Castellon Plastic Surgery

Castellon Plastic Surgery – Plastic surgeon Mauricio Castellon is pleased with the lessened stigma surrounding his specialty, but it comes at a high price.

“I think it’s a minor issue,” he said. “If you had asked me that question 25 or 30 years ago, there might have been a stigma that people would say it was shallow.”

Castellon Plastic Surgery

But, with this growth, he says, cosmetic surgery, which is part of plastic surgeons, was trivialized in the media.

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“It’s something that a lot of people think is important, like a haircut.” He said. “I’ve actually been in school for a long time. I’m always trying to learn everything I’ve learned. I make sure I’m giving my patients the best. I’m very involved. With the Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons.”

“We’re trying to educate the public that plastic surgery is safe if done by a certified plastic surgeon. Especially in South Florida, there are people who buy it at low prices. What happens to these patients? , God forbid, die, and they are ruining my experience.”

We are moving slowly towards endoscopic procedures. When I started my training, we used to do everything open and now we’re doing a lot more with smaller incisions and endoscopic approaches.

Botox has been around since childhood but has now become the #1 product in plastic surgery. This is revolutionizing what we call the “non-surgical field”, as not everything needs to be corrected with a scalpel. Many people work hard or are busy and don’t have time to recover for three or four weeks after surgery. After getting some sensory stuff like Botox or fillers, I’m up and back at work in a couple hours. Another thing that has changed dramatically is that silicone breast implants have come to the forefront of what we do now.

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Breasts are perceived as an external aspect of femininity. A woman’s breasts are a very important feature of her personality. Every woman goes through the experience of having to have her breast removed, and this is where breast reconstruction plays an important role. By restoring some of these resources, these women can continue to live healthier lives as close to normal as possible.

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Absolutely essential. I spend a lot of time talking with patients about realistic expectations. Also my team. We spent a lot of time talking to these women and signed them up for support groups where they could ask questions.

I have patients rushing to see what they’re doing after surgery. I have three-day athletes. I have very active patients. Nice to meet these ladies. It’s like a birth. Where they go through this death-defying experience, if you will, and all of a sudden they’re like, “You know? The things that I used to care about don’t really matter. The things that matter in my life, whether it’s my family or a organization, or things that I feel very strongly about, I’m looking at life differently because I want to give back or pay new rent in my life every day, as people say, move forward.”

My favorite part of my job is seeing patients appreciate after surgery. When a patient comes into my office and thanks me for what I’ve done, that’s what gets up every day. It means the world to me.

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The hardest part that I personally struggle with is spending time with patients so they can truly meet their expectations. So I saw him three or four times before the surgery to clear up doubts. The surgery is the fun part.

BA in Microbiology/Cell Science; University of Florida; Gainesville, Ponce School of Medicine; Ponce Puerto Rico; Apprentice residency in general surgery; Albany College of Medicine, New York; Fellowship in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; Plastic surgery at Albany Medical College is a journey. And every journey starts with a single step. For many of my patients, the first step is an initial individual consultation.

If you are considering a cosmetic procedure; I recommend finding the right information to learn as much as you can about plastic surgery and your surgeon. Having a consultation is the best way to build your knowledge and empower you to make the right decision and achieve the best possible results in a safe and secure environment.

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During your consultation, your surgeon will review your medical history; You can expect to answer questions about the procedures you are interested in and discuss a treatment plan to meet your goals.

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Below are the four most important questions to ask your plastic surgeon. These questions are not just about cosmetic ‘surgeries’, but Botox. It is important to understand that this also applies to procedures such as fillers and laser treatments.

Ahh. While it was scary, in Florida, any licensed physician without training in plastic or cosmetic surgery can perform fillers, it is true that “cosmetic or plastic surgery” including Botox and laser treatments can be performed.

Some general surgeons; family physicians emergency physicians; Even OB-GYNs and dentists represent themselves, even if they don’t have plastic surgery training or plastic surgery training or certification in facial plastic surgery.

The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery ( provides rigorous education; Board certification in facial plastic surgery is awarded after a rigorous system of training and review. If you are looking for facial plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery or treatments, make sure your doctor is ABFPRS certified.

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The American Board of Plastic Surgery ( issues board certification in plastic surgery and maintains high standards for the education and examination of plastic surgeons. ABFPRS accredits surgeons as specialists in facial plastic surgery, while ABPS accredits surgeons in the field of plastic surgery.

An important consideration is whether your “cosmetic” surgeon has rigorous training in ABPS or ABFPRS; Have taken exams and certifications; Make sure you are not a Board of Plastic Surgery Experts.

This ensures that your doctor has gone through years of rigorous training and examinations to call himself a “plastic” or “facial plastic” surgeon. Becoming a “plastic” surgeon can take 14 years or more of training after high school.

Do you want your surgeon to excel through repetition and experience or through the occasional amateur? Make sure your surgeon has performed the procedure you chose day after day and has been doing it for years.

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Central Florida’s Diamond In The Rough, Dr. Castellon

Think to yourself… does the experience improve with time and repetition? Similarly, Your Surgeon achieves excellence through time and repetition.

Ask your surgeon how many surgeries he performs each year and how many he has performed over his career. Ask to see before and after taking pictures.

The more times your surgeon performs the surgery, the more The more I can share with you before and after photos. They have few, if any, before and after photos. Maybe they only did the process a few times.

Success in cosmetic surgery requires excellence due to years of experience. Excellence is about repetition. Refining your craft daily through continual hard work leads to excellence and I know that excellence resides in you and your heart and demands nothing but the best. Here’s what you should expect from your plastic surgeon.

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Any licensed physician can perform “cosmetic surgery,” whether or not they are certified in plastic surgery (ABPS) or facial plastic surgery (ABFPRS). It’s frightening that a doctor can legally perform “surgery” in his office without a proper fit. Certification.

In our practice, Dr. Amy Ortega and I perform all of our plastic surgery procedures at a fully accredited, state-licensed outpatient surgery facility. Our OR is subject to the same rigorous supervision as a hospital, undergoing rigorous routine inspections by the State of Florida and certification by nationally recognized organizations. This ensures patient safety and comfort.

We also perform our procedures with an anesthesiologist, a type of physician whose sole job and specialty is to administer anesthesia to our patients, whether general or twilight.

Some surgeons are trained nurses rather than physicians. An anesthesiologist or anesthesiologist is used. It saves money, but we don’t, and we feel that the anesthesiologist provides a greater level of safety and well-being for our patients.

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Because insurance doesn’t cover it.

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