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Dr Michael Jones Plastic Surgery – Following the power couple Dr. Michael Jones and Kathleen Trigg-Jones who run a multi-million dollar plastic surgery practice, Lexington Plastic Surgeons, with thriving offices in New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Atlanta and Miami. And yet medicine itself is not Jones’s sole focus. From Ms Jones’ non-profit Trigg House to the couple’s other inspirational work including

, Dr. Jones tackles a challenging case of keloid that helps change the patient’s life, while Mrs Trigg-Jones embarks on her own emotional journey to find the parents who inspired her philanthropy. Ahead of the season one finale, the opportunity to chat with the pair talk about their series, how they hope to inspire others and what’s next.

Dr Michael Jones Plastic Surgery

: Thank you both very much for speaking with me today. I really appreciate your time, especially before the season finale.

Dr. Todd Cook, M.d.

: I loved We Are the Joneses, especially the inspiration behind working with people of color in the field of plastic surgery. Also, Ms. Jones working with women and working for women is so great to see. What made you decide to open yourself and your life to the world with a TV series?

CTJ: You know exactly what you just said, was to try to inspire, to try to share our successes with the world, in the hope that they see the couple whose inspiration and motivation at the end of the day. We hope that by sharing our story, sharing patients’ stories, sharing our professional lives and a bit of our personal lives, we will inspire and aspire to other people who can look up to us to see that they too they can achieve the things we have.

Dr. Michael Jones: It almost felt like an obligation. There is so much negative television, and there are so many, in my opinion, negative perceptions of people of color on television right now that we felt we wanted to put something that was positive, something that people can notice. Kathleen has been a role model all her life when she was on television when she was an anchorwoman, and everyone looks up to her and her accomplishments. So we felt this was another means of getting the message across that you can achieve anything you want to achieve with hard work and dedication, no matter where you may have come from, you can achieve and achieve the goals you want and dreams that you have for yourself.

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: Another thing I really liked about the series is that you both work to erase the stigma associated with plastic surgery. Why is it important to you?

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CTJ: I think we can probably answer this from two different angles, and certainly Dr. Jones will speak to this from his experience as a plastic surgeon for 20 years. surgery, I think is important. It is very important to show this and listen to our community. We were last at the finish line when it came to plastic surgery. It’s not that we didn’t have surgery, but we didn’t I think it was accepted. It was one of those things where if we did it at all, we did it behind closed doors and we didn’t want anyone to know we did it. We would see people come into our practice and they would leave with this transformation, and it wasn’t just about vanity, it wasn’t just about getting a better chest or a bigger derriere, it was more about what’s going on. to them from within. As a journalist I would see that I wanted to be able to tell the story. I wanted to show other people that this is not something to be ashamed of. We face so many demons everywhere, especially as women feel fat or thin or feel too old or whatever you’re going through. I saw the transformation that women or patients went through in my husband’s hands and I just wanted everyone to be able to see that, to see that it was literally life changing. People who walk through our doors come in feeling one way and leave feeling like a new person. That to me was a powerful message that I felt was very important to get out.

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MJ: Yes, and I think it’s very true that in our community it was considered taboo, it was kind of hidden, but now with more attention from the media behind plastic surgery, it’s become more common. It’s not just for the rich and famous anymore. So we wanted to show that and demystify plastic surgery and take you behind the scenes and into the operating room. If there was something I could teach you in a simple way about what we were doing whether it was correcting someone’s breast deformity or removing a large keloid or mass, I could learn something at the same time. Now we not only debunk plastic surgery, but also share a little insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

: Yes, and this is so important, removing the mystery surrounding plastic surgery. But with all that going on, how do you balance everything from the business, Mrs. Jones, the upcoming Chic Chat series, your charity, family time and everything else. It just seems such a wonderful rich life but also very hectic. How do you both manage your different ventures and lives?

CTJ: Well, we lead because we set priorities and we both agree with those priorities. Our number one priority is our family, our marriage, our children, and make sure that whatever we do, it doesn’t jeopardize our goals in our household. This is always first and foremost. Then we really work together. We bring different strengths to our relationship, very different strengths. I think it really helps each other and what we’re trying to achieve. I think we also say we are yin and yang. That’s what really works for us is that the things I’m not as strong at Dr. Jones is a strength and I don’t have to worry. I know he has this. Likewise, there are things he knows he’ll bring to the table that might not be his greatest talents, and that’s what really works. At the end of the day, I think it’s just a mutual respect, a mutual understanding of our goals, our individuality and what we’re each trying to achieve and working really hard to help each other get there.

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MJ: I think so, and Kathleen hinted at it, we work together. She is part of my business and I am part of her business. We really see it as our job. So we work together. I think it makes it easier in the end when we might get a phone call in the middle of dinner or we might have to attend a meeting and not be able to be on a date that we might have arranged. Easier when we work together for a common goal.

: Mrs. Jones I know another element of this season of We Are the Joneses is her own opening up about adoption. This is something too personal to share with the world. Why did you decide that this was an aspect of your life that you wanted to share with the people in this series?

CTJ: Well, it’s a combination of therapy for myself and also what I thought would be really helpful for others to hear. I often think that when we see people like Dr. Jones and I, they assume that we come without problems, that once we’ve made it, we’ve made it, we don’t have to deal with the things that anyone else has to deal with, and it’s very important to show that everyone they have something Everyone has something they struggle with. When you can open up and talk about what I believe and my entire platform at

It’s based on getting women to open up and tell their truth, to talk about things they’re going through. What I find is that when you talk, open up and share your story, you have helped other people. People hear that, and they can relate in some way, and that gets them. It makes them feel like they are not alone. I wanted to share my story because it really helped me open up and talk about it. It’s something I’ve really spent most of my life not talking about. I wasn’t in denial. I told people I was accepted. It was something that sometimes came up in conversation

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