Dr Lagrasso Plastic Surgery

Dr Lagrasso Plastic Surgery – The typical plastic surgery patient fights traffic and sits in a waiting room to speak with a doctor about an upcoming breast lift or augmentation.

But one class of clients embraces those appointments in style — welcoming a private nurse or doctor aboard their 50-foot yacht, or in the privacy of their luxury waterfront homes.

Dr Lagrasso Plastic Surgery

Such is life for some of South Florida’s wealthy, as they promote a low-key business considered unusual in the medical field: plastic surgeons making house calls — and yachts.

Plastic Surgeons Making House Calls ‘ideal For S. Florida’

Desiring privacy, discretion and comfort in planning and recovering from a cosmetic procedure, these high-quality patients are willing to pay a premium for personalized care. And it’s a service that only a few cosmetic surgeons are willing to provide.

“The concept of calling home is outdated for some, especially people who are really sick. But in this case, when people just need routine care, I think it’s good,” said Dr. Jorge Perez, a plastic surgeon in Ft. Lauderdale. “If it takes 10 minutes for me or a nurse to go to a patient for a routine visit, and it’s easier than driving here, I’m happy to do it.”

Don’t get the wrong idea: Physicians who offer these services, such as Perez and Dr. All surgical procedures are still performed in qualified facilities.

Perez estimated that about 10 percent of his practice involves patients making house calls, but he only travels for pre- and post-op consultations and routine visits — not for actual procedures, not even botox or filler injections, and not for patients who experience complications. .

Dr. William Scott Mcdonald Md

LaGrasso sees up to 30 patients a month in Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade counties, some for pre- and post-surgery appointments, but most for injections like Botox and fillers.

When Lynn Cianciulli, 69, needed eye makeovers and a neck lift about two months ago after what she said was a botched procedure in California, Perez arranged for her to recover on her yacht, the California Dreaming. docked at the Baja Mar Marina in Ft. Lauderdale.

For an additional fee, Perez’s nurse spent 24 hours aboard the California Dreaming after Cianciulli’s eye and neck procedures, providing services such as washing hair and changing bandages. Perez made all of his pre- and post-surgery visits with the part-time South Florida resident on board. On one visit, he appeared with a bottle of champagne.

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Concierge-style services vary in price — some are packaged, others come a la carte (champagne was a gift), Perez said. But he estimated that patients were paying up to 25 percent more than his office’s standard price for personalized care.

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“Oh my God, I thought [the service] was wonderful, absolutely wonderful,” said Cianciulli, a retiree and community volunteer whose husband once owned a custom cable company on the West Coast. The couple lives permanently on their houseboat, spending half the year in Santa Barbara, California and the other half in Bahia Mar.

Having Perez come to her instead of driving to his office, she said, made all the difference in making her recovery easier.

“I think it’s just an extra thing that I didn’t have to dress up to go somewhere and see him,” she said.

Cianciuli was so impressed by the special attention he paid Perez to other friends on the yacht. Such “word of mouth” advocacy, the doctor said, has significantly increased his business over the past few years.

City And Shore

Perez called the concierge-style service “really ideal for South Florida,” where the wealthy come for the holidays and winter, “and a lot of them want to get plastic surgery while they’re here.”

Because such visitors often don’t know the area well or have their own network of doctors here, “we fill in those gaps for them and provide those support services,” he said.

A self-described “big chick” when it comes to cosmetic procedures, Boca Raton business development manager Teresa Valdez said she accepted La Grasso’s offer to come to her beachside home when she decided to get injections. botox.

“I just didn’t want to walk into his office and have people see me walk out.” And it’s time – I don’t have much time because I travel a lot,” said Valdes. “So it’s convenience and privacy.”

Luke Gutwein, Md Plastic Surgeon

Patients who come to his Miami office pay about $800 for Botox, La Grasso said. However, house calls for injections cost about $1,500. Pre- and post-op visits for patients who have had surgical procedures are also extra — about $5,000 on top of the typical $15,000 cost, for example.

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The extra cost is “absolutely worth it,” Valdes said. “I don’t see where I would save that much money just by going to his office and sitting there waiting.” “I’d rather not go to Miami and deal with traffic.”

The service is a “natural fit” for the field of cosmetic surgery, and especially for wealthy patients, said Dr. Stefan Baker, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Coral Gables and the South Florida spokesperson for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Daniel Kapp, a board-certified plastic surgeon in West Palm Beach, called house call services “intrusive,” adding that having patients come to the office allows them to “prove who you are.” Weekend hours and back door access are offered to patients who want privacy in his practice.

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“I don’t think it’s a scam at all,” Perez said, adding that for some patients, especially those who have had several procedures at the same time, it’s difficult to get dressed and go to the doctor for a post-op appointment. “I think it’s conscientious and good service, and frankly, it’s good patient care.”

LaGrasso agreed, saying his call business has evolved over the past year because patients have asked for it. He doesn’t even advertise the service.

“These people want service, they want attention and they want results,” he said. “And they don’t mind paying for it.” MIAMI – May 19, 2014 – — (Miami, FL) – There are a number of reasons why individuals develop cellulite around the thighs and buttocks, but most of those who have a typical “dimple”

The effect on these areas will give almost anything to see it disappear. Until recently, available treatments showed mixed results and most improvements were only temporary.

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Today, however, everything has changed. Dr. Jeffrey LaGrasso, a plastic surgeon in Miami, is one of the pioneers of VaserSmooth, a cellulite removal system that achieves better and longer lasting results than other available systems. He has spent a lot of time training other doctors around the world and is the country’s leading expert on the device.

“VaserSmooth is still fairly new in the United States,” said Dr. LaGrasso. “Until its introduction, there was really nothing on the market that could successfully treat the three main problems of cellulite. First, I use an ultrasound probe with a sharp, segmented edge that helps cut strips of holes in the skin. Second, I use a different probe to break up and shape the irregularly sized fat cells. Finally, I release the skin superficially, so it shrinks and therefore becomes tighter. I also use alternative energy such as radiofrequency after the procedure to improve results, prevent recurrence and promote further skin tightening.”

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Dr. LaGrasso says every patient of his is amazed by the results of the outpatient surgical procedure. “As long as the patient is a good candidate for VaserSmooth, I usually tell them they will see a 60-80% improvement.

He said. “I have yet to have a patient who hasn’t been thrilled with the results—and patients continue to see improvement 6-9 months after their procedure.”

Pdf) Reconstructive Or Cosmetic Plastic Surgery? Factors Influencing The Type Of Practice Established By Canadian Plastic Surgeons

Not only does VaserSmooth leave better results, but also more efficiently. “The other systems out there are laser-assisted devices, so they can only treat a general area,” explained Dr. LaGrasso. “But with VaserSmooth, I can target very specific areas where I can work the entire circumference of my thighs and butt in 1-2 hours.”

The recovery time is also surprisingly short. “Sometimes there may be a little discomfort for a day or two, but most people are back to work in 2-4 days,” explained Dr. LaGrasso. “

The main office of Dr. LaGrasso is located in Miami Beach, Florida. with additional offices in New York and California. For more information about VaserSmooth or to schedule an interview, please call Chuck Aurin at 855-352-9347 Ext. 208. You can also visit his website at www.lagrassomd.com.

Dr. Allen Stephen Lika will host the “Miracle on the Hudson” radio show in honor of the 13th anniversary of Flight 1549 on Saturday, January 15th.

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