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Adore Plastic Surgery Miami – The Miami rhinoplasty procedure, also known as rhinoplasty, or “nose job”, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that aims to reshape and improve the appearance of the nose. In this article, we will cover frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty, the benefits of this procedure, ideal candidates for this surgery, the best plastic surgeons, costs, and much more about this highly popular procedure!

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a rhinoplasty, is a procedure that aims to reshape and change a person’s nose. Adore Plastic Surgery offers this procedure to individuals who may wish to reshape their nose for a bulky or elongated appearance or for increased functionality. For example, if there is cartilage or bone in the nasal passages that can block the airway or make breathing difficult, the nose can be surgically reshaped to open the airway through a rhinoplasty procedure.

Adore Plastic Surgery Miami

While there is no one type of nose that looks “prettiest” in our culturally diverse society, people are generally attracted to the appearance of a nose that is smaller, defined, and proportionate.

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Often, there are cases when a person is dissatisfied or embarrassed by his nose, mainly because it is located in the center of the face and cannot be hidden. However, if one is unhappy with the wide bridge of their nose or the large bump on the tip of their nose, it can be easily corrected with a cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure.

Unlike other cosmetic procedures, rhinoplasty serves the dual purpose of correcting physical defects and imperfections in the nose. While other procedures require the patient to be over 18 years of age to ensure the individual is fully developed, this procedure has been performed on millions of people ranging from their teens to their 60s.

The ideal candidate for this procedure is someone who has self-confidence issues caused by the appearance of their nose. The ideal candidate for rhinoplasty must have a strong desire to change or reshape their nose, good health status, and not have a life-threatening medical condition.

Many patients who underwent this operation claim that their life has completely changed for the better. Whether their nose is being corrected to clear the airways or to improve an unattractive nose appearance, this surgery provides amazing results both physically and mentally. By choosing a highly trained and certified plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty, you can also achieve a perfect nose by improving its contour, size and profile.

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Our doctors and staff are dedicated to our patients and committed to providing quality patient care at all levels.

Just like other cosmetic and plastic procedures, there are a number of different methods in which nose jobs can be performed. Together with your Miami nose surgeon, deciding which technique is best for you will ultimately come down to your own judgment and expectations.

There are usually two ways that plastic surgeons perform rhinoplasty, namely open or closed techniques. While the closed method was the most common technique used to perform rhinoplasty many years ago, it has been reinvented through the method of providing a clear view of the entire cartilage of the nose through open rhinoplasty.

This procedure allows the rhinoplasty surgeon to beautifully reshape and perfect the resulting nose according to the patient’s ultimate desire.

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An open approach to rhinoplasty involves a small incision in the skin between the two nostrils, also known as the columella. During surgery, the skin of the nose is lifted and folded, so that the surgeon can see the bony structure of the nose in full and clear. This technique also allows the surgeon to have easier access to the cartilage or tissue to be removed without having to apply a lot of physical force to the nose.

Being able to raise the skin of the nose means that there are endless possibilities in terms of what can be done to the nose. Having so much access to the nasal skeleton can mean shorter operations and more accurate results. When open nose surgery is performed, the surgeon will place self-dissolving sutures at the bottom of the columella. While this may leave a scar, the incision is so small it’s barely noticeable.

Unlike open rhinoplasty, closed rhinoplasty does not involve any incisions on the outside of the nose. All possible incisions that need to be made in the nose will be made in the nostrils.

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Because these incisions are made very close to the nostril margins, any scars are almost impossible to see with the naked eye. Because this technique involves very limited access to the nasal framework, each part of the operation must be performed through a small surgical opening in the nostril.

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Because the incisions on the right and left nose are not connected, repositioning the skin and nasal tissue can be rather difficult. Closed rhinoplasty means that the surgeon will not have much access to the nasal framework and any corrections made to the nose will be made through the nostrils.

Often individuals need to undergo rhinoplasty not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for functional purposes. A secondary rhinoplasty, or rhinoplasty, is an additional cosmetic procedure to enhance or improve a previous rhinoplasty. Patients who are dissatisfied with the results of previous rhinoplasty or have difficulty breathing may require a second operation.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most complicated surgeries to perform; therefore, patients require revision for a variety of reasons, ranging from a desire to remove extra cartilage or bone, to more complex cases where too much tissue is removed resulting in a deformity.

Ethnic rhinoplasty is also very common among patients of Jewish, Greek, Asian and African American descent. Often controversial, ethnic rhinoplasty can help reduce the shape of a rounded or rounded nose tip, straighten the bridge of the nose, and reduce the size and width of the nostrils. For example, residents of Asia often suffer from a “flat” appearance that results in a lowered bridge of the nose. With this surgery, adding cartilage as a support can improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose.

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Once you’ve decided that a rhinoplasty is the right procedure for you, there are some pre-operative guidelines you should follow before getting cosmetic nose surgery. If necessary, patients undergoing rhinoplasty should undergo a series of blood tests and laboratory tests before the day of surgery. If a patient is over a certain age or has some sort of chronic medical condition, they will be required to have medical clearance from their GP.

Four weeks before rhinoplasty, every patient who smokes is asked to stop completely, to ensure that the body heals and recovers properly. Also, alcohol should not be consumed for at least seven days before surgery. Patients should refrain from taking any blood thinners, anti-inflammatory drugs, or vitamins fourteen days before the procedure, including but not limited to aspirin, Benadryl, and vitamin E. Failure to do so may eventually result in excessive bruising, bleeding, and swelling in advance.

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Your doctor will give you a medication regimen that you will start taking the day before your surgery and during your recovery after the procedure.

Performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia, most rhinoplasty is an open rhinoplasty where an incision is made below the nose where it meets the upper lip. Depending on the patient’s wishes, bone, cartilage and skin can be removed, reshaped or repositioned. After the surgery is complete, a splint and cast is placed in the nose to support the delicate structures while they heal.

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Nose reduction surgery is considered a major cosmetic procedure due to the incision and removal of the tissue. Therefore, this operation must be performed under general anesthesia to ensure a comfortable and painless procedure. During general anesthesia, the patient is intubated by a board-certified anesthesiologist who inserts a breathing tube down the throat. Throughout the procedure, the anesthesiologist will administer intravenous medications to ensure you stay calm throughout the procedure.

You will initially feel calm and relaxed as the intravenous medication begins. After you relax, you will be given general anesthesia. This is the moment where you will not remember feeling or awareness during the whole procedure. Your blood pressure and pulse will be kept low and monitored throughout the process.

Rest assured that Adore Plastic Surgery offers the most highly trained anesthesiologists in the South Florida area. Our team of anesthesiologists continuously monitors the patient’s vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate during the procedure.

Depending on the type of rhinoplasty the patient has had, an incision is made in the columella. The skin is then gently lifted to allow access across the bridge of the nose. Reshape of

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