Did Azzyland Get Plastic Surgery

Did Azzyland Get Plastic Surgery – Many successful YouTubers and Streamers tend to pick one video genre and stick to it. However, some broadcasters have managed to branch out while maintaining their popularity. One of the creators is SSSniperWolf.

Alia Shailch, better known by SSSniperWolf fans, is a popular YouTuber who started creating Let’s Play content for titles like ‘Overwatch’, ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Metal Gear Solid’ in 2013. Although it mostly switched to reaction-based videos in 2017, it still sits on a fan base of over 31 million subscribers. SSniperWolf is open about much of her life as her second YouTube channel, DIY Little Lia, but some bits of history may escape even her most devoted followers.

Did Azzyland Get Plastic Surgery

Maybe something happened long ago that was erased from people’s memory, or maybe an event was not mentioned in the conversation that they remembered. Or maybe SSSniperWolf is just awkward and doesn’t like to talk about it.

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Each player has an origin story. What console did they start with? Which title fueled their love of gaming? As with most Let’s Players, SSSniperWolf has a great story about his first console and game, but he might not be the content creator he is today without a little teenage angst.

According to SSSniperWolf, he got his first console when he was only eight years old. His dad bought him a PlayStation 1 – not because it was his birthday or anything, but because he wanted SSSniperWolf and his brother to stop fighting. Their father hoped the console would keep them from arguing, and it worked. Sort of.

Instead, SSSniperWolf and his brother adapted their combat around the console. When the brothers played on the PS1, SSSniperWolf was always Player 1 and had to use official Sony controllers. Meanwhile, his brother was always a gamer 2 and had to contend with third-party consoles. It wasn’t the only time SSSniperWolf’s righteous indignation caused the console.

Another possibly worse problem occurred while SSSniperWolf was at school. One day, a fellow student called her “ugly” and “poor,” and she responded by threatening to beat him up. SSSniperWolf faced the challenge, but the other student did not, leaving SSSniperWolf to stagnate. His mother let him stay home the next day to make him feel better, which led him to buy a PlayStation 2 to help his recovery.

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Thanks to these consoles, SSSniperWolf was able to play many of the games that would shape his future. Titles like “Kingdom Hearts” and “Metal Gear Solid” remain his favorites to this day.

Many people are intimidated by the idea of ​​starting their own business. However, there is a market where there is an opportunity. Just ask SSSniperWolf.

Long before SSSniperWolf started his own product line and even before his YouTube career, he had a successful gig selling action figures. During his high school years, SSSniperWolf started buying cheap toys (ie Jack Sparrow toys that sell for $2 each) and selling them on eBay. The resold figures were bought very quickly and SSSniperWolf quickly turned a profit. His parents were happy about his success, but you know what they say: success is a double-edged sword.

As SSSniperWolf made more money with his resale program, his resource network grew and so did his portfolio. He was able to buy and sell more items (at a higher price). Eventually, I was able to buy products in bulk and indulge in high-end designer goods. SSSniperWolf seems to be so successful that he surpassed his parents’ earnings and continued to do so to put himself through college. Unfortunately, when SSSniperWolf started making profits, his father decided to take advantage of his good fortune and took his profits to help pay the bills. At first, SSSniperWolf didn’t mind, but eventually it led to some annoying decisions from his father (more on that later).

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He eventually trades SSSniperWolf into a retail business for free, but the nightmare boss fails. He didn’t pay her enough to put up with her constant complaints, so she stopped. On the bright side, this next step could lead directly to SSSniperWolf’s YouTube career.

SSSniperWolf currently lives in the US but was born in England. Therefore, most people would probably expect English to be their first language. This assumption could not be further from the truth.

SSSniperWolf’s parents roamed the map when he was young. They learned many languages, including Turkish, French and, most importantly, Arabic. His parents first spoke Arabic to SSSniperWolf and his siblings, which became his first language for a while. SSSniperWolf didn’t actually learn to speak English before he went to school, and although he can still understand Arabic, speaking is another matter – he’s pretty rusty now.

