He said he grew up in Ecuador, he said his family was not large and he wanted his children to know how lucky they were to live in such a rich area.

Moreano also wants to encourage children involved in his mission to enter the healthcare profession. Sometimes it works. “I received a letter from one of our young volunteers saying that they had decided to go into health care after going on a mission,” he said. “That’s why health care was created to help people.”

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Bayville resident Dave Gugerty is volunteering with his wife Helene and their daughters Emma and Paige. This will be their sixth mission trip with Moreano. “My daughter, from their experience on this mission, both opted for health care,” Gugerty said. “And my wife, who represents the Supreme Court, performed the wedding of two medical volunteers on a mission. It shows how we are all truly a family in the Moreano mission.

Gugerty was also involved in organizing the fundraiser for the trip. Most volunteers pay their way, but missions need money to help cover the cost of medical supplies. The rally was held at the Davenport newspaper in Mineola in early February.

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“I can not show the undeniable generosity of the Bayville residents who came out to raise money,” Gugerty said. “I am very grateful to my neighbors.”

Shortly before he was scheduled to board a flight to Paraguay for his 22nd medical mission trip, Moreano recalled one of his most memorable cases when the mission team was in Dominican Republic. The head of the hospital fire department treated a young woman who was a victim of domestic violence.

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A former model threw acid on her face with a jealous boyfriend. “His eyelids went off, his nostrils were closed and his lips were pulled to one side so he could not speak,” Moreano said firmly. “He had burns all over his neck and his chin was stuck to his neck so his head was not moving. The hospital did not know how to help him.”

Moreano’s team worked for five hours to correct the woman’s face. The surgeon gave him a new eyelid, opened his nostrils, straightened his mouth, and dropped his chin from his neck to restore his mobility. Moreano said the woman became a spokesperson against domestic violence, traveling around the country to speak to other young women.

“She went out with a veil to cover her face to appear on television after her surgery,” Moreano said. “That’s what brought me back.” “Every year there are things like this. Every year there are cases that affect everyone.”

Donations for the 2018 Medical Mission can be sent to the Moreano World Medical Mission or Dr. Edwin Moreano, 37-55 91 St., Jackson Heights, N.Y. 11372.

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