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Bolling Plastic Surgery Fayette – FAYETTE, Ala. (WIAT) – Erin Reeves said she couldn’t have been more clear. He had told his former boss, Dr. Robert Bolling, several times that he was behaving inappropriately. But again and again he refused to listen.

In 2021, more than a year after that incident, Boling, a plastic surgeon, pleaded guilty to abusing Erin Reeves. But her influence would not end there.

Bolling Plastic Surgery Fayette

Last week, the Alabama Medical Licensing Commission temporarily suspended Bolling’s medical license pending a hearing and released a complaint from the agency that documents numerous allegations against the Fayette doctor. The complaint makes it clear: Reeves is not alone.

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The complaint details information gathered during a psychological evaluation of Bolling by Acumen Assessment, a provider of psychological and behavioral services. According to the complaint, Acumen’s professional appraisers found Bolling “unfit for service.”

The report concluded that Bolling “engaged in professional sexual misconduct with at least five patients and three staff/colleagues in which he used his position of authority to influence these individuals to have sexual intercourse.”

When asked during a polygraph if he had ever inappropriately touched or fondled a patient while performing an examination or providing medical treatment, Bolling “demonstrated a significant reaction,” according to the report.

Erin Reeves said at this point she was not surprised by the details of the complaint. But at first, when he first met Bolling, he had no idea what a negative impact it would have on his life.

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Reeves didn’t just apply for a job at Bolling Plastic Surgery. She was recruited. She was flattered at the time. But now, years later, she said she thinks she was offered the job not because of her merits, but because of her looks.

Reeves had worked hard to develop a reputation for surgical technology excellence during his time at Winfield Hospital, and it paid off. When Bolling Plastic Surgery contacted her about a position, she jumped at the chance.

When he started working, he liked it. The pay was better and Reeves felt he was doing a good job.

Looking back, Reeves said there were early warning signs that Bolling might have had bad intentions. During consultations with clients seeking plastic surgery, Bolling uses Reeves as a backup.

Fayette Plastic Surgeon Has License Revoked Over Inappropriate Behavior

“Turn around,” Reeves recalled Bolling saying. “This is what a good, natural ass looks like. This is what good, natural lips look like.”

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At the time, Reeves said he did not consider the behavior inappropriate “because of what we do in the workplace.”

“People were screaming in the hallway,” Reeves said. He left the exam room and told staff in the hallway to take the fight outside. “We have patients. You can’t do that here.”

According to Reeves, he discovered that the dispute was related to a sexual relationship between Bolling and another employee. Bolling’s wife found messages revealing their relationship and fired the employee in question, Reeves said. When she asked office staff about the incident, she was told the employee was still being paid.

Plastic Surgeon Loses Alabama Medical License For Sexual Misconduct

With this revelation, Reeves began to question Bolling’s character, wondering about moments during patient consultations when his body was on display. He pushed the thoughts to the back of his mind.

However, things would soon fall into place. On a Saturday in 2020, Reeves attended a small gathering at a colleague’s house. The colleague asked Reeves to let Dr. Bolling and his wife know they were invited. She texted Bolling and was surprised by his response.

Reeves said he immediately texted Bolling’s wife, relaying what he had said and asking her to come to the meeting without him. Reeves got no answer and minutes later Dr. Bolling and his wife arrived.

Because of the message, Reeves said he assumed Bolling was drunk, but he did not appear intoxicated when he arrived. Bolling told the licensing board that he informed Reeves that he had been drunk.

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“We’ll be playing darts and that’s when it starts to feel sensitive,” Reeves said. “Every time he passed me, he slapped my ass. I kept telling him. It’s inappropriate.”

Bolling’s wife witnessed the impact and did not intervene, Reeves said. Reeves called her boyfriend at the time, who was a sheriff’s deputy, and told him Bolling was making her uncomfortable. She asked the aide to pick her up, hoping it would stop Reeves’ inappropriate behavior. I wouldn’t do it.

“He came up to me, got between my legs and started rubbing my thighs,” she said. “I pulled him off me again and said ‘Don’t touch me like that.’

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Reeves got up and left. Bolling and his wife followed. Reeves again told Bolling that he was behaving inappropriately and that he should go home. His wife, Reeves said, eventually agreed.

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“He grabs me from the front, pushes me against the wall and won’t let go,” she said. “He kisses me all over my face, all over my mouth.”

“He takes his hand and puts it around my back, rubbing my whole ass, getting far enough under my ass until he grabs my vagina, saying ‘Do you like it?’ And I’m yelling at him to get off me,” said Reeves.

“I finally reached out and slapped him,” he said. “They leave and my friend walks in.”

Reeves immediately made the decision that he would never work at Bolling Plastic Surgery again. On Tuesday, he said he received a call from the office manager in Bolling’s office.

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“She calls me and says, ‘How much money are you going to need to plead not guilty?'” Reeves recalled.

Reeves reported the crime and Bolling was charged with a sexual offense. Months later, he pleaded guilty to a felony count of stalking.

Reeves said that while she’s not happy he was able to plead to lesser charges, she’s glad the whole situation is behind her. He never received an apology from Bolling, but said he didn’t want one.

Reeves said she hopes all of Boling’s other victims choose to speak out about what happened to them.

Alabama Plastic Surgeon Licensure Complaint

“I almost shut up and I’m glad I didn’t,” she said. “I almost didn’t report it because I thought no one would believe me. But don’t be silent because of who it is. That’s the biggest thing.”

CBS 42 reached out to Robert Bolling and Bolling Plastic Surgery for comment on this story, but did not hear back.

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In 1937, Al Moen invented the one-handed faucet after burning his hands on the sink. Moen manufactures faucets, sinks, hardware and accessories. Members of the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners last week revoked the license of a west Alabama plastic surgeon who had sex with patients and harassed a staff member, according to board documents

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Dr. Robert Pierce Boling of Fayette lost his license on Oct. 26, months after he was suspended following allegations that he kissed and groped an employee against her will. Boling pleaded guilty in July 2021 to abuse in district court and was sentenced to 90 days in jail and one year of probation.

“The defendant has admitted to some of the most serious violations of professional ethics that a physician can commit,” according to the revocation of the license by the Board of Medical Examiners. “Even if we were to conclude that the defendant is currently able to practice medicine with reasonable skill and patient safety, his admitted failure would warrant a very serious disciplinary response.” The revocation of the defendant’s license is clearly justified based on his admitted misconduct of having sexual relations with five patients.”

The case was first reported by CBS 42 in June. The employee said she told Bolling to stop touching and grabbing her at a party in 2020, but the doctor didn’t comply until she screamed and slapped him. The employee later said another staff member asked her if she would accept money in exchange for not pressing charges or filing a complaint.

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The board uncovered more instances of misconduct after the employee filed her complaint, according to medical board documents. Board members found Bolling had sex with at least five patients and once traded Botox for sex. Thus, he had sexual relations with at least three employees or colleagues. Bolling could not be reached for comment.

The board temporarily suspended Bolling’s license in May. although Boling was screened and treated for addiction problems, the board found that he could not practice medicine safely. Sex between doctors and patients is prohibited, and relationships with staff are often considered inappropriate.

The retraction document details Bolling’s conduct dating back more than 20 years. The plastic surgeon first received his medical license in 2001 and practiced in Bdwin County before moving to Fayette in West Alabama in 2011.

Bolling admitted to having sex with five patients between 2014 and 2017. He gave

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