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Unfortunately, this upbringing caused many problems for SSSniperWolf, as he was bullied for his knowledge of Arabic. One of the children called him a “terrorist” and he fought with him. Unfortunately, such misguided violence did not increase after 9/11.

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However, SSSniperWolf’s history with Arabic is not all bad memories. In fact, fans can thank this language for his online dominance. It’s true that the name is taken from the character Sniper Wolf in Metal Gear Solid – but why him? Why didn’t Alia Shelesh create a username inspired by another boss character like VVVulcanRaven or PPPsychoMantis? Because Sniper Wolf’s in-game origin is that he is an Iraqi citizen of Kurdish descent. In other words, it is Arabic.

Although SSSniperWolf’s Arabic fluency has waned, his history with the language remains crucial to his identity.

Stories about broadcasters and celebrities going through a dramatic and messy breakup are a dime a dozen. However, SSSniperWolf’s relationship with Evan “Sausage” Sausage is a bit more complicated because it didn’t lead to drama that led to a dramatically different drama.

In 2013, SSSniperWolf started his YouTube career. Being a big gamer, he started recording his “Call of Duty” matches and uploading the results. According to SSSniperWolf, a fan started messaging him a few months later, praising his videos and sharing his interest in Metal Gear Solid. They chatted for a bit and then met up at Comic-Con — dressed as Metal Gear characters, no less. This fan was none other than Evan Sosis and they eventually started dating.

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SSSniperWolf then moves in with Sausage and brings his dog with him. But this happy period did not last. SSSniperWolf and Sausage broke up in 2016, but neither of them wanted to. After calming down, SSSniperWolf and Sausage decide to live under the same roof not as boyfriend and girlfriend, but as just normal friends. Sausage also continued to help SSSniperWolf make his videos when he needed extra help.

Although SSSniperWolf believed that his relationship with Sausage had actually improved after letting go of his romantic feelings, it ironically caused problems with his fanbase. Apparently, many viewers were under the impression that the exes hated each other after their breakup and accused SSSniperWolf of lying.

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SSSniperWolf and Sausage still live together, but their current relationship is hard to describe thanks to various rumors and the fact that he’s sometimes been referred to as his girlfriend since then. Let’s leave their status as “complex”.

Many streamers tell the tale of realizing college wasn’t for them, or of failing or failing. SSSniperWolf has a similar story, but his story begins earlier.

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High school was a burden for SSSniperWolf. Few people paid attention to him and he sometimes got into fights. After SSSniperWolf moved schools, his life improved and he even made new friends. However, SSSniperWolf’s biggest problems with school didn’t surface until college.

SSSniperWolf thought it was a good idea to graduate high school early so you could start college early. This decision burdened her with homework, but when she finally graduated, she was faced with another problem: should she study as a pharmacist (her mother wanted it) or as a nurse? SSSniperWolf couldn’t decide, I took a lesson for that

To add to the pressure, SSSniperWolf attended a community college where he claimed the teachers were “terrible”. Eventually, I transferred to another school and decided to repeat history by stacking courses to graduate early. After a year, SSSniperWolf got bored of basic chemistry classes – mostly organic chemistry to blame. She asked herself if she really wanted the life of a pharmacist. The answer was no in the end, so I turned to the nurse. This did not last.

Tired of college, SSSniperWolf makes a deal with his mother: if SSSniperWolf takes a year off school and can make more money than he would as a nurse or pharmacist, he can drop out of college altogether. Although SSSniperWolf hadn’t discovered YouTube yet – and he wasn’t even known as SSSniperWolf – he had already made enough money to leave it.

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While random fights with sausages and a complicated history are important aspects of SSSniperWolf’s history, they are mostly isolated stories. But once these aspects got mixed up and got out of control – in a police car.

In 2016, a fight broke out between SSSniperWolf and Sausage. according to

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