Charlotte Plastic Surgery Reviews

Charlotte Plastic Surgery Reviews – Wondering if a tummy tuck is right for you or if Charlotte Plastic Surgery is the right place for a tummy tuck? We’re sure by now you’ve spent some time reading up on stomach scans hoping to find answers to what it’s like to have the best plastic surgeon perform your dream surgery. It is important to understand that any prospective patient will want to gather as much information as possible before making a final decision, which is why we like to provide stomach reviews from some of our real patients.

Today, we want to share with you a few words of advice and a real stomach pain analysis from a recent stomach pain sufferer; For the purposes of this post, we’ll call her Kate. She ultimately chose to have her tummy tuck done here at Charlotte Plastic Surgery and was kind enough to share some details about her experience with us.

Charlotte Plastic Surgery Reviews

We hope this and other abdominal reviews are helpful as you consider your surgical needs.

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Whenever you have surgery here at Charlotte Plastic Surgery, the first step is to sit down for a one-on-one consultation with our doctors. This allows us to answer any questions you may have, set reasonable expectations, and ensure that you are an experienced patient.

“The decision is first,” he said. “I went to consultations in the Charlotte area, just to meet different surgeons and hear about their procedures.”

Kate was pleased with what she heard from Charlotte’s plastic surgery team. “It’s one of those things that goes with your gut,” he said. “It’s about whether you’re comfortable with the surgeon, and whether you’re comfortable with the staff and what they recommend. I really go with my gut. I’ve met with different doctors and I’m more than happy with the provider. care at CPS.”

Kate went on to say that the surgeon helped calm her down and take away her fears. “I was not afraid of surgery,” he said. “This is the first surgery I’ve ever had, and I’m almost 40 years old. It’s a great experience.”

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When considering a tummy tuck, it’s always good to weigh the expectations of the actual results. Kate said that hers exceeded her expectations.

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“It’s a big process, and it’s scary,” he said. “I know I’m going to have pain after surgery, because you use your abdominal muscles to do everything. You don’t realize how much you use them until after surgery. Post-surgery pain is mine. The biggest save.”

Kate continued, “I’m very busy, I have two children, and I work full time. Again, my biggest concern is rest and relaxation time and recovery time. “Kate said she was doing well in general, and was careful to listen to all the doctor’s instructions, both before the examination and after the operation.

He also noted that, having never had major surgery before, he wasn’t sure how his body would react. The good thing is that she found a surgeon to calm her down, and most of the anxiety went away.

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“Go in, just listen to your body,” Kate said. “The surgeon encouraged me to remember my own shortcomings, instead of giving me a list of things that were not done. Everyone is different, and some people have worse recovery, but I got up and running quickly. “

“Five weeks ago, I had surgery,” Kate said. “When you first saw him, he was very swollen. You may not realize how much your body is changing. But I was taking pictures of myself to see the results. I took a picture the morning of my surgery, and when I look at it now, it’s amazing. I’m back in my body! It’s definitely a good feeling. My body is watching

Kate said, “I have a little extra skin on my stomach, and now it’s just fun to get my stomach back!”

We asked Kate if she had ever recommended a belly button procedure to friends or shared her story with others who were considering the procedure. He gave a happy, “Yes!”

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“People look at me and they can’t believe I’m up and doing things,” he said. “It’s definitely helped change people’s minds about what surgery can be. You see these horror stories on social media, and they give it a bad rap. But when people see my results and see me lift up anywhere, it changes their path. look at plastic surgery.”

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“I can actually wear a bikini if ​​I want to, because now my stomach is back to normal,” Kate continued. “It doesn’t even look like I’ve had surgery. I don’t think anyone would look at me and think I’ve had plastic surgery.”

As for why she chose Charlotte’s plastic surgery, Kate said one thing was the use of drains. Another practice she advises on is the use of all drainage after surgery, which is “unpleasant, uncomfortable, and carries a risk of infection,” Kate said. CPS’s watertight approach impressed him.

He also noted that he likes the CPS approach to pain management. “Using Exparel is exciting,” he said. “I tried to avoid taking too many painkillers. To be honest, I took Ibuprofen after my job and that was it.”

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As a follower of this internal review article, we’ll just find out that Kate is back to regular exercise and regular exercise; she knows she still has a ways to go before she is fully back to her normal energy level, but overall she is satisfied with her results, her recovery, and her overall experience at Charlotte plastic surgery.

We hope you find his testimony meaningful. If you are interested in learning more about gastric bypass surgery, or would like to hear some patient information, we invite you to contact our Charlotte plastic surgery practice when you are ready to take the next step in this life-changing journey! June 25, 2020 October 25, 2021 by CPS for Charlotte Plastic Advice in the News, Dr. Nyame, Dr. Smith, Plastic Surgeons

Each year Charlotte Magazine publishes a list of top activities, service providers, restaurants, businesses, and people part of the Charlotte, NC community. Some of the “best” categories include health and medical providers. The Top Doctors list is not something voted on by clients or customers. If so, it will just be a popularity contest. Instead, to get the best selection of top doctors in Charlotte, Charlotte Magazine interviewed doctors and asked them about their opinions of their peers, evaluating the best doctors in the area. It also offers excellent value. After all, who better to determine the best plastic surgery charlotte nc than the doctors and surgeons themselves? All of this is why it’s such an honor for not one, but two, Charlotte Plastic Surgery doctors to take home awards and be recognized as top plastic surgeons.

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Charlotte magazine named after Dr. Nyame as the best plastic surgeon in 2020, but this is not the first major award. Since he was young, Dr. Nyame has been trying to grow up. Much of this began when his family moved from Ghana, West Africa to the Bronx, New York, when he was only eight years old.

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Wanting to do better in life, Theo hit the books hard and eventually managed to get his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University while graduating at the top of his class. For his medical degree he went to Harvard Medical School with a focus on plastic surgery.

He received his Plastic Surgery Residency from Harvard Plastic Surgery Program, Fellowship through Harvard Medical School Pfiffer Fellow, then went to Australia for Aesthetic Surgery Service at Gold Coast University Hospital, Queensland, Australia.

Since receiving his medical degree, he is now recognized by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and recognized by the Realself 100 as one of the top doctors.

In addition to the regional award given to him in Charlotte, Dr. Nyame received the Surgical Teaching Award, the Linnane Scholar for Academic Excellence and Community Leadership, and the Hollis L. Albright, ’31 Scholar Awards from Harvard Medical School. He is a Massachusetts Public Health Scholar, author of peer-reviewed articles and book chapters, and speaker at international conferences, to name just a few of his awards and services.

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Dr. Nyame provides his medical expertise not only to the greater Charlotte area, but also to many hospitals around the world. He is a clinical consultant for the dermatology and trauma research center at the Medizinische Universitat Wein in Vienna, Austria. He is also a member of the Adjunct Plastic Surgery Faculty at the College of Breast Medicine Center of Pacific Private Hospital in Queensland, Australia.

Dr. Smith has been close to seeing plastic surgery change over the years. As a homebody and car enthusiast, he loves to work

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