Do Exo Plastic Surgery

Do Exo Plastic Surgery – On October 9, a post on PanN gained a lot of attention after focusing on photo facts that protect Baekhyun from plastic surgery speculation. Fans initially noticed her single cover, with fans posting makeup and no-makeup photos from her website as proof. He also provided a detailed timeline from 2012 to the present, including the photos he took.

Second, the post also accused Baekhyun of getting a beard and uploaded photos as proof. He explained that recovery from the surgery was not an option when considering his busy schedule as a trainee and eventually as an artist.

Do Exo Plastic Surgery

The post drew mixed opinions, with fans speculating that the rumors came from his ex-girlfriend Taeyeon.

Is Plastic Surgery A Sin? Here’s What Exo Kai Thinks

Annotated original article from a Korean source with comments from colleagues. The comments below are the most popular comments at the time this article was published.

You’re trying so hard to clean it up… ㅠ ㅡ ㅜ But the mean commenters who read this keep going ㅈ ㅣ

I want to point this out because they think she had surgery when she was training ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s so ridiculous I don’t even have the energy to deal with it ㅌㅌㅋ Although plastic surgery may be a common procedure for many artists in Korea, sometimes peers are divided on certain artists. Cosmetic procedures performed on celebrities are popular among Korean fans and peers alike. However, since there are unconfirmed idols, many colleagues discuss idols.

Under the title “D.O’s Evidence of Plastic Surgery (Botox chin + double eyelid + nose job)” there is a direct translation of the post and a discussion among colleagues.

Popular Male Korean Celebrities That Plastic Surgeons Believe Are The Best Looking In The Showbiz

“This is D.O. the first and latest gift of combining his face. “The biggest change is that her V-shaped face has become a cone-shaped face.”

“You should get a motorcycle every two months, but since D.O is debuting as an actor and giving up his idol status, it looks like he’s giving up his bootlegging routine. “He’s back to his original square face.

“This is also a before photo of him, but he doesn’t have double eyelids and his nose is round and flared left and right.

“After debuting in SM Entertainment, the bridge of his nose is different. “He accepted the root of his nose.”

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Pann] What’s The Deal With This From Do Kyungsoo

“If you look closely at his double lids, you can see that the ‘greasy’ pattern was created to create the double lids.”

I admit Kyungsoo didn’t get the formalities. You can do this on your nose by injecting your own oil into your nose. My sister who did it can do it… oh

I think this person keeps posting something offensive to D.O. But hang on hahaha wow I never thought the day would come when I would doubt D.O. VIXX’s Ravi on Plastic Surgery On ‘Ravi’s Secret Clinic’, EXO’s Kai expressed his opinion on whether or not plastic surgery is wrong. If you want to know what he had to say, read on!

On October 13th, VIXX’s Ravi recorded the second episode of the first episode of his YouTube show ‘Ravi’s Secret Clinic’, featuring his first guest, EXO’s Kai, who is one of his best friends. The show aims to provide advice on viewers’ concerns and stories.

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In the first episode of VIXX Ravi’s YouTube show, he and EXO’s Kay put their friendship to the test by answering a few questions. Many times the room was filled with laughter.

In addition, Ravi’s secret clinic offers to open a “secret box” containing the fears and secret stories of anonymous people.

The last story VIXX’s Ravi and EXO’s Kai read was a high school student who got plastic surgery without his friends knowing.

According to the student, she had plastic surgery in her third year of high school, at the same time she moved to a new school, so her high school friends were fresh and natural, and no one knew that she had plastic surgery.

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One day she went home with her best friend and went outside. After eating the ramen, he washed the dishes and his friend looked into his room.

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After she finished washing the dishes, she went to her room and saw her best friend looking through her high school photo album.

She then confessed to her best friend that she had plastic surgery and asked him to keep it a secret.

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Did Jennie Blackpink Get Plastic Surgery?

But her secret quickly spreads throughout the school, so she’s looking for advice on what to do about it.

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He went on to say that he doesn’t understand why people slander this topic and why others waste energy on it.

Check out all of VIXX’s Ravi and EXO’s Kai’s advice for plastic surgery students here! (Beginning at 16:20.)

Ex Lovelyz Mijoo Candidly Responds To Plastic Surgery Rumor, ‘flirtatious’ Concept As An Entertainer

In other news, EXO’s Kai recently revealed that he is working on his new solo album in a video posted on his Twitter account “EXO_NEWS_JP”.

“Hi, Kay here. I’m very busy. Simply, I’m preparing my album. I’m working out, playing badminton, losing weight for my solo album. I’m also dating. More amazing news is waiting for everyone, look forward to it.”

His upcoming solo album will be his second solo effort following his solo debut Kay, which was released last November. In a recent episode of TMI News, the group was joined by plastic surgeons who were named as the top seven. Handsome male K-stars sought after by their customers. Want to know who they named? Then keep reading!

K-pop’s legendary “hundred geniuses” were included among the “hundred wannabe stars” named after plastic surgery. Viewers noticed the idol’s perfectly symmetrical face, which is considered ideal in Korean society. Even plastic surgeons revealed how shocked they were when they saw her photo!

Colde’s Collab With Exo’s Baekhyun To Finally Release This Week!

Everything about Seo Kang Joon is pretty, but the most desirable thing is to have eyes as an actor. Her pale brown eyes look like she’s wearing contact lenses, even though she’s not! Male clients often bring photos of actresses to clinics hoping to get the same look!

Face V is a mixture of Korean beauty standards and Western beauty standards. Many people once fell in love with V’s strange features and some even mistook him for being an alien or mixed race. During the screening, plastic surgeons noted that many male clients wanted V-shaped eyes. However, replicating bright V eyes is not an easy task and few can replicate it!

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“Son of Netflix” Sung Kang is another face to look forward to among male plastic surgery customers. Some have noted that the rising actor’s face is a mix of Cha Eunwoo and Yook Sungjae. Although many people try to look like her, it is not easy to create a face like her!

Yook Sungjae’s boy-next-door looks have long been adored by K-pop fans and K-drama fans alike. One thing that stands out about the idol artist is her eyes. In plastic surgery, Yoon Sungjae’s double eyelids are known to be unique, and many people say that they are impossible to reproduce with cosmetic surgery!

Kpop’s Top Plastic Surgeon Gave Me Suggestions For Enhancing My Face

The “World’s Best” Genie is back on the TMI News list! In the past, Jin has made headlines in South Korea and internationally for how his facial symmetry conforms to the “golden ratio”, with people comparing his face to the Greek god Zeus. In the past, the man has been widely known for his red carpet looks, even among non-K fashion fans!

Sehun is one of EXO’s looks, so why not surprise! Plastic surgery complements Sehun’s natural V-shaped jawline and high nose bridge. They showed that the bridge of the idol’s nose has such a perfect slope. If fans wanted, they could even use it as a slideshow!

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‘It’s an artist’s personal matter’, YG’s response to BLACKPINK’s Rosé & Kang Dong Won dating rumors makes fans think it’s true.

Most Popular Plastic Surgeries For K Pop Stars!

BTS V (Kim Taehyung) became the only Asian act to surpass 20 million posts on Instagram

K Friends call BLACKPINK “legendary” as their Coachella performance drew 250 million live viewers and a crowd of over 125,000. –

ASTRO Eunwoo, BTS V, EXO Sehun and more have been selected by plastic surgeons as the male idols with the best face everyone wishes for!

On March 31, Mnet’s TMI News released the list of “Top 7 Face Wannabe Male Stars” that every K-pop fan wants to have.

Most Handsome K Celebrities, According To Plastic Surgeons

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